Mohabbat Na Kariyo – Episode 25 || English Subtitles || 6th Mar 2020 – HAR PAL GEO

What! What! What! Are you doing? You have showing your colors, Nida don’t you feel shame by getting an
advantage from a disabled person, you were trying to transfer
everything to your name. Nida. You keep quite mother, I understand everything,
I already had my doubts on her intentions. Whose intentions are right; they should judge intention of other. What did you say? Nida go from here. Mother you are asking me
to go from here because of her, you made same mistake
through tout your life, your trust strangers more
than your own family, trusted enemies more than friends, that’s why you are in this condition. Mother are you ok? Go, leave me alone, go from here. You read this carefully once. Mr. Lawyer, don’t embarrass
us by asking to read it, we trusted you completely that
why we came to you leaving all the lawyers. Thank you Mr. Shaukat you don’t worry, I have done your work so thoroughly
that no one can make a claim. You are too good. Now you get these papers signed
as soon as possible so that I can process these papers. Ok. Hello Nida, what? Ok Ms. Zara I will complete the process
today and get the work started. Thank you, Mr. Arif there is another important thing
I want to discuss with you. Yes. I hope I don’t make any mistake; I have huge responsibility on me, and mothers trusted me
for this responsibility, and I don’t to betray her trust in any way. Ms Zara you don’t worry, I am working for this last nine years, and mam trusted me
and signed these papers, I will not betray your,
and her trust on me. Thank you Mr. Arif, hope you didn’t mind it? Its ok, in fact I am happy to know
that you are careful, ok Ms Zara it should go now. Ok. And there. Is everything ok? Yes, everything is fine, but looking at the situation
I asked the staff to do overtime, some are agreed but some are not. Ok, you call a meeting and
call everyone in boardroom, I will talk to them myself. Thank you. Thank you. Nida I am asking you for
so long what happen? Mother told me that you were very angry. How badly that girl behaved with me
and you are looking at him, with how much love he is talking to her. He is doing it right, if he gets angry then
she will get even more angry and everything will go wrong. Please Nida tell me. What should I tell you that mother has
value in her eyes for you and me, or should I tell you that she didn’t find
us capable run office operations, she gave all the responsibilities to Zara, don’t know what magic
she has done on her, mother signed all the documents
and gave it to her. Yesterday we were talking that
Kashif will take care of the business, but that girl, that girl is even smarter than us. Now what are you thinking? I am thinking that how mother can do it, how can she give
so much responsibility to Zara. My mother is a fool, now see when everything will get
of her hands then she will know. Lets go Nida, lets go to meet mother and
we try to make her understand. That’s a tension,
she will understand anything, let her do what she wants, and why should I destroy
my peace for her? Let’s go, son call a cab for us, we should go now. Where are you going? To our home, where else son? Mother this is your home as well. Son Nida is already very much worried; we don’t want her to get her
even more disturb because of us. No father there is no disturbance
because of you. No son try to understand. You need to understand mother, I cannot understand
what kind of mother you are, leaving us alone in this situation, look, look at Nida, how worried she is, you should support her at this time, should give her love, like normally mothers give
to their own daughters, her own mother didn’t thought of her but father I wasn’t expecting
this from you guys. Don’t say like this son. Yes son, our purpose was not to
make you guys worry, we want happiness for both of you. Its ok then father, you guys will live here
until Nida needs you, after that you can go, what do you say Nida? Ok, I will make delicious food for you guys, you rest and take care of yourself, now our all happiness
belongs with you two, she we go? Don’t get worry Nida,
we will do something. Nida mam again misbehaved with
Zara mam and madam and left angrily; I don’t think that she will come back. Its better if she doesn’t come back, leave all this, where is Zara? She went to office. Ok, and listen physiotherapist will also
come in evening for aunt’s exercise, and tell me how is aunt’s diet,
is everything going ok? She just eat to live, and that we do forcibly as well, she doesn’t sleep, even if she closes her eyes that probably too
to visualize Mr. Asad in her memory. Nida, today I believed it that marrying you was the most
beautiful decision I made in my life, you know what, the way you kept my respect
in front of my parents today, I love you even more now. To be honest I am tired of mother, my family always ignored me. Leave all this, you need to get relax, I will go and make a dose for you. No Kashif. Why? I have a headache. Headache is due to stress, try one you will be relaxed. No, it will affect baby as well,
