Mohabbat Na Kariyo – Episode 04 – 1st Nov 2019 – HAR PAL GEO || Subtitle English ||

How is my daughter’s condition now? When can she go home? Look, the plan was to
discharge him in the morning, but it seems like we will have
to keep her for another 2 days. If you let her go tomorrow morning,
we want to take her home. Look madam, your daughter is unwell, her condition gets
unstable after some time. We have to keep her under observation. But we cannot keep her
admitted here anymore. But why? Are you not satisfied
by our treatment? No doctor,
We are completely satisfied. Then I don’t understand why you
are taking such a big risk for your daughter. Actually we cannot
pay the expenses here. But your son in law said you
don’t need to worry about the expenses. Doctor, he is my son in law, not son and he has gone abroad, also, its my daughter’s in-laws
so the situation is sensitive. I cannot create problem for
one daughter caring for another. Look, I understand your problem, so what we can do is
shift her to the general ward. They have nurses there too, doctors too, I will also come there. After all, our job is to give
the patient the best possible treatment, whether they be in the general ward
or the private ward. Yes, this will be better. Thank you so much doctor,
you sorted something so big for me. No need to thank me,
this is my job. You don’t worry. Yes, shift the patient from room
13 to the general ward. Quickly. Mama, why did you come? I am with Afsheen,
I am also telling papa to go home and rest. No child, your car is outside,
your driver is waiting outside, you go home,
your mother in law must be waiting. Yes child, your mother is right, go home, you should worry more
about your home and in-laws now. You need to be careful
about these things. Your father is right, Asad is not here, so you shouldn’t do
anything they would mind. Fine, I will go, but I will come early tomorrow. Take your time, I mean the two of us are here, so what is the point of
coming in such an emergency. Okay fine, I will leave. I fed Afsheen,
now you and papa eat. Okay child. She is sleeping, okay bye. Keep this. Hello mama. Hello. How is Afsheen? She is not well, doctor said they will keep her
admitted for 2 more days. I was thinking
that you will stay longer, you came back. I wanted to stay mama, but mama and papa
insisted so I came back. If you had stayed,
it would have reduced the burden. Mama said I should see
my home first, so I came. You have no work here,
we have servants for everything. You can do what you want. Thank you mama,
you are really good. You understand every situation. Go sleep, you were at the hospital all day, must be tired. When will you sleep? You know me, I work till late and then sleep. Fine. Oh yes, Asad was calling you, but I think there are
no signals at the hospital. He was worried, talk to him. Fine, I will. Good night mama. Why are you sitting here? Go home, you have taken
so many offs from work, what if they lay you off. I am just worried, I don’t want to leave you
two at the hospital. Don’t worry, the whole staff is here, also Afsheen just slept,
she will wake up in the morning. You go to work and
come tomorrow evening. Fine. If there is something, call me. Be strong, nothing will happen. Mussarat, what happened? Is everything ok?
You look worried. No, nothing like that. I was thinking that why don’t you we shift
Afsheen to the general ward in the morning? Why? Did someone say something? No, no one said anything, but it’s a matter of daughter’s in-laws, if Asad was here
it would have been different. You are right, my mind couldn’t think
in the worry back then. Whatever Asad did, I couldn’t say something, but there was a worry. Anyway, you get her shifted to the
general ward and rest yourself. Asad has left too, now I don’t know
how they will treat Zara. God have mercy on my child, be kind on us. I have come abroad
so many times cause of business but this time I cannot stay. I was hoping that the plane would some
how land back in Karachi and I run to you. The situation is same here, the whole home is empty without you, there is a weird sadness. I can understand man, but you don’t have
to worry about that. I will call you to me soon. You will have to call me, because I cannot live without you. So can I live without you? I have been really
strong but with difficulty. I will ask mom to send you to me. Be quick Asad. Really quick. Ok Zara, don’t do that, you are my strength, if you cry like that, I will be weak. You have everyone there, I am all alone here. That’s on its own, but our relation is such that
it wants us to be together all the time. Yes, so we will be together,
we will stay together forever. This is a temporary phase, you promise you will take care of yourself
and spend this time happily. I will spend this time on the hope
that we will be together soon. Yes, absolutely. Ok listen, you really have to care for Afsheen,
don’t compromise on her treatment. You have my credit card, don’t worry about the money and
if you feel worried you two can go shopping. Ok? I will transfer more
money to your account. Zara, once more, please stop. We will talk daily. You take care. You take care. I will, you too take care. Has mama gone
to the office Shamim? Yes, she went. Should I get you breakfast? Should I get you breakfast? Are you ok? You look worried. I am fine, but my aunt is unwell. What happened to her? Her lungs have failed
and the doctor has said no. What are you doing here?
