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Hi, I am your Vaishnavi. In today’s cooking program you
will learn dishes of many varieties. I will make and show it to you. So come on, let’s go. Today I am going to make organic
veg cake dish. Delicious to eat. This is vanilla sauce. Spread it properly and
top it with herbal products. Once the cake is made
I will upload all its ingredients. Here, the cake is ready. So, did you all see that
how easy it is to make cake? Anyway you all must have
enjoyed watching this video. So tomorrow,
it’s a new day with new receipe. I will meet you in one more video. Until then this is Vaishnavi, signing
off with lot’s of love. Okay, bye. Since last so many days
I am watching you on youtube. Today I will attack you directly. Gopi, yes. Where must have she
kept the organic cake? First I will taste it. Where are you darling? There she is. I saw her. Today I am going to enjoy. One minute. Come closer. Come closer. Today I will enjoy with you. Ghost! Hey, she does black magic. Who is there? Where has this witch come from? Save me. Save me. Ghost! Save me. Someone save me. Ghost. [Sanskrit shlok] Birth and death is
in the hands of God. Cheating,
revenge and justice is in our hands. A bad power will come to meet you.. ..through seas and mountains. A bad power. It is roaming in the
entire world for you. She wants to get your body.. ..and will get it at any cost. You will have to remain alert.
She is coming for you. [chanting] So late at night here. Who was there, child? What happened, child? Nothing, father. I had heard a sound.
Leave it. Let’s go inside. Vaishu, an order of different
type of cake has come. Leave the suspense and
tell me the work, Balki. Instead of cream
in the birthday cake.. have to write name,
age and position. Stop joking, Balki. I am not joking. Your friend
Ambuja has given the order. Go and ask her yourself. – Hey Ambuja.
– Hello, sir. – You have come after many days, sir.
– What happened, dear? Look up. Tell me, what is the problem? I have taken permission
from everyone at home. The date for engagement
has also been fixed. Then what is the problem? Is he demanding dowry? That is not the case.
He has got job in London. As soon as he got visa
in his hand his attitude changed. He disconnects my call.
I try but he avoids me. I think he has an affair in London. That is why I am feeling
very scared, Vaishu. I will die without him. I will slap you.
Does love failure mean life failure? Okay, where is he now? Excuse me. “Eeny, meeny, miny, moe..” Excuse me.. Yes. ‘Where has she come from?’ Hey Cotton! – Is that you?
– Have you come to meet me? Did you find this fool
to fall in love with? Come to the point, Vaishu. Oh, God! Can’t you see anything? – An elephant’s child should be left
in jungle.. – Is she addressing me? ..and you are in love with him. – This is too much.
– Ambuja, why did you bring her here? – Take her away.
– Don’t get angry with me. – How dare you talk in loud voice?
– What? – Not she but I will talk to you.
– I will not talk to you. I am very busy. Will you not talk to me? Since last four years you love her
and now you have started avoiding her. You will not talk to
me if ask you the reason. What should I do then? Do you think you
are better than girls? Don’t talk about better or worse? This is my personal matter?
Do not interfere unnecessarily. I am very busy.
I have to go to toilet. For what?
Are you going for cleaning it? How did you come to know? I will thrash you hard. To hell with your personal matter.
It is matter of her life. – I cannot see your face continuously
for four minutes. – Insult! This idiot is tolerating
you for last 4 years. ‘My personality is such.’ Actually she should be avoiding you. I am warning you. If you cheat on her
then I will not spare you. ‘She will not spare me?’ ‘She seems to be innocent
but is dangerous.’ Okay, then what I am supposed to do. First apologize to her. – Should I apologize?
– Yes, in front of me. Before that we will talk something
in private. What do you say? Are you able to understand? – Hey, you go out.
– Why should I go out? She has come here for me
and it is my duty to protect her. – Oh, God!
– I am not going anywhere. Keep quiet. There is nothing like what
you are thinking? He is no one great. – ‘How did she understand?’
– You go out and I will deal with him. Are you still here? Get out. If you irritate me
then I will thrash you. Vaishu, I have switched
off all the cameras. I will not put on facebook
whatever happens here. Nor am I a playboy but this
matter should not be revealed. Vaishu, if someone knows about
this then you will be insulted. Don’t tell it to anyone. Is it okay? What? What are you going to do? I am making preparation for that.
Let me adjust myself first. I will come closer to you.
Now wait and watch. Is he removing her sandal? There is no need to thrash
me with sandal. Forgive me, Vaishu. Save my love. – You will have to help me Vaishu.
– Let go of me. What are you doing, Cotton? First promise me that you
will help then I will leave you. – Do it!
