Mithi Vandi (Help To Others) Tamil Short Film

Where did he go? He went somewhere,brother He went to see something outside, He always does this. How much is this? 450 rupees. 450!!! sshhhh…. Brother, we are going outside. Ok,come back fast have work to do. 450 rupess??? What!!! That cycle. Everyday we earn 5 to 10 rupees, So we can only look at it, Must not wish to ride it. What are you doing? Nothing Ok, open the shop. I am going to town, i will be back. I start Saving money to buy the cycle, i start to do all the work to buy the cycle fast. What is this? Just give him from your hand, He wish to take from you. Ok, Go and buy. At the moment I was very happy!! that i am going to buy the cycle. I don’t have money get lost.—– brother,brother please brother!!! Buddy, after you bought the cycle I will be the first person to ride. hmm…. First of all i buy the cycle first. Don’t shake too much,it might broke. Brother My name is ARAVIND My father & mother passed away in a accident, And I am studying nearby school. I need money to continue my studies, Please help me what you can.— Sorry!! I don’t have money brother. Brother i need to study, After my parent’s passed away my relation just left me alone. Brother please help me. ohh….promise we don’t have money. Please!! brother. That moment i just can only feel his sadness, That time i remember one of my pathetic’s teaching In this world Who gives importance to wipe other’s tears than his tears, He is the best person. Yes, I wish to be the best person. Brother… I don’t know whether this much money will be enough for your studies, But i worked hard to earn this much of money. If this helps you to wipe your tears means i am very happy!! This much i can help you. Thank you brother. Buddy!! Someone is here to see you. Who is here to see me? Go and see, then you know. Brother!!! How is your studies going on? Ya… Going well brother, Then i just know where your shop is. I am studying today,it’s because of you And you are the important person for this. I don’t know what i am going to give you in return. That’s okay,brother. I just did what i can. My school gave me something which i wish to give you.


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