Go to them. How can I go madam, I asked madam for an off, she said no. You go, I will handle it here,
you don’t worry. No madam, madam will fire me, what will I do? She won’t do that, I know her, you go Shamim, don’t worry, I will handle it all. I will get breakfast for you… I don’t want to do breakfast, you go. May you always be happy. You go and don’t worry. All will be well. Mama, the room is locked upstairs,
where is Afsheen? We got Afsheen shifted
to the general ward. General ward? But I spoke to Asad yesterday, he said he will not
compromise for Afsheen. Hey child, this is great of him, but it doesn’t mean
we burden him like this. After all child, the treatment she was
getting in private ward, she will get the same treatment here,
it’s the same staff and nurses. After all, we have earlier put her
in the general ward. Mama, it was different earlier. Don’t argue and try to understand that your parents have
never taken favors and here it is about your in-laws. I don’t want that
something is said there, child, you need to be careful with in-laws
and your parents have some ego. Ok, end this here, I got food for Afsheen,
she must be hungry. Also, remember, don’t mention anything to Asad. Fine. The house looks weird
and empty without you, how will this time pass, it feels like ages that you have left. Rida, thank God you came. Why were you waiting for me? Sorry, I got excited. Actually you don’t know, Asad has left so the house has
gotten really empty without him. Seeing you I felt good. Shamim. Shamim. I sent Shamim home. Home? Meaning? Her aunt wasn’t well,
that is why. Does mama know? No, when I sent her, mama was in office. I will tell her once she comes. Who are you? Don’t you know mama can
give orders in this home only and you started giving orders too? No Rida, its not that,
you are taking me wrong. What can I do, I am hungry. I will fix you food. Be quick. But mama,
what does she think of herself. Who gave her that right? No one gave her the right, that is why I sent your
brother far away from her. But brother will come back one day, one month, two months,
three months, he will come back. Don’t you trust me? Till the time your
brother forgets about her, I will not let him
come back here. Rida… Come in. Rida, I have fixed food, go and eat. Sorry mama, I know you stopped Shamim, but her aunt’s health was really bad, so I let her go. No problem child,
you don’t worry, come on. Asad son, is everything ok there?