– Okay, I promise. Now, leave me. Okay, did you see my performance? What kind of help? You had told about a job in London. Yes, have applied for visa as well. The problem started
because of that visa. I stole your receipt
and applied for job. I got job as well as visa. – Then what is the problem in this?
– I have no problem. – But my friend..
– What has happened to him? My friend got a job in
a big cake company in London.. ..after giving duplicate certificates. His owner came to know that
he does not know how to bake cakes. Owners complaint to the London
police and they put him behind bars. If I go there then
police will trap me too. If I marry Ambuja then my entire
life I will repent that I cheated her. That is why I took
an intelligent decision. I will leave Ambuja. Idiot, then what will happen of him? Don’t you know that?
Someone else will marry her. – Hey!
– Yes? Don’t stare at me. If you agree then the problem
of my life can be solved. What can I do? Will you become my assistant? – How dare you?
– No, no.. Actually you will be
my assistant in public.. ..but actually I
will be your assistant. Did you understand? The more you make delicious
cakes the more famous I will become. It is just a matter of two months. After that I will get a
promotion and I will take an off. Then I will come back to
India and get married to Ambuja. What do you say? If you are ready only
then I am ready for marriage. Otherwise whatever
I am doing is right. – Okay.
– No, never. I won’t allow it. Will a girl go
to London alone? Is London close by? We do not send you alone anywhere
over here. Listen to me Vaishu. There is no need for
you to go to London.. ..for that dirty,
fat dark complexioned fellow. Don’t talk like fools, Balki. Poor Ambuja should get married or not. Mother, tell me. Are you scared? It is not about fear. It was fine if it
was for a day or two. But how can I leave
you alone for a month. Mother, I understand your feelings. But nowadays internet
facility is there. We will do video calling every day. You will not have a
feeling that I am in London. Okay. I will work as
in- charge in a cake shop. Vaishu, is mother important or Ambuja? – Tell us today.
– Mother, you know.. ..that Ambuja had got
selected in Medical in Delhi. Even then she studied with me here. For my sake she did not study medical. Just by doing this
much she will get married. – Father, say something.
– Vaishnavi, you are intelligent. I have complete faith
on every decision of yours. – Thank you, father.
– What kind of father are you? How can you agree? I will not agree. – You cannot go. Not allowed.
– Absolutely right. Balki, you are coming with
me to London. The visa is ready. – Is it confirmed?
– Yes. Then I agree too. Brother- in- law, nowadays
girls go alone on moon as well. London is close by.
There is no tension? – I am also going with her.
– Vaishu, you can go to London. Not only you but we will go. “Come on let us enjoy and have fun.” “There is happiness around
and good days have arrived.” “Come on let us enjoy and have fun.” “There is happiness around
and good days have arrived.” “Both met for the
first time on Facebook.” “And then they yearned
to meet each other.” “Not even for a moment
they could stay alone.” “Whatsapp gave them chance to meet.” “There is no dowry
money or matrimony.” “I am blooming like a flower
from the time I am yours.” “Technology is great
as everyone is connected.” “They find excuse to meet.” “Come..” “Both met for the
first time on Facebook.” “And then they yearned
to meet each other.” “Not even for a moment
they could stay alone.” “Whatsapp gave them chance to meet.” Ganesh, it is time.
They must be waiting. – Drive fast.
– Don’t worry, we will reach on time. Really, we reached on time. I am always correct. – Hey!
– Coming, dear. – Look, Vaishnavi is there.
– Look here, Vaishnavi. – Hey, Madhu.
– Come here. Hi! – Hi, Madhu.
– How are you? – Hi, Vaishu. Welcome to London.
– Be careful.. Hi! Vaishu, he is the one with
whom you had talked on skype. People who see me also say the same. – Who are they?
– He is Balki and he is Cotton. Let’s take a selfie
and upload on Facebook. We are in London now. It would be fun. – Come.
– Mine too. Vaishu, we will see
New York on the way. Right? New York is in America. After looting our country
they have made a bungalow here. Look. Which is this tall building? This is the tallest building here? Look, this is the
biggest bridge of London. Is this a big bridge?
Haven’t you seen Howrah Bridge? Vaishu, I am feeling good
that you will stay in our house. Thank you, Ganesh. – Have we reached?
– Yes, we have reached? Vaishu, get down carefully. Balki, Cotton come. – Wow!
– Come on, get down. – Come on.
– Wow! It would be fun. So, we will stay here. Hey Cotton, there is a river
at the backside of the house. It would be fun if we go
there for bath after getting fresh. You go. I will get soap and towel. – Get underwear also.
– Okay fine. – You will be put behind bars
with the underwear. – Why? You cannot dirty
the place at all here. If you dirty the place then
they will put you behind bars. Understood. Come inside.
