Mohabbat Na Kariyo – Episode 18 || English Subtitles || 24th Jan 2020 – HAR PAL GEO

Hello. Zara, how are you? How can I be? The one who’s husband left her
for no reason or sin. How can she be? Zara, please don’t say that. I am yours in my heart. Don’t fool me with your words, I have stopped living in dreams. I know that you are not mine and now someone has more
right on you than me. Zara, don’t take me wrong, I wish I could show you my heart, I really love you, really miss you. Trust me, I am not unfaithful, I am really sad about this, someone else came in my life
when I didn’t want. You love me? A lot. Then will you agree to one thing I say? Yes, go ahead. Please come back Asad, even if it is for 2 days only,
I want to see you, feel you Asad. I will try. No Asad, please give me
2 days of your life as charity. These 2 days will give me the
courage to live for 10 years. I will not bother you again, wont even ask you to come to me. Look Zara, I… I know Rabia wouldn’t want
you to come to me. She hates it when I even call you. Did you talk to Rabia? I called you once,
she picked up. When did this happen? Leave it, you don’t worry. You are happy, I wont disturb you. Hear my last request, please come, I swear I will send you away myself, I will not bother you, make excuses, just come to me once. Please, don’t cry. I will try. What are you doing? I am going to Pakistan. Why? You spoke to Zara. Yes, I did. You didn’t think it was
important to tell me? You were sleeping, I didn’t want
to disturb you, so I didn’t think it was
important to tell you. After all, its not necessary that you
talk on the phone 24 hours. So now you will decide who I talk
to you and who I don’t. Of course I can, I have a right on you and she, why is she always on your head,
why cant she give you space? Because she is my wife. You, or any rule of the world can stop me
from talking to her. If she is your wife,
divorce her! Rabia! You raised your hand on me, cause of her. Then you ask me why I stop you
from talking to her, this is the reason. Move away. Sorry, are you ok?
I will get you water. Mama, you are going to work so soon? Yeah, I have a meeting. Mama, I want a yes, no, answer. Are you giving me the payment today or not? No. But why not? Cause I don’t have the money. I have told you I don’t have the money
to give you such a big sum. Fine, I will sort this problem of yours. Whatever share I have in the business,
property, bank balance, liquidate it and give it to me.
As soon as possible. I need it urgently. Rabia, please have water. I don’t want it. Please, don’t argue… Asad, leave me alone. What do you care about me? Stop pretending that you care. You were going to Pakistan, go, no one will stop you. Please have it for me. Leave me alone, don’t bother me like this. I still cant believe you
raised your hand at me, how could you? I was worried, sorry. Exactly. Asad, these tensions of yours scare me. One day cause of this,
we will lose our baby. Mark my words. No, this wont happen. No, it will happen, it can happen.
You know what, I don’t care about myself, I don’t care what you do to me,
but I care about this baby. If something happens,
I don’t want to lose it. I don’t want to lose it. You go back, you go where you belong. Go to your Zara.
I am not going. Not going anywhere. Where can I go leaving you
and this child of ours? I am not going. If this happens again, I swear… It wont happen. It wont. I am here with you, I am here.