Do you have any problem there? Mama, I thought everything
would be sorted in a month or two but nothing is fine here,
the staff or the office location. Asad, son if the situation
was fine there, why would I need
to send you there. But mama, still. Look, I can only trust you,
so I sent you there. There are issues, solve them, if the staff isn’t good, fire them, hire someone else. You have full authority,
what is the problem? Look, stop looking at me for solutions, you are a grown up, independent, and don’t believe life, I have to go one day,
then you need to handle it all. Mama, what are you saying? Don’t say that,
you have to live with me. Fine, I will always stay with you,
why are you getting so upset? Look, talk to Zara,
she is upset and misses you. Here you go. Mama, when will sister come? Afsheen, don’t get so worried, she will come in the evening. Why evening? Ask her to come right now, in fact, call her and
tell her Afsheen is really missing her. Look Afsheen,
don’t bother Zara like this. How can she come daily? And she might not be able to come,
but she will definitely get worried. What can I do mama,
I miss sister. Yes, even she cannot live without you,
she runs to you when she gets the chance. You tell Zara when she comes
that she shouldn’t worry about you and only come
when she gets the time. This way she will be relaxed too, understand? Come on have juice. When she comes, I will ask her somehow that is someone
doing something wrong with her, is she hiding something from me. No, why outside,
lets have lunch at home. Come over, all of you. Don’t forget, do bring Sara. Okay bye. Zara. Where are you going? Afsheen is unwell
so mama asked me to come meet her. Madam, the car is ready. Fine, you go, I will come. Car? You go. This car, this driver,
did your father give you in dowry. Rida, how are you talking to me? So now you will
tell me how to talk? Don’t force me to
remind you your reality. God knows how you and
your family got brother in your trap. Rida! Don’t shout and lower your eyes
when you talk to me. You gave Shamim an off, now go prepare lunch,
my friends are coming over. Don’t make any mistakes, go! Mama, Rida’s friends are coming
over especially to meet me, so tell Afsheen that
I won’t be able to come today. Is everything fine there? Yes, everything is fine, why do you feel that way? No child, I was just asking. Everything is fine here,
you don’t worry mama. That’s good, may you always be happy. Okay mama, I will go prepare, Rida said that, I should dress up well. I will talk to you later. Bye. Fine child, bye. I told you Asad, not to talk to Rida, I would have handled it, now she doesn’t like me. And seeing the presentation,
he was really upset. I remember that. Sit. Zara, where are the table napkins? Here. She doesn’t look like your servant, she is dressed up. Come on Hira, she is the sister in law,
not servant. Sister in law? I am sorry, I thought she is your servant. Its ok, no need to say sorry. Its ok, you people please eat well,
let me know if you need something. Sure. We need things Zara, we need water. I will get it Rida. You people eat, I don’t know how the food will be,
actually the maid is on leave. They are really rich people,
we cannot be compared to them. What are you saying mama? There are no comparisons in relations. Don’t force me to
remind you of your reality. This car and this driver,
did you father give it to you in dowry? I am sorry, I thought she is your servant. Its ok, don’t apologize. Why did you leave me alone? Why? Hello. I was missing you. What happened Zara? Are you crying? No. Is Afsheen fine? Yes, she is fine. Ok, then what happened?
Tell me. Don’t hide anything from me. Asad, you have left me here, I cannot live without you,
I really miss you. I also miss you a lot, you take care of yourself, you know when you are worried,
I worry. Asad, come back, please come. I checked all the CVs on email, I shortlisted the ones I understood, now just call people and interview, you can finalize your staff. No problem son, take care. Bye. Mama, come, your work in
the kitchen don’t end, I have to go to. I am coming. Yes mama, come see how many
books sister got me. Don’t pamper her so much.
Tell her to read her school books first. I read them. Yes mama, she reads them. For good results,
you need to study. If you don’t study well,
how will you become a doctor. Yes sister, I will study hard this time. Very good. Mama, I will go. Sister, don’t go,
stay here tonight. Love, I need to go, I will come back tomorrow. Promise you will come daily? Promise. Afsheen, I had told you
not to force your sister. Why do you care,
she is my sister. Yes, I am your sister. Little madam let you go? Yes, she gave me a day off. Little madam has no
right to give you an off. She gave you an off
so we don’t need you, go from here. No madam, don’t do that, my aunt was really unwell,
she passed away. Don’t do that. I am not used to talking much. Leave. Madam… What happened Shamim?