There are all facilities inside. – What is such a big house for?
– What nonsense is this? – Come on, guys.
– You go. We are coming. Madhu, you have called
all Indian Gods here. – Vaishu.
– She cannot do anything. Every Friday a priest comes
and he only maintains them. Understood.
She just maintains me like a husband. – Keep quiet.
– Did I say something wrong? Vaishu, you get fresh and
I will order something for lunch. Why are you giving
order now that I am here? – Tell me where is the kitchen?
– Okay. Wow! Great aroma. It seems as if we are
sitting in a five star hotel. What do you say guys? – Paneer palak, chicken Tikka,
chicken Moghlai. -Yes. – Veg Kolhapuri and there is
ushroom as well. – Give. – Wow! What a combination?
– Hey! Have you served yourself? – Yes.
– So now all this is mine. Will you eat in cooker? – Or are you going to lick the cooker
and clean it? – Take it. – Get lost!
– That is not the case. We put lentil over rice in plate. He puts rice in the
cooker that has lentil. – Everyone has understood.
– Okay. Vaishnavi, after eating food of this
house I was sick and tired of food. I was made to eat food
that would be served to animals. Look that side. – Hey, Cotton.
– Tell me. He neither seems
to be husband or a cook. What is their relation? He is her support. What are you saying? Support means at least
someone is required for cleaning. – Is that so?
– What were you thinking? – This only.
– Even you can think. You were thinking and he was speaking. It does not bother to
me what you think or speak. It does not bother you?
You are shameless. Absolutely shameless. – Sure.
– Whom are you calling a pig? I will bang your head with this.
Your mind will start working properly. He did not call you pg but said sure. Vaishnavi, where did you get him from? Is anyone ringing bell in the house? I am asking you not to ring. Oh no, there is ghost in the house. What kind of priest is he?
Who left him alone in the house? Priest, you look like
a ghost from behind. At least tie up your hair. If you want to see the ghost,
then stand in front of the mirror. – Where is the ghost? Where is it?
– Ghost? Where is ghost? Where is ghost? I misunderstood this priest for a
ghost. Does he look less than a ghost? Priest, you may go.. – ..and offer prayers. – He will repeat
the same Mantra again and again.. – ..while roaming in the house.
– You! – Madhu!
– Yes. Every week a man
comes and maintains you. Is he the one? – Yes, he is the one.
– Yes! – He is laughing.
– Why did she slap? A stranger is insulting your wife.. ..and instead of giving him
a punch you are laughing aloud. – Change yourself otherwise I will
throw you out. – It’s not like that. – Just come to the room.
– Why is she shouting like this? I will show you. Today you made me happy. Yes. It was real fun. It was real fun.. Vaishu, I have told the owner
that you both are my assistant. – Do your work properly.
– What work do we have to do? – Balki.
– Yes. Tell me. Do not get me trapped
with your nonsense talks. I will not trap you. – The owner is there so keep quiet now.
– Okay. Well, where were you? Yes. It has been a long time. – What nonsense is he talking?
– He is on the way. – Hello, sir.
– Hello. – Yes!
– Oh, yes. This is the man you are looking for. – Hi.
– Hi. Nice to meet you. Absolutely. Okay. Okay, Mr. Chef we are
here to order very special cake. Your first order on
your first day in the shop. – Understand.
– What nonsense is he talking? – What?
– What do you know what you want? – [foreign language]
– Well we will like something different. – What should I make for you?
– What? Well, we would like to eat a 3D cake. What kind of 3D,
CD cake is he asking for? Vaishu, save me from this foreigner. – You mean a 3D cake with 3 layers.
– Yes. – One with fruits, one with nuts.
– Yes. That’s right. Can be done. – That’s right.
– Yes. Have you understood the order?
Go now quickly. Hey! Hold on.
You are supposed to be the chef. Why are you telling her to go? No, no he is just
giving me instructions. She is my assistant. This 3D is a small cake.
I am a big cake player. One ton, three ton, ten ton.. Yes. He understood. He will understand if I talk to him. Do you want me to get trapped?
Go and do your work. – Sir..
– Can I ask you where is the kitchen? – Round the corner.
– Okay. Thank you. Why are you roaming here and there?
Go and chop the onion. – Don’t you know anything?
– I may not know how to work.. ..but definitely know
how to get work done. – Vaishu, now I will thrash him.
– That’s why you are my assistant. – Whom do you want to kill with the knife
you are removing? – Work quietly. Tell me what else needs to be done.
I will handle everything. Are they white gems?
Is this sugar free? Do you know anything? Beautiful. Who will wear this belt? You wear it. – This is looking beautiful. – Now
will I have to listen to him as well? Okay. Vaishu, if this fatty
speaks unnecessarily.. ..then I will tell boss
that he does not know anything. You will not agree in this way.
