Mohabbat Na Kariyo – Episode 17 || English Subtitles || 17th Jan 2020 – HAR PAL GEO

I told mama to send me to Asad, I would bring him back at all cost. What did she say? She said no. Why? She said I am mistaken that Asad
will come with me, she said I will suffer more
when I see Asad. She showed no mercy, even when I begged her, cried. You know what she said
to me in the end, that I take a separation from Asad. Then do it. What? What did you say? I said go for the separation. Did mama go to work? Yes, she left at her time. Did Kashif come? No. Okay, go get me breakfast. He has not messaged me or called me
since yesterday, so much ego. Mama, she has a lot of ego, till I got her she won’t come back. We don’t want her to come back.
I want her to come back. You have gone mad Safia, one minute, calm down. So do you really want to bring her back? Yes dad. Okay. Imagine if I give you permission
to bring her back, then will you agree to what I say? I will. What are you saying? She doesn’t want to come back,
she wants to live alone, he too will leave us. He should go, its better. Think about it.I have thought about it. Kashif, me and your mama will also come
along to get Nida in the evening. Thank you dad, thank you. What are you saying?
I don’t get anything. Sit, I will tell you. Sit down.
What will you tell me? Sit at least. What is it? Look this is better for us. So, then they kept a meeting, I would have
gone for the meeting but there was no point. What is the matter? You are quiet? You are in a bad mood cause you
spoke to Zara, or someone else? Anyway, I was with Sara the whole day and
then this other friend showed up. Hello, I am talking to you,
where are you? I am with you here. You are with me physically, but mentally lost. Is everything ok? Yes ,all is fine, there was a problem at the office,
was thinking of that. Yes sister, you are right, we wish the same that the
children stay happy. Yes, he is right, our time has passed, its their life they will live it happily. Our happiness is in their happiness. I was telling the same to
Nida that that home is hers. That is right. Okay child, shall we go home? No uncle, I had told Kashif that
I will live in a separate home. Fine child, we will get you an apartment
as per our position. Apartment? I don’t want to live in an apartment, I want a home in a posh locality
that is well decorated. Look child, Nida, we don’t have this position
to get you a home. No problem, you cannot but my mama can.
Right mama? See Kashif, mama will get us a home. Ok child, this issue is solved, you don’t have any further demands, right? Can we go home? No uncle, I will leave from
this home to the next. Kashif can stay if he wants. Fine child, Kashif, you can stay here if you want, we don’t have an objection.
Right, Safia? Yes, fine child. If she wants this, then you stay here, this has her happiness in it. There is no one who will hear me out, no one can understand what
my heart is going through, they just try to console me. Mama is lost in her world, who should I talk to, how do I tell them how
badly I was suffering, only God knows, Oh God, show me a way, make me meet my Asad. You know how much I love him, he is not mine even when he is mine. What did my love lack? How will I live my life without Asad? I am just yours and till my last breath, I will be yours. This love is so fake. I will not tell anyone what is in my heart. People make claims, but they forget them. You are also not mine Asad. Come back, please, come back. I don’t know what Zara must be going through,
she was calling me, I didn’t pick up. Kashif. Yeah? This one is so nice,
the location is great too. Wow. Right? Lets go see this one. But Nida, this must be expensive. You don’t worry about that. I will call them. Hello. Zara, say something. Talk to me. I know that I have really hurt you. I did something really wrong, you trust me,
I had never thought of this, I am not a cheater, I am not a cheater. Not wanting to, I got involved. You are the only one in my heart
even today, just you. Our relation is that of love, the relation I have somewhere else, that is my helplessness. Zara, say something, talk to me. No, Zara, you don’t cry, please don’t cry. Don’t cry, for me. I am really bad, I am really cheap, someone who hurt his innocent Zara. But trust me, I am yours, I am only yours. You are my love, my first and only. Then come back,. I will, I will come really soon, then the two of us will have
our own world of love, even I cannot stay away from you, thank you, you spoke to me. Thank you a lot. I am telling you I will come. Really soon. Come to my room. Sit Yes, ma’am. how did 80% of our companies shareholding
go to Anwar group of companies? You gave an approval for it. I approve it? Was I mad? Ma’am, you checked all the
papers and signed them. Sign, paper, file? Where? I don’t remember. Where is the file I signed. Ma’am, you signed these papers in front of me,
after checking. What do you want to say? I will give my life
long hard work to someone just like that. Ma’am, I told you not to. I don’t care, you reverse this somehow.
