Mohabbat Na Kariyo – Episode 15 || English Subtitles || 3rd Jan 2020 – HAR PAL GEO

He cannot be controlled by aunty anymore, I don’t think she can control her, what will happen to poor Zara? Your Asad really loves you, I cannot live without you. Please, send me off smiling, I promise, I will come back soon, I will never leave you. Never? Never. You are fine, right? I am fine. Come in. I know you are upset with me, please don’t do that, Zara is worried too, you have to handle her. Zara is not my responsibility, go there and call her there. How can I take her along? You made a big mistake Asad. No mama, all wrong happened with me, but I have realized one thing, no one cares for anyone with anyone, when someone helps someone, its for their own benefit. They look for opportunities. No one favors anyone without a reason. I had to pay for my situation. We did the wrong thing trusting Rabia. You have gone so far from me. What has happened with my Asad, that he had to leave so far from me,
even when he didn’t want to. Hello. Rabia, why did you do all this? You don’t pick up my phone after this. Your son is with you, you can ask him too,
don’t talk to me rudely. I trusted you and you cheated me. So you don’t trust anyone so easily, next time when you are about to
do something like this, think about in it in detail, things can go wrong. I just wanted to remind you, I am not just your employee anymore, I am your daughter in law. So talk to me respectfully. In fact, why do you have to
talk to me about anything? If its important, talk to your son about it. Have a good day, bye. Hello, Rabia. Rabia? She is so ill-mannered. After such bad behavior, Zara hasn’t misbehaved with me, what does this girl think of herself, I will have to do something about her. Here you go. Have water. Rabia, this is not right. You shouldn’t have come back
from the hospital by yourself, come with me right now. Come. I feel that your mom is saying, we should do that. She insulted me so much, it was fine till me,
but she didn’t have to curse our baby like this. I feel that she is not happy with this whole thing. I feel that the same happened with Zara, and now us. I am really scared. Listen, I don’t want to lose this baby,
I just don’t. Zara. Come on, we are getting late. Yes mama, lets go. What are you wearing? Why did you not wear the
outfit Asad got you? This is fine. What are you saying? The high society will be there, all sorts of people, if you go like this
you will get me insulted. Please go and change your clothes, we are late, hurry up. Mama, but… For me please, its my daughter’s reception, please hurry. I am going, you bring her,
we are running late. Sure. Thank God the doctor said all is fine. Its fine because you are with me. If you leave then, what if we lose everything. Nothing will happen. I don’t want to lose my child this time. Hello. You didn’t call after you reached. I got busy as soon as I reached. Okay, I really missed you, I just came back from the reception. I missed you there too, I didn’t like it. Okay, I will call you in a bit. Why? Talk to me. Is everything ok there? Yes, all is fine. I will call you back. Okay bye. Asad? Hello. Hey, he cut the call without hearing me out. Nasreen. Nasreen. Nasreen. She is on leave. On leave? Where is Kashif? He went to work with his father. Work? What do you mean? How can he leave like
this without telling me. You act so naïve like you don’t know that men go
to work in the morning that is why you get this lifestyle. It was your duty to wake up,
make breakfast and send him to work. I cannot do all this. Why? Are you from the skies? Whatever. Dad, these are Mr. Qureshi’s documents, he says the package is expensive, if we can reduce the
ost then he will consider. Hello Nida. Where ever you are come back. What happened?
I said come home in 10 minutes. What happened Nida? Listen to… She is ordering me to come home. Finish the work you have come for,
then go where you want to. Dad, she was really angry. Son, don’t give your wife so much importance, keep her in her limits. If you come in her pressure, she will rule you all her life. You are a man, deal with it like a man, don’t give her importance. If you don’t follow what I say, then all your life you will cry and… We will see who cry all their life, she is taking me lightly, when I show her my strength,
she will fall to her face. That’s great. Good. I will see what we can do.
One second. No prepare the files, yes.