I will go and tell them. I am joking. Hey Vaishu,
you have made the way I told you. – Excellent!
– I was joking. Oh, God! Why are you looking at me in this way?
Is this the way to do work? How many times will I need to explain?
What are you doing here? You have not washed utensils yet. Why are you putting
this useless thing in cake? This should be put in his mouth. Hey, why are you throwing it down?
Put it in the mouth. He has still not gone. Why are all the chilies kept here?
Who will pick them up? Why have I brought you
here from so far? Quick, fast. If you do not know work then
why do come to me and get me insulted? Work quickly.
Owner is watching. Try to understand. – He should know that I am working.
– Very good! He is still standing here
after doing so much of acting. Quick! Vaishu, I was doing acting
because the owner was watching. Don’t misunderstand me
otherwise I will lose my job. He was begging to us before he got
the work and now he is dominating us. I think he has purposely
trapped us with a plan. Vaishu, one needs
to have brain to plan. I do not have that.
Even my family does not possess it. You are right. Leave him, Balki. Come on your cake is ready. – Let’s go and deliver it.
– Okay. I have made the cake
so I will deliver it. We will go smilingly.. ..and only then this fool will
believe that I have made the cake. – Here is your cake.
– [foreign launguage] – You are very quick.
– My cake. Let not the entire family fight on it. – Sure.
– Eat it. Wow! It’s smells wonderful. – Yes. It’s smells beautiful.
– That’s amazing. – I will pour hot water on you if you come
to this shop again. – Thank you, so much. – Thank you.
– You’re so good. – Welcome.
– [foreign language] – See you. Bye.
– Come, let’s go. – Vaishu!
– Yes. Thank you. For what? I think that foreign lady
has fallen in love with me. – Oh, God, this dark complexioned man
got senti. – What did you say? She kissed me lovingly. Hey fool, it is common
in their culture to kiss. You should tell about culture
to humans and not to wild animals. Hey, go and clean the table. Okay, I will just do it. Hey, get lost. I don’t know who eats
the almond put on the cake. If I catch him once
then I will not spare him. “Are you a fairy or queen
of fairies who is in love with me?” – Hey chef, please come here.
– Me? – Are you calling me?
– Yes.. Who is this sweet fellow like Hansika? – What do you want, dear?
– I want to order a cake for my wife. What is your wife name?
I will write it on the cake. Okay. Kurjoshi Rambia. Muthu Ramaiya. How did
Muthu Ramaiya come in your life? I think he must have
found her on facebook. Your wife’s name Muthu Ramaiya? No. Kurjoshi Rambia. What kind of name is this? It will take me one week to
write this name. What should I do? You please wait.
I’ll send my assistant. – Okay.
– Just see the menu. – Vaishu.
– The cake is looking very nice. A fool has come to give an order.
He is too much. His wife name is to
be written on birthday cake. Then go and write it. I cannot understand the name.
Please, go. – Cotton, I cannot move from here.
– Yes. You go, listen properly and write. – Go.
– Hey, your chief is giving order. – Won’t you listen?
– Hey! Forgive me. Try to understand Vaishu. Please go.
I cannot understand his English. I will not ask for it again. – Please help me once.
– I will not go. Are you going or not? I said I will not go. I request you to go.
The owner will come. Please go. – Hey, what’s wrong with the car. – Okay,
on which table number is he sitting? He is sitting on table number 5. – Give me the notepad.
– You go. Good that I got saved. Okay. I’ll call you back. Hi. Can I have your wife’s name please? Can I have your wife’s name? Sorry. He is asking me to repeat
when I am asking his wife’s name. He is such a big fool. Don’t you know your wife’s name? – My wife?
– He is really a fool. He is doing so much over acting. How can anyone marry him? Fool. – He does not his wife’s name.
– Are you talking to me? No, I was just singing a song. – I was just singing in my head.
– Okay. “Hail to Lord Shiva.” Tell me, mother. – What do you want? Kaju Katri.
– Vaishnavi, you are trapped. I will get it on my way back.
Okay bye. I am really sorry. I did not know that you are an Indian. Hi! I am Sandeep. Nice to meet you. Hi! I am Vaishnavi. Hey, stop. It’s weird. It was really nice to meet you. – It was really nice to meet you.
– Thank you. Our happiness gets doubled.. – ..after talking to people
from our country. Isn’t it? – Hi, ma’am.
– One Cappuccino, please. Sure. Here you go. Thank you. – Okay, ma’am.
– Hey Madhu! I met a very interesting
man yesterday. I was making fun of him and later
I came to know that he is an Indian. Indian? – Mohini.
