Mohabbat Na Kariyo – Episode 16 || English Subtitles || 10th Jan 2020 – HAR PAL GEO

Why did you leave me? Why would I leave…I was helpless. What helplessness? Zara, you know I will come back soon. Come back today, right now, this instance! Today? This instance? What are you saying Zara?
How can I do this? Yes, you come back today
or I will kill myself Asad. What has happened to you?
What are you saying? What happened to me? The promises you made to me,
you forgot them all. You held someone else’s hand
and started a new world. What do you mean? I know it all, you got married again and you will be a father too. Why can’t I believe it? How can you do this Asad? Tell me Asad. Tell me. You were mine yesterday,
you are mine today, speak up Asad,
I cannot live without you. Say this is a lie. Speak up. Speak up. Why are you sitting here? You didn’t sleep? No, I slept, I was just worried so
I came outside to sit. Did you talk to Zara? She really loves you
and you love her. Everything went wrong. I shouldn’t have listened to ma’am and come in between you two. There is not much we can do now,
can we? I know you are stuck with
me cause of the child, so maybe, I get rid of this baby and you can live your
life the way you want. You are saying you
will abort this child? Do I have a choice? I cannot see you burning every moment, I won’t be able to do it. What can I do? Zara has found out about our relation, she is in pain and cause of her I am in pain. and me because of you. I think this is for the best, I don’t think I should carry
this baby anymore. You two love each other, you should be together,
this is what’s fair, that’s how it should be. No, there is nothing like that. You will stay fine. What can I do?
I spoke to Zara last night. Don’t worry, I am fine. You sure? Of course. Come on, come with me. Come. What are you doing Shamim?
Come on have food. I don’t want to eat. How will you live like this madam? You have not eaten since yesterday and if you don’t eat, how will you live? It doesn’t matter, it doesn’t matter to anyone. That is what I am saying, it won’t matter to anyone cause
everyone in this home is made of stone. Mr. Asad is happy there, then why should you give your
life for someone who doesn’t care? He took my life, he killed me. Don’t say that, why should you give
your life for such people. Now see, no one in this home
doesn’t care about you. Madam got up, got ready,
had breakfast and left for work, didn’t even ask about you. Then why do you torture yourself? Come on. Come, eat. come with me. Sit. Start eating, I will make you tea as well. Come on sit. I want to live alone. What? What did you say? Exactly what you heard. Get me a separate home. I cannot live with your parents, I feel suffocated. I don’t
want to live with them, I will live alone in my home. No question about it, this cannot happen. Why? I am not asking you to get me
the moon and stars. This is tougher than that, I cannot leave my parents at any cost. Is there a financial problem? I can ask mama for help.
She has a lot of money. Don’t show off your mama’s money, what is your problem in that home? Freedom. I am not free to do anything in that home.
I cannot do any activity there. Activity? Means drugs. After today you won’t do anything, forget it. Fine, I agree, I made you get used to it, I am saying you won’t touch these
things after today, its over. Kashif…Nida, don’t argue. I won’t do it either. It was childhood, we made a mistake, we got married, now we will have kids, all this is over. how are you? I got free early today,
so I thought I will have tea with you. I didn’t know you had a mask on your face. What do you mean? You knew Asad got married there, you didn’t tell me, just kept on talking to me. The day I found out,
I have been speaking in your favor. You are lying, why would you speak in my favor, you are from the same family
who has a stone heart. You all a proud of your wealth, you consider human’s disposable, you want to use them and
throw them away. You won’t get my feelings,
you too supported your cousin. Zara, nothing like that I can never
support lies or what is wrong. Stop it. Don’t come here to put salt
on my wounds. Zara, listen to me…
I don’t want to hear anything. You think I am a selfish, rich man? If you think like that about me,
you are wrong! Trust me, I am the only one around you who can
talk to you and feel the pain you are going through. I heard you talk the other day, when I asked you, you denied it, but now my doubt is clear. Asad, you got married there. Sorry man. Sorry for what? Saying sorry to me or anyone
else will end Zara’s torment? I spoke to Zara. Spoke to her? On a phone call, that is it. Ashar, I can’t tell you how
embarrassed I am in front of Zara. What do you think this embarrassment will
fix the wrong that has been done to her? It won’t, I know it won’t but try and understand I
was caught badly. I am a man so I know that whenever we do something like this, we talk about being helpless
to prove our innocence, but Asad, we don’t think of that one woman
who sits here, giving us her life, the one whose hand we held,
said we loved her. She becomes a living dead body. Asad. Who are you talking to? My cousin. Why are you up? Go rest. This is great, yesterday Zara called and disturbed us,
now your cousin. Don’t they get the morning to call, is this the only time they have? Hello. He cut the call. Its good. A person should look at the time and call, they call with their convenience. Come on, I am really sleepy,
lets sleep. You go and sleep if you want. Why are you behaving like this?
