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“Its name is youth.” “There is nothing to say about it.” “If you want to escape it
than don’t stay in this world.” “Live.” “Live.” The one who’s dancing was applauded. The one who’s acting
made him win national awards. And he became a super star. Legendary actor. He is Mithun Chakraborty. I am not the one who
is scared by outcomes. God wants to kill me.. ..he can come to save me himself. Mithun’s birth name
as Gaurang Chakraborty. But the film industry made him Mithun. He was born on 16th June, 1950. I have a dog with your name. It doesn’t bark but
now it has come to bite. Get lost from here. Mithun Chakraborty
is one of the few actors.. ..who won the National
Award for his very first film. The name of the film was ‘Mrigya’
made by Mrinal Sen. He won the National
Award for this film. Mithun got educated in
Scottish Church College, Kolkata. And then he went to FTII, Pune. He took professional training in acting.
And he jumped into the film industry. So you son of the devil! Showing your might on a child? Who are you?
Go and mind your work. That’s what I am doing. Shall I
come up or are you going to come down? Though he won the National
Award for the very first film.. ..but his struggle continued. He didn’t have any work. He somehow
got a paying guest accommodation. And already 2 people
used to stay in that room. Somehow Mithun found
a little space here. Mithun Chakraborty continued
to play small roles. And who can forget film ‘Do Anjaane’. Here he did a very small scene. And had fought with Amitabh Bachchan. Rekha was the heroine of this film. Nowadays Amit comes back home drunk. And he philanders around in the day. Hey you. Shut up.
Silence. Silence. Rogue. I will slap you till your
face had lost its shape. Got it? Amit, first look after your home,
got it? Why are you bothering with him? We will strike at the right opportunity.
– Come. Come on.
– Go now. Throwing petrol. Look at the great petrol thrower. Manage your home. This is my home. I will look after it. After that he continued
doing small roles. And then he got film ‘Suraksha’. This film did wonders in 1979. But still he was not laden with work. Even ‘Taraana’ was praised from 1979. But the wait was for 1982.. ..with film ‘Disco Dancer’. ‘Disco Dancer’ changed everything. This film made Mithun
Chakraborty a superstar. And also gave such a dancer
to the Hindi film industry.. ..whose trends are
still unchallengeable. And then films like ‘Dance, Dance’.. ..’Kasam Paida Karney Waley Ki’ came. I received your message. I thought it will hurt you to walk. That’s why I came here myself.
– Hurt? You are going to be hurt now.
Think about that. I told you that I will deal with you
as soon as I have left the hospital. Yes, that’s right. But will I allow you
to leave the hospital? And this was also the time when Amitabh
Bachchan has turned towards politics. And it profited Mithun a lot. And he became the number
one star of Bollywood. Several good films continued to come. ‘Mujhe Insaaf Chahiye’. ‘Swarg Se Sundar’. ‘Pyar Jhukta Nahin’. ‘Ghar ek Mandir’. And this film list is quite long. Hindi films were giving him stardom. And Bengali films were
making him win National awards. He won the National
award for Tahader Kotha. After that time Mithun Chakraborty left
mainstream cinema and started to work.. low budget films. There was a year when in a single
year he released around 30 films. Though these films didn’t
do well at the box office. But they did well in small centers. Even the producers and directors.. ..would get ready to shoot near
Monarch Hotel, Ooty. That’s the work wouldn’t
take too much time to be done. And even the films
would get released quickly. You son of a tailor. Before measuring a girl’s waist.. ..measure your bones
which about to get broken now.. ..without a tape, got it? After that Mithun returned
with character roles. Who can forget Mani Ratnam’s ‘Guru’? ‘Lucky No Time for Love’.
And Kalpana Laajmi’s Chingari’. Mithun’s skilled acting in these films
won everyone’s hearts. The game of sin and virtue
played in this world.. ..are only open to the Brahmins. Not to the whores. You are now angering god.. Shut up, wretch. I made a mistake, sir Not again. A mistake. What is the difference
between you and her? She had 5 husbands
and you have countless. Your work is not to argue with me. It is to fulfill my lust. He won the National award again.. ..for best supporting actor.. ..for film ‘Swami Vivekanand’. Mithun did wonders in both
multi starrers and solo films. In romantic films and family dramas. His dialogue ‘Any doubt?’
from film ‘Ghulami’ is still popular. I know. When Mithun entered the TV world one
of his quote became so famous that.. ..if you want to praise
someone just say.. ..wonderful, wonderful. Wonderful. “Glasses in your eyes.
Limca in your hand.” “Don’t touch me.” “Glasses in your eyes.
Limca in your hand.” “Glasses in your eyes.
Limca in your hand.” “Here goes her waist.
Style.” “The girl is being stylish.” “The girl is being stylish.” “With a red stole.” “The girl is being stylish.” With regarding to
Mithun’s family life.. ..we see that he married
great actress Yogita Bali. They had 4 children
from this marriage. 3 sons and 1 daughter. His eldest son Mimoh
also became an actor. Mithun Chakraborty is
among the very few actors.. ..who did well in both
parallel and commercial cinema. Yes, I used to get
wine bottles in sacks. You did see wine
bottles inside my sack. But you didn’t see
the helplessness inside me. You threw away my sack. But you didn’t replace the
bottles in my sack with books. You closed the doors
of school for me. You did. So what would I have done? Spend my entire life in
front of the closed school gates? No, teacher. No. That’s why I headed to another school. Even the winery is
a great school, teacher. Students are not taught there. But he is taught to recognize men. He won the best supporting
actor for film ‘Agnipath’. And best villain for film ‘Jallaad’. Mithun lived every character. Mithun performed so
well as per the script.. ..that he was bound
to become a super star. Shiva never owes
anyone anything, mother. He will surely get its answer. Without a doubt, great dancer.. ..the one who does
difficult action scenes.. ..the love of commercial
and parallel cinema. Mithun Chakraborty. His name will be taken
with pride in Indian cinema. To know about the skills
of great geniuses.. ..subscribe to People and History.

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