– Were you aware that he knew Hindi? – No. I did not know him.
– Child Mohini. He took it very lightly. Wait, child. Get up. Are you alright? Mohini. Child Mohini. Next time when we come
we will go to this mall. Okay. – Mohini, Mohini.
– Today it’s going to close. – Dear Mohini, stop.
– Who is she? – Stop.
– Who is she? Do you know her? Is she calling you? Mohini. – Hey, Madhu come here.
– Okay. There? Stop Mohini. Do you know anything about him? – I know nothing except his name.
– Mohini. Stop Mohini. Take all his details
when you meet him next time. Okay, fine. – Will you tell when we meet?
– Of course, I will tell. – Come, this side.
– Okay. The train has come. Mohini, I am your mother.
Child, Mohini. It is about to come. The train has arrived. Vaishu, the train has come. – We will go in this.
– Okay. It is very convenient
to travel by train. – Let’s sit here.
– Yes, okay. Mohini. Taxi. Sorry. You go ahead. It’s okay. No problem. I will take another one. Hey! If you don’t mind then
shall I drop you somewhere? – Okay.
– Okay. You know what,
I do not believe in co- incidence. But now I believe in it. Actually, it’s interesting. Foolish, idiot, crazy.. I am sorry. I am so sorry. I had no idea that you knew Hindi. I did not want this
but I do not know how.. Please, don’t mind. I am really sorry. Hey, no problem. Hey, wait. Vaishnavi, it’s okay. Don’t worry. Thank you. ‘Hi, I am Vaishnavi.
In today’s cookery program..’ ‘ will learn recipes
of different dishes.’ ‘I will make and show it to you.’ – Wow!
– ‘So come on let’s go.’ – ‘Today I am going to make organic veg
cake dish. ‘ – I am also a big foddie. ‘Delicious to eat.’ I am also your fan. – Thank you.
– Your welcome. You are.. Where did you get my number from? From your facebook. Only your mother and father
live in such a big house. No, only mother lives.
Mother and father have been divorced. – I am single child.
– Oh, I am sorry. I like to live with my mother. Mother.. – Mother..
– Come, Sandeep. – She is Vaishnavi.
– Greetings, mother. Hello. Come, dear Vaishnavi.
Sit with me. Feel at home. He always talks about you. He has downloaded all your programs. – And follows all dishes from there.
– Why so? I will cook and tell me the taste. Sit, child. It’s okay. Mother, did you like Vaishnavi? Do you like her? She will cook
food and make you eat all your life. I am very happy that you liked my son. Always stay together happily. – My son is very lucky.
– Thank you, mother. You are really very lucky. Yes. I know. Mother, shall I go and drop Vaishnavi? – Yes, sure.
– Okay. – Bye, mother.
– Let’s go. – Okay, son.
– Thank you, mother. Thank you.
– Take care. – Bye.
– Bye. – Come.
– Your mother is very sweet. I am happy that you liked her. Come in Sandeep.
I will introduce you to my friends. Sorry Vaishnavi, I will
come some other time to meet them. I have to leave for Austria
tonight but will be back in 15 days. Is it necessary to go? Business calling. – Okay.
– Okay. Okay, then take care. – Bye.
– See you soon. – See you.
– Bye. – Wow! Beautiful lake.
– It is so beautiful. – Why are you touching it? Sit carefully.
– It’s very cold. Why are there decorations there? – This is the house of the queen.
– Okay. – Brother.
– Tell me What do the people of your
village usually do on Sunday? They have quarter in
afternoon and beer in evening. At night they have half Biryani with
quarter and then they go to sleep. – You are just like us.
– How can you say that? – It is quite obvious from
your stupid face. – Is it? Do we have such a lake in our place? Madhu, ask Vaishu to cut an apple. Where is the apple? – In the yellow bag.
– Who allowed you to come to London? If you had to eat apple then
you should have stayed in India. – Oh, no..
– What happened? – My bracelet and chain fell in water.
– Where? Did your scared thread fell in water? When was I wearing a sacred thread? – My chain fell. – You should die
before listening to all this. – You remain in your limits.
– She insults you in front of everyone. I brought it from Paris.
It was very lucky for me. My sentiments and
emotions are attached.. that bracelet and chain, Vaishu. Don’t worry.
Just ask him if he has anchor. What is she asking in English?
Tell me. Anchor, please. Wait, I’ll give you. – Give it to me.
– Give it to her. Okay. Come on give it to me. – Be careful.
– You will find it. – Do it quickly.
– You will find it. – Vaishu..
– Be careful. – That side.
– Be careful. Pull it up. Come on. Have you ever trapped anything? – Hey!
– What? Nothing has come out and
still you are giving your comments. – Just miss.