What should I do? Tell me, what should I do? there isn’t much you can do right now, we talked yesterday, give her some space, try and relax maybe. How can I relax? The two of us are married, its nothing small. My house is shaking. Why is it shaking? Everyone knows we got married
on paper cause of the situation, when she found out we
are in a relationship, she is pain cause of it. Now tell me,
how do I relax in such a situation? Tell me. Thank God. Yes, you tell me, how are you? Just mama, its passing. Put him through. Yes Afsheen, how are you? Nida, you are doing wrong. I did wrong marrying you. Listen to me,
its not right to leave home. What is right and what is wrong,
you don’t tell me, I cannot live in this home anymore. When you decide what you
want to do, let me know. Mama, I want to go to Asad. Its not easy to go there. Why not? Everyone goes, so did Asad. What will you do going there? Asad is mine and I have right on him, no one can take him away from me, so why should I sit here helpless. You will be more helpless there when he doesn’t support you. No, this won’t happen, when he sees me in front of him, he will support me. Should I consider this
your misconception or what? Please, send me to him once, I will bring him back, he will not say no to me, he will never decline this, I know. Zara, when a man wants to do something, then love, respect, is forgotten. It doesn’t take him long
to change his way. No mama, Asad is not like that… What world do you live in? he left from here, got married, is about to be a father,
and still you are saying he is not like that. Look, accept it that Rabia has fooled him/. That is what I am telling you Rabia has fooled him, Asad is not like that, he cannot do that. I used to say the same that
you fooled Asad. Mama… Look Zara, consider this your fate and
accept it like I accepted you. No, I cannot do that. I cannot. Then? What else will you do? Go to the court, get a separation, what else can I tell you. Nida? You? At this hour? What is all this? I have come back and I won’t go back. What? No mama, that cannot happen, he will come and surely he will
have to fulfill all my demands. Maybe his parents won’t let him come. If they were not there,
he would have come. Fine, he can stay with
them and leave me. What are you saying?
Marriage is not a game that you get married when you want
and leave him when you want. Mama, you know well that I have lived my life by my will, and I will continue to do the same in future as well.
I cannot live by the will of her or her parents. Nida please. No mama, I don’t want to talk more,
I am already disturbed. Rabia, open the door. Rabia, please open the door. Rabia, please open the door. Rabia, please open the door.
Please. Look Rabia. Rabia, please open the door,
I am worried for you. Let me talk once. I am sorry. Rabia, please open the door. Please. Rabia… Listen to me please. Listen, I am sorry, I was really worried and I got rude with you, I am really sorry for that. Look, please Rabia,
don’t do that. Sit. Sit. Please sit. If you continue to do this with me, then something will happen to me. No, nothing will happen to you. Sorry, it won’t happen again. I will get you water. Look Zara, consider this your fate
and accept it like I accepted you. I cannot do that. I cannot. What else will you do? Go to the court, get a separation, what else can I tell you. Trust me, I am the only one around
you who can talk to you and feel the pain you
are going through. Hello. Hello. Zara? Zara, why are you not saying anything? Hello. Ashar. Yes Zara, speak. Zara. Zara, what happened?
Why are you crying? What happened Zara? Zara, for God’s sake stop crying
and tell me what happened. In the start it was shocking and sudden
for me that Asad accepted you as your wife, but I am happy for you now that you are to be the mother of his child. Shamim. Where the hell are you? The person is worried and
seeing your crying face, drives them mad further. Ask Shamim to fix my room. I am talking to you. Respond! Listen I am going to work, you just rest. If you want to, do something. I don’t want to stay, let me go. You will stay here and rest. I get bored at home. Listen, drop me off at my friend’s. Fine. Don’t answer it please. Look. Your mood was good, it got ruined with one call. No its ok, I am fine. Sure? Asad. Yeah? What do you think, it will be? Baby girl or baby boy? The ultrasound will tell us. Obviously, I just want to know what you want.