Call the lawyers. Ma’am, cancelling agreements like this will
make that company file a case against us. So why am I telling you to call the lawyer. I don’t expect you to solve it,
call the lawyer. Please. This… Find a solution Mr. Arif, don’t argue, we have a problem. Fine, I will call the lawyers. What are you doing I was fixing Asad’s shoes and clothes, they were in a bad shape, its been long so I am
fixing the cupboard. What are you thinking of? The one who is not here,
why care for his things, I would say take out everything,
put them in a box in the store. You will get sad looking at them. What are you saying? You know, Asad called me himself last night, he sounded like he was crying, he cannot live without me, he will come back and never leave me. I feel he will come today. What was Nida’s problem? Was it sorted? How would I know what the issue
was and if it got sorted, ask Nida or mama. Why? Zara you are part of this home,
you can tell me, right? Why would I interfere in
someone else’s matter? I don’t need to and its not
my habit either. Why are you talking to me like this?
How? Like this, upset and tired.
What happened? Look I understand what
you are going through, when a person someone trusts more than
themselves and they cheat them, they hate everything. If Asad did bad with you, why are you taking the anger
of that out on me? Whatever Asad did,
that’s between me and him and the way I am talking to you, the reason for that is you. No, tell me what did I do? You used to say that you are the only one in this home who could
understand my pain. I didn’t say wrong and if you look at it,
I understand your pain. No, you don’t get it. You are not sharing my pain,
you are increasing it. You told me that I take
separation from Asad? Because this has your betterment.
Please try and understand. I don’t want to talk to you. Zara, listen to me. What is going on? Nothing, relax. This is between me and her,
we will handle it. Anyway, where are you
two coming from? I will come. Sure. Asad will surely come. The way I requested him, I asked him to come once, he will not be able to stay, he will come. Hello Asad. Hello. Rabia. Go ahead. Put Asad on the line. He is sleeping. Wake him up, tell him I am calling. What are you even made of? Do you understand, he works all day long, he cannot talk all night,
he is human, he gets tired. Please Rabia, let me talk to Asad, its important. I am really sorry, I can’t help you, call tomorrow,
you will be able to talk to him. Mama, you are so busy with your office work that you
are unaware of the scene Zara is creating in this home. What happened now? This is all cause of your leniency, she is the type,
first she fooled brother, now… I don’t have time for this, I have lots of serious problems to look at ,
we can talk about this later. Anyway, you stay busy
with your office work, sort my problem so that I can go
live in peace in my home. I can’t live here anymore,
I will go mad. Me and Kashif, we went to see a home
I sent you some pictures. I couldn’t look aat them,
I was busy. Okay, look at them, we have to make
the payment tomorrow morning, so keep 140-150 million ready. What? What did you say? Mama, I liked this home, I want to buy it. What is this? I cannot arrange such a big sum
of money on such a short notice. What do you mean you can’t arrange it? What is your problem. It’s a small cheque? Try and understand Nida,
I am in a big problem, I cannot withdraw such a
big amount from the bank. That’s not my problem,
I need the payment. What should I do? Rob a bank? I don’t care, do what you want. Ok, do one thing,
get a two room flat right now. What? No way. Since childhood, you have only
done what you wanted, for once understand your mother’s issues. I understand your issues? You got brother a big
business setup abroad and you want me to understand your problem,
You don’t have money for me. That’s not it child, put yourself in
my shoes and think. Why should I? You enjoyed your life, why are you coming in
between my happiness. Listen child…No, I won’t listen. You know I say what I do. Fine, then hear me out clearly, I cannot arrange so much money in so little time.