– Just take it that side. Okay. – One minute.
– Throw it. – Okay.
– Be careful. Did you find anything? Be careful. Pull it. Pull it. – Pull it.
– Little ahead. – Towards your left.
– Pull it. Pull it. Pull it up. – Pull it.
– Pull it. – Pull it with force.
– With force. Come on. Be careful. Be careful. Hey.. – Did you find anything?
– Yes, we found it. What is this? Can’t you see? Vaishu, what is this?
Throw it in water. It is only found in Indian Ocean.
It is called a conch shell. It is very rare. Okay fine. Let’s go. – What happened?
– What happened? Be careful. – It’s edge is sharp so I got a cut.
– It’s very deep. – Be careful, Vaishu.
– It’s not deep. – You should have seen it.
– No problem, I am fine. – Where is the first-aid box?
– Here. Take it. – Come on, give it to her.
– It is just a small wound. – It’s okay.
– Okay. – It will be fine after
I wash it with water. – Okay. Vaishu, what is so special
about this conch shell.. ..that you are being so careful. This conch shell is very special. We will keep this in
our temple in the house. So the negative energy will stay away. It would be very good for the house. I think I will celebrate
my first night today. – Should I add this?
– Speak softly. If your woman listens
then she will not spare you. Say something good, buddy. Wow! This has started shining. Not to me but give it to her. Keep this in the place
where we offer prayers. I will go and put this out. Make coffee with it
rather than throwing it out. Water. Ganesh, Ganesh.. Are you ready? There is no water here. Bring water. Will you become ready if I get water? Go. What is this? You always ask me to do work. First I will quench your
thirst with water and then mine. Ghost, ghost.. Ghost, ghost.. – What happened, Ganesh?
– There is a ghost in the fridge. – Ganesh! What happened, Ganesh?
– Ghost, there is ghost in the fridge. Where are you? Ganesh! – Ganesh..
– Ghost! – Ganesh..
– Ghost, ghost.. Why are you shouting? There is a ghost.
I just saw ghost in the fridge. You have gone mad.
You must gave seen your shadow.. – ..and you are saying that you
saw ghost. – I swear on myself. Really, there is a ghost there. I
am telling you that there is a ghost. – Go.
– Where are you going? Come with me. Come on let’s see. Come and show me.
Where did you see the ghost? Open the fridge and see. – Inside the fridge?
– Yes. – I will just see.
– Be careful. Where did the ghost go?
I am saying the truth. There was chicken here
that has gone missing. You ate all the chicken and now
you are saying that you saw a ghost. Do you think we are fools?
You will not change this way.. Hey, I did not hit you
then why are you screaming. – Ghost.
– What? Did you see the ghost in the fridge? – What are you pointing at?
– Behind you.. Hey, what drama are you doing?
That is a shadow. It will go. Bye. You also do it. – It is a shadow.
– Did you see that it is your shadow? That is what I was saying. Unnecessarily you got scared. Listen to me. – Are you saying to me?
– Yes. I am feeling very scared.
Hold my hand and take me to the room. Not only hand but I will
hold your waist and take you. Who turned off the
tap while having a bath? Who takes a bath so late at night? Ghost, ghost.. Save me. Ghost! Save me. Ghost.. Ghost caught me. save me. – Who saw the ghost now?
– Ghost caught me. – This is Cotton’s voice.
– This Cotton will kill us. – Let’s go.
– Where are you Ganesh? Where are you all? Come and save me. Ganesh, come on.. Hurry up. The ghost will kill me. Hey Ganesh, where are you? Balki where are you? – Hey, what is the matter? Why are
you screaming? – What happened? – What did you see?
– I saw ghost. Hey, what happened? – Where is it?
– Behind me. – Behind?
– Where is it? Go inside and see. Come on fast. It will kill me. Hey, there is nothing here.
Move aside. He has held my pant. Just release it. Idiot. A nail has
got stuck in your pant. – Idiot.
– A nail has got stuck. Does a ghost come and put the nail? – Oh no..
– You are ghost for the entire house. – Unnecessarily you scared us.
– And you woke up everyone. I saw the ghost. – Did you really see the ghost?
– Yes. “Hail to Lord Ganesha..” Hail to Lord Ganesha.
Hail to Lord Ganesha. Hey God, give some sense to my wife. Vaishu, I have never
offered prayers like this. This is the first
time and I am very happy. Yes Vaishu, even I have
never seen Madhu offering prayers. I am seeing her for the first time
today offering prayers. I am so happy. Now that Vaishu has come so there will
always offering made in the house. This is true. Vaishu is very lucky. I am getting married because of her. Yes Vaishu. Just as you have come I wish
to have a small baby in this house.. ..and then I will be very happy. – What do you say?