don’t want to do it. Your stress will harm him even more, look Nida I stopped you
and I am asking you now, try one you will be relaxed
and sleep properly, I’ll bring it. Asad? No Asher, how are you feeling now? I have pain in my body. If Asad didn’t come
then will you stop living? No, he is coming, Nida told me that he is on flight. Sorry to say aunty, but Nida gave you a false hope, Asad is not coming and
none one talked to him as well. You are lying, by losing my hope you want to kill me. Aunty just because of your misconceptions
everything went out of your hands now, and whatever you have left with
you should take care of it and try to stand on your feet again. You want to make me worried. I don’t want to make you worried; I have seen you since childhood, you’re are that weak that
you can accept defeat so easily, you fought strongly at every stage of life. Asad is not coming back and Nida said that
she will not come again as well, I will be left alone, would I die alone? Why are you talking like this? You are not alone Zara is with you, she is alone herself, but she will never leave you alone. She is not alone, she has you with her. Nida, wake up daughter, good. What? Nothing it’s your insurance policy. Why? Will tell you later. Why are you crying mother? No, it’s just, did you go to office? Yes, I did, Mr. Arif wants to speak with you. Ok dial. Hello Mr. Arif, talk to mother. Hello, yes, is everything ok? Yes, I know you will take care of everything, ok, bye. Did you eat food? Yes. Did you take you medicine? Yes, did you speak to Asad? No. Lie. I have no reason to lie mother, if you don’t trust me
then you ask Nida, Kashif, Ashar or even you can ask Mr. Arif as well, since Asad is gone
he didn’t talk to anyone of us. Call and Sbz. Her phone is switched off, Her phone is switched off, you tried a lot to contact Asad, you even called his office there as well, but whenever they listen to the name of Asad,
they always disconnect the call. Where is he gone, Asad is he ok? Where that child is gone? He must be fine wherever he is mother, may God keep him safe. Zara mam, Ashar sir said about doctor, he is here. Ok, send him in. I don’t need doctor. Why you need doctor?
You need physiotherapy. No, leave me alone, I am ok. Don’t talk like this mother, please stop it, you want to get better, quickly right? Have to stand on your feet, right? Then you have to listen
to doctor and so as he says, bring doctor here. Ok tell me, Kashif I was telling your father that
we should go out for dinner today. We will eat mother but
keep patience for a while. How much more patience should we keep, now we don’t have to afraid with anyone
or we have any resistance, this girl is burden on us now, as soon she wake up tomorrow morning, throw her out of the house, or go and leave her at
her mother’s door step. Safia , Safia be patient, relax, our work is not done yet, and woman is mad anyway, I mean if she finds home then
she forgets about the world, Kashif son, you take Nida to office in the morning and try to understand all the work and
gradually take control of everything. There is no use, you forgot what Nida said, that Zara took control of everything. Mother its not that easy that you get signed two paper
and get control of everything, we wanted to transfer
this house on our name, how much hard work
we had to do for that, I will not stay quiet, will go to office tomorrow. This is good. Nida drink this juice;
you will stop feeling dizziness. What is this? Actually, I have done your insurance, so needed your thumb
impression on documents, do you forget? Thumb impression for insurance? Yes, I asked my agent as well
that why do we need that? There was no need for insurance as well, then suddenly? Its was not sudden, I had plan for many days, I told you, don’t you remember? Where are insurance papers? Show me. Insurance agent took it with him, will give us after completing all the process, leave all this you have appointment
with doctor tomorrow, didn’t you forget this? Insurance, doctor what are you saying? I cannot understand anything. Nida whatever I am doing
is for your future only, you leave it and drink this juice. I don’t want to drink it. What happen? Why are you so disturbed? Yes, I left mother alone like this
and didn’t even call back, don’t know what’s happening there? Yes, I am worried as well for her, but I shouldn’t say, after listening to this I don’t think
Zara have any good intentions, established business, would Zara? Nothing would happen like this, tomorrow morning you
will take me to office first, other appointments will be afterwards. Yes, this is right, and try to take control of office as well, drink juice, drink. Yes, madam what happen? Shamim I am feeling suffocation,
take me to garden for a while. Yes, I will take you now, ok madam you will not feeling