One minute, hold on. Ashar, you didn’t go to work? No aunty, I took an off,
I am moving today. One second. I am leaving for work,
call the meeting. Bye. So sorry. Good you are finally moving. Yeah, had to leave. Do tell me if you need help. Sure. Aunty. Yeah? What is Zara’s fault? What is my fault? What is my son…Aunty,
there is a difference between you and Zara, you are the mother, she is the wife,
you have lived your life but, her life has just started. Look, you spent your life alone after uncle, but with the husband there, why should Zara live alone? Ashar, I have told you so many times, this issue wont be resolved so easily. I know my son, let me handle it. Fine, you deal with it, but to be honest, I don’t think
this issue will be sorted. Aunty, try and understand, some other girl stole Asad from Zara. Son, I will do what I can for Zara, you don’t worry, let me handle him. Let me do it, don’t take so much stress. Fine, but I hope you will do it fast. It will be fine, don’t worry. Start your moving, if you need anything, I am here for you. Don’t worry, I will leave now? Sure. Bye. Bye. What happened? Is there some water? Yeah. Are you ok? I am fine. Please don’t leave me. Stay with me. I am with you, don’t stress. I am not going anywhere, you rest. Keep this back. You are fine, right? Yeah, Mr. Pervaiz did you
get the stocks I asked. The stock is 16 rupees. Not bad. Yes, its fine. I will call you in a bit.
Okay bye. Asad, I am really upset with you, you broke my heart, you have hurt me so bad. Mama, I didn’t expect that you
will behave so badly with Rabia. What? What did I do? Mama, she is pregnant, as soon as I flew you insulted her, you know how much stress
she took of what you said. Mama, she is really sensitive right now, I cannot take another risk. I have lost my child once, I won’t let it happen again. What do you want to say? Mama, I am sorry, you will have to
call Rabia and calm her down, then I will talk to you. You call her, bye. Madam, tea. Thank you. The house has become quiet again. What do you mean? Mr. Ashar had this house lively,
he too left. Ashar left? Yes, don’t you know? No, he didn’t tell me. Leave it, the one who has to leave, leaves. These men are unfaithful, I don’t trust them. What are you saying Shamim. Ashar is really sensible, I am sure he had something
important so he left. There is no emergency, these men do that. Now look at Mr. Asad, he came from so far and left, he wasn’t even there
at his sister’s reception. Asad had something important to do there, so he left. I don’t agree, there was no work. After all, these men have all the emergencies.
We women are mad. Shamim, don’t talk to me about Asad like that, I cannot hear a word against him. Don’t get upset madam, I pray that what you think is true, but I am not in the place to say this, you shouldn’t sit like that, call him, find out, investigate…
Okay, stop. Go and work. No mama, nothing is missing here,
I have everything. The flat is really well furnished. Yes, the company has given me a servant,
he cooks and cares for the home, so its all taken care of. Mama, I told you its not a
problem, not an issue. Let me talk to papa. Hello papa, how are you? Yes, I have relaxed her. Yes. Papa I was thinking of calling you two here, it will be good if you live with me. Yes, when mama sees it for
herself she will be at peace. Asad, how are you? I really miss you. You didn’t call. Rabia. Come have breakfast. Come on, come have breakfast, you didn’t eat properly at night, you know you need to care for
your diet in this condition. It can have a bad effect on the child. Yes, I should have breakfast, after all we are late for work. You won’t go to work, only I will. Why? You will rest and eat. I don’t want to stay home,
I will put on weight like this. Its okay, it won’t matter to me. It matters to me a little. I will get fat sitting here. Besides, I really want to come with you, we will be at work, with each other. Fine, you can go, but you need to rest for a few days. Here you go. Thank you. What is the matter?
Why is Asad not replying? He has not seen my messages. I am sure he spoke to mama,
I will ask her. Yes mama, fine. Put Rabia on. Yes, fine. Hello. How are you Rabia? Are you feeling ok? Its fine now aunty. You know I am really fond of you, just a little upset why Asad didn’t tell me this earlier. Yes, you are right. Look Rabia, in the start it was sudden and shocking for me
that Asad accepted you as a wife in the start, but now I am happy for you two because you will be the
mother of his child. Now you have to take care of yourself,
Asad and my future grandchild. Mama. I think the signals dropped. Zara. Mama. Zara. Mama. Zara. Listen to me. Zara. Zara. Shamim, call the doctor!