– This will never happen. – Quiet.
– Till now I was quiet. Hey! Okay, today is a very auspicious
day so someone play the conch shell. – He will surely play it.
– Okay, play it. Balki, play it. Hey, hold it tight and play. The breath stops by
playing it hard. Idiot. Is he playing the conch shell
or filling air into the cycle tyre? I can’t play it. You try to play it. You have spoilt it
so now I will not play it. – I will clean it.
– Give it to Vaishu. Vaishu, only you will
be able to play it. Take it. I will not spare anyone. Right now I don’t have. With sharp object.. He doesn’t look like
a local guy to me. We definitely need to
get these guys out from here. Tampering with the things. – No one can refuse him?
– Excuse me, sir. – What?
– Alex is no more. – Someone killed him.
– What? Police is investigating.
The murderers will be known soon. Before the police finds
him I want to know who killed him. I will personally handle him. Did you understand? – I will see.
– Go. What was I telling you? [Sanskrit chants] Greetings, priest. Ganesh has made all the arrangements.
You start making the offering. What happened, priest?
Why are you looking around everywhere? There is a bad omen in this house. What are you saying? Since when? Call everyone who stays in the house.
I want to meet everyone. Only then I will be able to tell you. Ganesh, Ganesh.. There is something
wrong in this house. You are right. We are feeling very scared
in this house for last two days. Keep quiet. What is going on, priest? An inauspicious power
stays in your house. Everyone will have to stay carefully. What to tell you, priest?
With great difficulty I stay with her. Now how will I stay with
two ghosts in such a big bungalow? – Hey..
– Did you see? Yes priest. Someone is scaring
us in this house since yesterday. – You help us.
– There is nothing to worry. – I have made a thread with Mantra.
– Okay. You all wear it. – Till this is with you that power
cannot harm you. – Okay. – Okay, priest.
– Okay, priest. Did you close all
the doors and windows? I have closed everything.
Are you ready? Remove it. – Okay, shall I remove it?
– Remove the thread. I think darling is in mood today. Let me be quick otherwise
her mood might change. – Open quickly.
– How dare you? Ready! Why are you slapping me? How dare you? – You just asked me to open.
– When did I say? Does it take so much
time to remove the thread? Ganesh, this voice
seems to be different. Is this a ghost? How can a ghost come
when you are there? – Have you both started doing comedy?
– Oh, God! It beat me. – Run! Get up.
– Ganesh.. Let’s run from here.
There is ghost here. Ganesh.. – Open it.
– Ghost.. – Let me go.
– You deal with her. – Let me go, first.
– Let me go. – Hey, you are walking on me and going.
– Ghost.. Wait, I am coming. – Wait..
– Ganesh.. What are you doing? Save me. Help me. The ghost has come. Hey, you are running
as if you have seen a ghost. Not only did we see the ghost
but were also thrashed by ghost. You must have seen a 3D movie on TV.. ..and the ghost must
have thrashed someone in it. – And you both got scared.
– What did you say? Oh, God! – Oh, God!
– Ghost. Someone thrashed me from behind. Did you now understand
how does a ghost thrash? I asked you to remove the thread? Thread? I will just remove it. Look, I have removed it. Don’t you have any sense? How can you remove your
pants in front of ladies? Idiot. – This ghost had asked me to remove it.
– He is very dirty. Can’t you listen? Don’t you understand which thread?
Remove it. Which one? – Which thread? The one which
the priest had given. – Oh, God! It is fine if the ghost thrashes
me but your wife shouldn’t. We can argue later. Let us
first finish the problem of ghost. First remove the
thread and throw it out. – Which one now?
– The one that priest had given. This one. Look at this, ghost. I have removed this thread
and now I will throw it. Here it goes. What are you doing? – Are they playing with the thread given
by priest? – Why did you catch it? What is this? Didn’t you get anything
else to play with? – The priest had said that by tying this,
the ghost will not come. – Throw it. – Why did you remove it?
– The ghost is behinfd you. Have you gone mad? Why are you screaming? – There is ghost behind you.
– Look behind. – Look behind. – Don’t you know
that I play basketball with ghost? – We are saying the truth. There is
ghost behind you. – Behind you.. – Is there a ghost behind me?
– Yes. Ask him to come in front. Are you the ghost? What is your name? Baahubali. You play basketball with ghost
but he threw you like football. I was joking but little did I
know that she would take me seriously. – Remove the thread.
– Which thread? The one which you had held. No bad words. It is hanging on your back, darling. What nonsense? Why are you
saying dialogues with double meaning? You find whatever I say as comedy? It is hanging from your back.
Remove it. Remove it. – Turn around.