I will be careful next time. Madam Nida crossed her limits, said things so bad about
you and Mr. Ashar. Its good Mr. Ashar scolded her
and shut her up or… Stop it Shamila, end this discussion. Can I say something madam? A few people get such opportunities in life, and after all, why do you run after a shadow, think of your life, these selfish people will leave you and madam when your husband is not yours anymore, why care about the rest. You look around, recognize people, who is yours and who is the stranger. What are you saying? I said, stop this discussion. Go and work in the kitchen. Asad, that is fine, but please hear me out, no one in this
home is ready to understand Zara’s problem. At least its expected from you to
understand her condition. I understand it all, but what can I do I am helpless. I don’t know how do I talk to her? I don’t have the courage, she was crying to me,
asking me to come. Then come brother. What is the problem? There is a problem, I cannot come right now. Look Asad, there is no problem that
doesn’t have a solution. You just come. I tried, I was coming, then I had a fight with Rabia on this and I raised my hand on her. You know she is pregnant, she went into shock. She cannot live alone here. Sorry, I will talk to you later, I will put the phone down. Bye. Damn it. Rabia cannot live alone,
no one cares about Zara, they are all selfish. This is the business world madam, here not a huge profit or a
huge loss is good. Then you cannot mess with the
alligators living in the sea. Please madam,
you change your decision. Mr. Arif, how long do you know me for? You know I don’t change a decision after I take it. You continue the process, we will pay the penalities, there is no issue. Right madam. Are you ok? Yes. Aunty is not back yet? No. Nida and Kashif? I don’t know. Are you sure, all is ok? you sound quiet. Did Nida say something? No I am fine. For you. What is this? Divorce papers. Sign them. Look Zara, I am always with you, to support you and to hold your hand. Stop this nonsense. This is not nonsense, this is the
last way to get out of this prison. And what Asad is doing with you.. This is between me and Asad. What Asad are you talking about? The one who got married again and is living
his life in peace and you are burning here. Yes, I am burning here, and I know Asad is living his
life happily there, but do you know why I am burning? Cause I love Asad. Asad is in
my heart and soul. Look Zara, I just… I know why you are doing this, you want to come in between me and Asad. But that is your mistake, this will never happen. My love is Asad’s and will stay the same way till the day I die. Zara, what are you saying?
This is stupidity. Ashar, I am so disappointed. Instead of improving the
condition of our home, you are trying to instigate
Zara against Asad. Aunty, hear me out. What do I listen to?
I kept you as my son, this is how you treat me. Zara… What Zara? Did you not hear Zara’s response? Should I tell you? Here you go, this is Zara’s response. Here you go. Here. Get out of my house, don’t turn and come to me or this home. Go, get out. Sit. Zara, I am proud of you and
also feel bad for you. Asad shouldn’t do all this with you. Please mama, you do anything, but call Asad here. I will call him and ask him to come soon, don’t worry, be strong. I cannot live without Asad. Rabia has played such
a big game with me and Asad is attached to you, so hugging you is my only option. Can I ask you something? Sure. You won’t leave me, right? What are you saying? Because I am scared. Your first love is Zara and she is waiting for you
each moment, I see you being restless
for her all the time. What do you think I don’t notice? I worry for you too. Answer one thing, do you really love me or is it
out of helplessness only? No Rabia, you are taking me wrong. Then tell me, do you love me or not? What sort of question is this? It’s a question, answer it. How much do you love me? You don’t have an answer. No, I mean to say that you
cannot measure love, I…maybe I can never tell you
how much I love you. You didn’t come when I asked you to, but you will come when
your mother tells you to. What will be that moment when I will see you in front of me? Can I tell you the biggest secret of my life, something I didn’t tell anyone, cause I didn’t know anyone will get it. What? Tell me. I was really young when I lost my family. My mom, my dad, his relatives, apparently everybody. Since then I have done everything for myself, all struggle, whatever I am, I have done it all. When I used to be unwell, I knew there is no
one to care for me, I have to care for myself. When I was alone, I used to pray that I have
someone in my life, who would want to know
what my pain is, what I say, what I feel. I didn’t know my prayer would
be answered so beautifully. You know when you came to my life, you had issues,
aunty gave me your responsibility, I freaked out,
I didn’t know what to do. Next moment, I felt that, no, I have to take away all pains from his life, he doesn’t deserve this. All his issues should be solved. Look at the irony of life, when on the same road, I got caught in quicksand. In your love. I know your really love Zara, Asad. I don’t want to take
you away from her, at the same time I cannot afford to lose you, not at all. If you leave my life, it will be empty, what will I do? I mean, you gave me so much
in such little time, your mom, respect, love and this baby. I feel that I have the happiness
of the whole world, I forget all the worries I have. You won’t leave me, right? Why do you feel I want to
ruin your happiness? Its not that, but try and understand that I will
have to go to Pakistan for a few days. Go if you want, but I have a request,
don’t go right now. Then, when? When I have someone like you with me. What do you mean? When the baby comes to this world, it will be like you. When you are not with me,
or I am sad, I will see your face in the baby
and calm myself. I won’t bother you, I swear. Fine, as you want it, I will do it. my son is not Zara’s life, he is my life. He is only mine. I kept him away from here to
keep him away from Zara, but then what happened? The son is not mine, Rabia played me. Time has got me the cross-roads. Not time, you got yourself on
these cross-roads. You have kept him away from Zara, will you be able to bring him
back from Rabia? Yes, yes, I will bring him back. I will bring my son back.