Why are you crying? Is everything ok? How is your aunt? She passed away. Passed away? May she get a place in heaven. You are going there right? No madam, Rida madam fired me. What? She fired you? Just like that? Come with me. No madam, madam Rida will get upset. She won’t, I am telling you, come with me. Its nothing. You? You are back. Don’t you understand what I said? She didn’t come herself Rida, I got her, its my fault I gave her an off. Okay, so you admit your mistake? Yes, I admit. Fine, then, you apologize to
me in front of her. Or I will fire her. No, I am sorry Rida, she is not at fault, don’t fire her, its my fault. Fine, but you two hear one thing clearly, I am not in the mood to hear excuses, I forgive you considering
this your first mistake, don’t do this again. Now go and work. Why did you apologize
for me madam Zara? God gives respect. What are you saying Shamim, no one loses
respect by apologizing. You work, here, keep this, go. Madam, have water. No Shamim, I just threw up,
I cannot have it. Please, I don’t want it. Just have a little.
I have added lemon to it. Will I not throw up? No, have it. Zara, what happened? She has been unwell last night. Mama, I have been
throwing up since last night. I am thinking of calling
mama and telling her. Why mama? I am here, I will care for you,
tell the driver to take out the car. Come, I will take you to the doctor. Come on, lets go. Come, I will take you. How long have you been married for? 3.5 months. Have you ever faced this before? No. Excuse me doctor,
this is her report. Doctor, is everything ok? Congrats, she will be a mother soon. We have given her medication, we will have to keep her for
a few hours you can take her. Thank you doctor. Welcome. She has thrown up again
and she has weakness. You give her a drip. Yes. Nurse listen. Yes? There was a little thing
I needed you to do, if you can do it, I can give you a
lot of money for it. A lot of money? Fine, I am ready,
but first tell me what I have to do. I will tell you. You are so lucky, your mother has given you
the status of a mother so soon. Giving birth to a child, taking care of it, bringing it up is tough. That is why there is heaven
under a mother’s feet. Mama, I am really dizzy. No, she just gave you the drip,
give it some time, you will be fine. Rest, I will go give your
mother the good news. Rest. What is happening to me? Why am I so worried? I feel something
wrong is going to happen. I have not felt this way before. Its really difficult without Zara. I know you too are
really upset without me. Mama, I am not well,
I feel restless. Zara, child,
you are thinking too much, one minute, get up. Get up and take deep breaths. Madam, have juice, madam has said you
need to have juice. No, I will not have juice,
I just threw up, I will throw up more,
I don’t want to have juice. Zara, child, if you don’t eat,
you will become weak. This is what I am telling her. Give it to me,
I will make her have it. Come on have it. Drink child. Okay, I will have it in a bit,
not right now. Okay child, Shamim, give her something
after a little while, I will not tolerate any
carelessness in this matter. Yes madam. Child if you don’t care for yourself,
how will you pass this time. Did you tell Asad? Its late at night there, I will let her know in the morning. Zara, if you don’t mind, I want to give my son
the good news myself, he will be so happy. Then you can talk to him. Sure mama, you can tell him. Thank you child. You gave me such a great news,
you have no idea. You know I have called the interior
designer to create the room for the child. Thank you mama. Okay, you sit with her, I will go tell Shamim
to make food for you. Ok? Do have the juice. I will. Mama. What is this I hear? Come with me I will tell you. Come. This means I will be an aunt? Yes, I will be a grandfather. Mama will be a grandmother. He will be so cute and nice.
Small hands and feet. Yes, just like you
when you were small, nice and cute. Was I this small? Everyone is like that,
I was like this too. Why did mama go alone? She should have waited for me, when I came from school
we would have gone together. Yes, but your mother couldn’t wait,
she couldn’t contain her happiness. She left. Then let us go too. No child, your sister must be
resting at this hour, when your mama comes
we will go in the evening. Papa, I won’t be able
to wait for so long. Hey child, its possible your mama
will bring your sister together. Really? It will be fun. Yes, come on have food. I don’t know mama,
I don’t know what is happening to me, why am I so restless? Child, don’t worry,
it will all be well. What will be well? I don’t know
what is happening to me.


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