suffocation in open air now, ok should I go. Wait. Yes madam. You are with me for such a long time, did it do any injustice with you? No madam, that why I pray for you all the time, may God give recover your health soon, you stand on your feet. Did you ever see Zara talking to Asad? No madam, she has no contact with Asad sir. How can it possible. It is madam, can I say something madam, please don’t mind it, you are thinking you are a victim injustice, but real injustice has been done with Zara mam, today your own children are not with you, but she is still standing with you. Go. Excellent work Zara, you handled things well very quickly, if it was me,
I couldn’t have done it so quickly. I couldn’t have it with the help of Mr. Arif, all this progress is because of him. Good, how good you both are, as expected sharing each other’s sadness, happiness and wrongdoings. Nida don’t say anything which. Leave it Asher, her language and
mind is not in her control, anyway how come you are here? I will tell you, wait a little, first I meet Mr. Arif. Today first time I saw toughness
in your tone and on your face, I am happy, but Zara you should stop
Nida’s interference here. I understand Nida’s apprehension, the way she came, it seems that she thinks I am trying to
take control over mother’s company. How narrow-minded she is, you should answer her right away. There is no use, she will meet with Mr. Arif then
she will find out that in what situation company is, she will find all the answers. Means. Means that Nida and Kashif want
to take hold of company, when they will find out that
this company is in huge debts then they will understand that they couldn’t get anything out of it. Excuse me Ms Zara, they both left. Thank God nothing happens to you, if you get hurt then? Leave it, get me phone, Asad might be calling. Okay. Take this madam. See, there is missed call from abroad, he must be calling I was right, why he is not receiving my call. Do you need anything madam? No, go. Yes. Nida left angry from here, she didn’t come back, didn’t call as well, she never does like this. If business is in all debts
then what can we do, now at least we are relieved now. Relived how? Means that we don’t have
to interfere in business. It very easy for you guys to say it, you guys don’t know that me and
mother are going through a difficult situation, everything is shattered now. This is not our mistake; they are harvesting what they seed. What? What did you say? Nida, should listen quietly what mother says. She is taunting on me and my mother. Yes, I am then? How dare you? don’t talk to me like this again otherwise? Otherwise what? What will you do? Kashif son what she can do, her mother is disabled and
there is no clue of her brother. Kashif what is this all happening? What are they saying? Same what is true? What is the truth? Why should we answer her of her
silly questions and have headache, Kashif listen to me, she is no good for us, throw her out if the house and divorce her. What nonsense are you saying? Nida , how dare you talk to my mother like this, keep your anger to yourself, don’t have to show me or my parents. No, I can’t see all this, I am going. You and your parents worth. Don’t touch my son. Don’t touch me. Mother, you pushed my mother, telling us what we worth, today I will tell you your worth, today I will show you your worth
that you will remember for life. Come with me. Kashif leave my hand. Come with me. Kashif. Come. Kashif leave my hand. Come. Kashif break her hand and legs, and if possible, cut her tongue too. Hello. Son, where is Nida? She is not receiving my phone. Wait for a while she will come to you. Is everything ok? Now everything is fine, I put her to sleep
she will come to you by evening. Ok send her. Come Asher sit, I will bring mother, you meet her before you leave. Listen. What happen Asher? I want to speak to you for many days
but couldn’t get right moment. What is this, because of which
you are looking so worried? Can we sit and talk please. Yes, why not. Two months back I found out that
I am getting transferred to Islamabad, I tried hard to stop it but. But all your efforts failed, when are you going? Tonight’ flight. This is good. Good? Wont you say anything else? What else should I say? I would say that you be happy always, its good time we had. If we had a good time then
why don’t you make any decision. What kind of decision Asher? Decision of life, you are with bonded with relations of papers, if you want Zara you can ended it in court. What would happen by this. You will get freedom to hold a hand which will give you happiness, what you deserve. In my heart there is no will for any happiness. Please Zara try to understand me, I seriously want you to take with me. Don’t say a word more please, I respect you a lot, I have very much importance
for you in my heart, but I don’t have love for you.

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