Mission Mangal | Official Trailer | Akshay | Vidya | Sonakshi | Taapsee | Dir: Jagan Shakti | 15 Aug

BEEP There is no science without experiment. If we don’t experiment… …then we have no right
to call ourselves scientists. Your mistake has pushed
India’s space program five years behind. America has announced
MAVEN launch for Mars. I am happy for them. Why can’t we do the same, sir? We should borrow from NASA’s
knowledge and build on it. If we go to NASA with
every little problem… …then we will be destroyed When the oil reaches
the right temperature… …we don’t turn up the heat. We turn off the gas and fry the pooris. Using this home science technique,
we want to go to Mars. Have you lost your mind? Not a single country in history… …has ever succeeded
in reaching Mars at first attempt. Sir, they need a team fast. I am only working here
to gain experience… …after which I am
going straight to…NASA. Can’t get married… …because Mars is influencing my stars. And this department is
talking about going to Mars. I had to wait five years because
you wanted to become a space scientist. Why are you doing duties of a nurse now? Because now I am married to you. One needs young blood
for such a mission, sir. Have you seen the glow on your face? Do you apply herbs on
your face before going to bed? No We have never done such
complex programming before. Isn’t it exciting… that we are going
to do this for the first time? How are we going to fit
so many instruments on it? It is impossible, sir. We need an experienced team,
and they are just… Who in ISRO has the
experience of going to Mars? You are expecting 8 billion. How on earth are we going
to get that kind of money? It’s impossible. In this trajectory with 850 kilos of fuel,
it’s impossible. The chances of this mission
succeeding is less than 1% Even I don’t know how
we are going to do it. But we will do it, sir. We have to do it. This is Rakesh Dhawan, mission control… …initiating command for launch. Go. Go, sir. Go. Go, sir. Go! Tell the whole world to copy that!


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