I am his mother. Mama. Yeah? Are you going to work? Yes, do you want something? Yes, I spoke to you about something yesterday,
what did you decide? I told you the answer yesterday only. That cannot happen? You heard and replied, no.
you need to think about it. There is nothing to think about in this. Mama, if you feel that I am requesting you,
then you are wrong. I am asking you for my right. How are you talking to me? I don’t have an option.
How many times do I tell you? If you and Kashif want to stay here, you are more than welcome. But if you don’t want to stay here,
then you have your home with the in-laws you can go there. After that I have no solution for you. Its best that you realize this once, so that we don’t fight daily. Please,
I have to go, I am late. Fine, I have signed the papers. Madam, it’s a matter of 80 million,
think about it once. I know. Madam, we will face a big loss and
the company reputation will be at stake and a lot of negativity has spread about
the company. I want you to look at this again. The decision has been taken
Mr. Arif, please. Thank you. Okay madam. Yes mama, I am fine. Are you ok? and papa and Afsheen? That’s great. She will get better soon. Yes, Asad, he is fine. His work is going well there. He was coming, but then he couldn’t cause
of engagements. He said he will come soon. You don’t worry, I am fine. I am happy. Okay mama, my phone’s
battery is going to end, I will call you later. Give love to papa and Afsheen, ok? take care. Bye. Nida, think again what you
are going to do is correct? Can we not take out another way? Mama has left me with
no other option. You are right, but she is your mother, she is worried nowadays,
she must have said it in anger. I think you should wait
a little and give her time. I don’t have time and you stop taking mama’s side. You don’t know. Asad. Asad, wake up, you are getting late for work.
You are 30 minutes late already. I had a meeting too. Yes, you get fresh, I have made breakfast
and taken out your clothes too. So many missed calls, I am sure Zara wanted to
discuss her worries. Oh God. You want to come between me
and Asad, you are mistaken, that will never happen. My love is only Asad, and he will be my love
till the day I die. What should I do? Should I talk to Zara? No. No. When she is not ready to listen,
why should I bother? I shouldn’t contact Zara now. Hey, what is this? You have not eaten anything. I cannot eat alone, Shamim. I was used to eating with Asad, he left, God knows when he will come. Mama and Nida are not home, I cannot eat. Madam is at work, madam Nida came and left again. You take this away. Why are you doing this with yourself. Look at yourself, see what you have done to yourself. I don’t care about my condition, I am scared that Asad might take me
out of his memories too. You are so smart, then why do you keep yourself in the dark.
The sooner you accept the truth, the easier life will be. Mr. Asad has forgotten you. This cannot happen Shamim, Asad can never forget me. If he had forgotten me, I would have accepted it. See, Asad is calling. Hello. Hello. Zara. Yes, Asad. How are you? Good now. You are really good, why do I feel you just cried. No, who said that? Okay, how are mama and Nida. They are all fine. How are you? Yes, I am fine. Zara, sorry I couldn’t contact cause of work…
No problem Asad, forget about this and talk about me and you. What were you doing? I have nothing better to do but to miss you, so I was missing you. I really miss you too. Why don’t you come back? When will this wait end? Really soon. Really soon, when? I am dying to see you. So you are dying to see me? I will fulfill this wish right now. How? With a video call. Video call? Yes. No, not a video call. Why? I don’t look good. Why are you laughing? Just like that. Ok, if no video call, we can send each other a picture. Yes, I will send pictures. Okay, great, send me pictures
so that I can be at peace. I am waiting. Bye. Check who is there? Mama. Mama. What happened?
You look happy. Yes mama, Asad called. Okay, its good to see you happy. What did he say? When is he coming? Nothing, he just said it will take him
10-15 days to come. Okay. Did you not talk? No, I called he didn’t pick up.
He must be busy. He will call back. Yes. Madam, this came for you.
What is it?


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