Do what you want. Fine. She is so stubborn,
what is this trouble that I am in. What happened to you now Nida? She cannot get the deal
finalized tomorrow. Mama has said no, she cannot arrange such a
big amount so soon. Fine, what is the tension here? She is your mom,
understand her problem, maybe she doesn’t have
so much money. She doesn’t have that much money? She got such a big
business for brother, and she can’t set my home. She was suggesting that
I get an apartment. Will I live in a flat? I don’t want that. Ok fine, fix your mood, you yourself say that
your mom doesn’t say no, if she is saying no right now,
I am sure there is a reason behind it. There is no reason,
she has a lot of money. I don’t what the problem
with you girls here, you worry over small things, Here you are tensed.,
there Zara. Don’t compare me to Zara, she cries on small things.
She cries alone. She wasn’t crying alone, she was crying talking to
Rabia on the phone. Madam, Madam. Madam. Yes Shamim? I have made all the food sir likes, when will he reach?
Should I serve food? In fact, you call him and find out.
He is not coming. Not coming? He is busy there,
he will come in a few days. If crying is in your fate, then cry on your fate, why do you bother brother
by calling him again and again. Why did you talk to Rabia? I didn’t call Rabia, I called Asad, Rabia picked up. This is my and my husband’s matter, don’t come in between. He is not just your husband,
he is Rabia’s husband, he got married to her out of will and liking. This is a lie, I don’t agree to this. Don’t, you are denying yourself, not me. You have started hitting on
Ashar to get out of this lie. Nida, shut your mouth! Getting upset won’t help, very soon you will be hitting your
head on the walls. Remember that. What do you want? Tell me. What do you want? Zara, what are you saying? Zara, what are you saying?
Tell me. Whatever happened to me,
was it not enough? You ruin whatever is left of my life. Why do you not mind
your own business? Why do people make fun of a
woman thinking she is weak. I know, that my husband has left me, got married again,
what is my fault in that? Why am I insulted and looked
at as someone small. Today I realized, a woman is weak, her ego, her protector is her husband
and if her husband leaves her, people insult her, they doubt her,
they point fingers at her character. Why didn’t I die? What are you saying Zara? Are you in your senses?
What are you saying? You held my hand, you stopped me. Nida said something so bad
that its still ringing in my head. That girl is mad, come with me, come right now. Leave me. You will not interfere in
any of my matters now, if you step foot in that home now, I will leave that home too. I will go anywhere, but I won’t live there. But Zara…Stop! Not another word! Understand? Zara. Zara, stop. Listen to me.
Zara. Zara. Zara. I told you to stop. Zara. Zara. Zara. Taxi. Come here, fast. Zara. Zara, wake up. Zara. Zara. Zara, get up. Relax. You got hurt a little on the head. Careful. If something would
have happened to you, what would we have done? Look Zara,
there are a lot of people who point fingers, but you are wrong,
I swear to God you are not wrong. The person’s thinking and
the way they look is wrong. I will say this again that the situation
in which you are trying to live in, this is not life. You need to be strong. What is the point of running after people
who don’t even care for you. This is the time you need
to decide for yourself, don’t let yourself down for such
cheap and selfish people. I had told you so many times,
you didn’t listen to me, you scolded me. Now see, you ruined everything in your stubbornness. You thought everything would be
sorted by itself, it in fact got worse. Nida, how are you talking?
She is your mother, calm down. She is my mother,
that is why I am telling her, don’t sit here with your eyes closed,
keep an eye on Zara. First she fooled brother, now Ashar. Did you see? I was telling you,
do you need further proof? Shut up now! If you say another word after that
I will teach you a lesson. Ashar you…I told you to shut up. Don’t you get it? Go to your room. Such busy, cheap and selfish
people live in this home. You people don’t even realize that there is
another woman in this home. Who is a living person,
she has a heart, she has wishes, she has dreams, she wants to enjoy life, but no.
You people have made that girl a living dead. What did we do?
Is something left to be done? Nida, you should be ashamed, you don’t understand
another woman’s helplessness being a woman. Should we be ashamed,
or should you two be ashamed? What do you mean?
What does this nonsense mean? You think we are blind?
We don’t see what is going on? You are taking her shopping, for outings. When she couldn’t do anything else,
she came to your home. That’s it. I have had enough. I will not hear another word after this. Control your tongue and your thinking, what if you have to regret later.
Look aunty, nothing has gone bad, time is in your favor, think about it and fix yourself
and this daughter of yours, what if time passes and
you only regret in the end.


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