Zara. Zara! Shamim! Zara. That’s it thank you. Thank you. Are you happy now? Are you relaxed? I told you, my mama is good at heart. Obviously, she is my mother, I am her only son, how will she not be part of my happiness, our way was wrong. If we had taken her in confidence in
advance it wouldn’t have been a shock. Finish this fast, have tea. I think its cold, let me heat it. I will do it. You just rest, I will be back. I have settled mama, when Zara finds out how will
she be able to face all this, I don’t know how she will react. Thank God you people came, I had a panic attack. I didn’t know what to do,
how to handle her. Madam is regaining consciousness. You are such a weak person, you faint on small things.
This is the limit. Aunty, you should have told
sister in law earlier. Told her or had kept it hidden,
what difference does it make? What would she have done? I have to talk to Asad. You people be quiet. I will talk to Asad. What? What? You won’t talk to brother.
Give me your phone. Who are you to stop me? He is my husband, I will call him and
talk to him when I want. Understand? Lower your voice and
come to your senses. After you have ruined me,
you want me to stay in my senses? You did all this. You didn’t want from day one
that Asad marries me. If you knew,
why did you marry brother? Tell us? Why did you
fall in love with him? You love him, right? He loves you too? When he cheats you and leaves
you alone, then I will ask you. You… Please. Leave me. My God will question you for what you did. God will question you! She has gone mad. She has gone mad mama, she has lost it. She was shouting at me and
you didn’t say a word. You be quiet. What be quiet? Why do you take her side? Why do you care for her tantrums? Brother got married there,
he didn’t commit a sin. Mama, she shouted on you, she shouted on me, she’s gone out of control. I would say drag her out. For God’s sake Nida, stop it. You shut up and stay out of this. This is a matter of our home,
don’t interfere. Fine, I am waiting outside in the car, if you want to come,
then come quick. GO with him. What? Did you not see how he ordered me,
I will not go. I am already worried, don’t put me in more trouble,
for God’s sake. GO with him right now. Just go with him. I don’t understand you. Madam, don’t cry. Why do you put yourself in pain for such people? I told you not to trust men, a woman can wait all her life, but these men, when they go away from their wives
cannot live a little time without them. Only they need a wedding, they forget all promises. These women have a bad nature. Shamim. Shamim. Shamim, what are you doing here?
Go outside. Zara, Zara listen to me. There is no point crying, what had to happen, has happened. How did you let it happen?
Why didn’t you stop him? When he wanted to marry you, could I stop him, that I can stop him now. Why has my marriage to
Asad become a punishment. It was your own choice, when you couldn’t make
your husband your own, why do you complain? This is your weakness. When did you let him stay with me? You sent him away from me, I am alone. Alone! Don’t be a target of self-pity, it doesn’t look nice, nothing happened. So much
happens in peoples’ lives, you are living here peacefully. You have all the luxuries in life. I don’t want these luxuries,
I want nothing, I want you to ask Asad to come back.
You sent him, you tell him to come
back here to me. He cannot come back now, I don’t think you were in your senses, you didn’t hear it properly, he will be a father there. So the situation has gotten this out of hand? When you have heard it all yourself,
why do you ask me? You will have to answer for it. This action of Asad has driven me mad, she is crying and driving me mad further. Please talk to her, I feel like a tyrant. Hello. Hello. How are you Zara? Why did you leave me? Why would I leave…I was helpless. What helplessness? Zara, you know I will come back soon. Come back today, right now, this instance! Today? This instance? What are you saying Zara?
How can I do this? Yes, you come back today or
I will kill myself Asad. What has happened to you?
What are you saying? What happened to me? The promises you made to me,
you forgot them all. You held someone else’s hand
and started a new world. What do you mean? I know it all, you got married again and you will be a father too.


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