What is your wish? Daughter. Really? Actually, me too. What is Rabia’s real interest? I am sure its just not Asad. I gave her space, responsibility and she fooled me.. What will I talk to
you about Zara? I am in a dilemma, I want to talk to you, but I don’t have the words. How do I tell you my helplessness. Hello mom. Hello son. How are you? At this hour? You are still awake? Yes, I wasn’t sleepy so
I thought I would talk to you. Please mama, you work in the office all day long and you don’t even rest at night. You know if I sleep for 3-4 hours, its enough, you tell me, how is Rabia? Fine, I dropped her at her friend’s, I will pick her on my way back. How is Zara? How will she be? Upset of course, did you talk to her? I didn’t have the courage or words to
talk to her and console her, I just cut the call. Don’t worry, I will handle her. I will explain to her that you had to
take this step out of helplessness. That’s how it is mama, that’s how it is. Listen son, I wanted the company registration papers. The lawyer has it. Talk to him and tell him to send them to me,
I want to read them. Fine, all ok there? Yes son, all fine. Just send them to me, I will read them and call you. Mama.. Yeah? Take care of Zara. I will, you take care of yourself and Rabia. I will. Bye Bye. Yes mama… Yes Asad, the lawyer has sent me the
company papers on email, what nonsense is this? Are you working their blindly?
You know nothing. What happened? You are asking me this? Rabia got the company
registered in her name. So what? What, what? Are you in your senses? I don’t think so. Don’t be stupid Asad. Mama, all this happened when I was in problem here
and we had to get married on paper. Yes, I talked about a paper marriage and not a real one, here she got the company
transferred in her name. Look, as per the documents you
are an employee of the company, she can fire you when she wants, we will lose everything, in fact, we have lost everything Asad. I lost everything earlier mama, I lost Zara. Don’t talk rubbish, don’t get emotional all the time. You didn’t know what was
happening there, you transferred everything in
her name like a fool. I knew nothing mama, you did all the planning, you even appointed Rabia, I was just following orders. Asad, whatever you do,
you will have to do yourself. Tell me this too. Come on Asad, how long will you hold my hand
and walk, use your brain. You never let me do that, you have always given me instructions,
do this, do that. Like you followed orders, you get married by your will. Mom, I got married once by my will, not the second one. Stop this discussion, lets deal with the serious problem. You think how you can smartly get
the company in your name. I will talk to the lawyer,
he will come meet you. Keep me posted. You transferred my company in
Rabia’s name without my permission. So simple ma’am, she paid me a huge fee for this. You sold yourself, and played with me. You started this game, I ended it. What? What nonsense is this? You are crossing your limit. This is our job madam, the one who pays a heavy fees, they get the decision in their favor. No, you cannot play this game with me… When you can play a game with
your own son, then… Don’t talk rubbish.. Asad’s wife Zara is someone you didn’t like, to keep them away you sent
your only son here, and played this game with him. Who are you to talk between
me and my son, I know what is good or bad for him,
what you did with us, I will drag you to the court. Madam, I am not in Pakistan
that you drag me in court, if you try to bother me,
I will tell your son everything. I will see you. Idiot! Shamim, did you give breakfast to Nida? Yes, I did. Nida’s breakfast? Has she come over? She has not come over, she has come. Come? Meaning? Meaning she doesn’t want to
live with Kashif’s family. Okay, I had realized this, I knew this would happen,
but not this quickly. Anyway, Zara, I need a small favor from you. Yeah? Will you go shopping with me? Ashar, not today. Zara, please for a while. Ashar, try and understand. I understand, look if it wasn’t this urgent,
I would never have requested you so much. Actually the thing is my friends
family is going abroad, I wanted to send some gifts to them but… I am not good with shopping,
if you come along, it will be a great help. Listen, no excuses, please come along. Fine, let me do this,
then we will go. Thank you so much. I know my parents will like
what you get for them. Shopping for someone
else is really difficult. You called last night, its ok. You cut the call crying. What is the matter Zara?
Share it with me. It won’t matter. Yes, not momentarily and I cannot
do anything for you right now, but Zara, if you say it, you will be out of a lot of
burden from your mind. Shall we go home? Yes, we will. Look, I agree Asad did wrong, but a lot of wrong has
happened with him too. I cannot fix his mistake,. You know I suffer every moment, tell me where do I get Asad back from, tell me, answer me. Okay, for now, forget all your worries and relax, I promise you there will be a way. I told mama to send me to Asad, I would bring him back at all cost. What did she say? She said no. Why? She said I am mistaken that
Asad will come with me, she said I will suffer
more when I see Asad. She showed no mercy, even when I begged her, cried. You know what she said
to me in the end, that I take a separation from Asad. Then do it.


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