– Shall I help? He will not listen like this. – Hurry up and remove it.
– Remove it and throw it in fire. – Throw it.
– Look, I have thrown it. Where is one more thread? Who has it? 1, 2, 3.. Where is your thread? Balki, the thread of my
waist was loose so I tightened it. – Take it out.
– It is not here. It is inside the room. – Remove it.
– Why are you talking nonsense here? – Get inside.
– Hurry up. Come on, hurry up. – Do you want us to be thrashed by ghost?
– Where is it? Just think where did you keep it? I didn’t keep it in the fridge. – Then why did you come
to look in the fridge? – Idiot! You were nagging me so I just said it. – Let me remember where I had kept it.
– Where is it? Remove it quickly otherwise
the ghost will thrash us. – What are you all doing inside?
– Remove it. – It is a good offer. Beautiful.
– Hurry up. Hold me tight. Keep quiet.
You cannot do anything. Let me do it. Madhu. Has she gone mad? Which fool did I hold? He is stinking. – I feel like vomiting.
– Rather than watching her drama.. is better I find the thread. Oh, God! What type of
vomit I wanted you to do.. ..and you are doing a fake one. How can you insult your wife? Take it. I remember where
I had kept the thread. – Where?
– Here. – Where? Throw it.
– Hold it. – I did not ask you to fall.
– Where is it? It is here.
Why are you getting tensed about this? – I have kept it safely.
– Hurry up and throw it. Go away. Okay, I have throw it. If you are a ghost then remain
like one. Don’t scream and trouble us. In just one slap he
has been thrashed hard. He has become a toast. [blabbering] What is he thinking? If the ghost is thrashing you
then it means he is annoyed with you. – He is very short tempered.
– Short tempered? Father, I have no
problem with the ghost. I am not scared of ghosts. I have seen many movies of ghosts. – I really like those movies.
– Yes, father. He is leader of ghost fan club. – What is it?
– Can’t you remain quiet for some time? Father, only you can get
the ghost out of our house. – Please, help us father.
– On which body is the ghost? We can find only after test
that on which body is the ghost? Father, we know how we
do blood test and urine test.. ..but we do not know
how to do ghost test. One minute wait. I will be back. Hey, where is father going? I think father also
got scared so he left. He is number one in city
to do away with ghosts.. that is why they charge more. – Take this.
– What is this, father? This is powder. What is this father? To scare away
the ghost you are giving us powder. Will we do make up
of ghost with this powder? – This is holy powder.
– Okay. After sprinkling on the
one who is inflicted with ghost.. ..his true form is revealed. Put and show it father. Put it where there is ghost. – Only then you will come to know that
who is inflicted by ghost. – Okay. Once we come to know this
only then we will find its solution. First put powder on her, father. She moves around with
so much powder on her. – Hey!
– What is it? Talk respectfully. Father is here so
that is why I am quiet. – Apologize to madam.
– How can I apologize to her? She moves around in jeans. Hey, keep quiet. – He is smart.
– Give this to me father. We will go home with this. – God bless you all.
– Thank you, father. Thank you, father. I met this girl last night at a party. She is damn nice. You know we were just
having lot of fun whole night. Look there. I have seen her somewhere. Really? – Hey, I know her.
– Really? I have seen this girl somewhere. – Hey, come on baby.
– Come here. Stop. Stop. – Don’t worry.
– Don’t touch me. – Come on, baby.
– Hey, just go away. – She is damn nice.
– Don’t touch me. Come on, baby. – Come on. Let’s have some fun.
– Let me go. Help. Help. – Have fun, buddy.
– Let’s have fun, baby. Leave me. Leave me. Help. I said just let go of me. Help. Leave me. Help. – Oh God, help us.
– Oh God, help us. – On whom should I put this powder?
– How should I put this powder? What should we do? On whom should I put this powder? – Let’s do one thing.
– Okay. Let’s close our eye
and put powder on ourselves. Okay. I have put. Oh God, save us. Save us from that ghost, God. Protect us. God, save me. – God, save me.
– Hey, why are you screaming? He is the ghost. None of us is a ghost. Understood. If four of us are not
ghost then who is the ghost? Oh my God. – We need to call the back up.
– Okay. – We will do it.
– To record the statement. Oh my God. It is terrible. These were the two guys.
Let’s see what can we get from them. – Hello, chaps. Alright!
– Alright, sir. – Do you have something to tell?
– I am actually very good at drawing. I remember what she looks like.
I can make a drawing. – Make it man.
– While he is doing that.. ..can you tell me
something more about it? I think she is an Asian or an Indian. But I don’t know exactly. Come on let’s look this side. How will we come to know? We have put powder
in the entire house. – There is no ghost in our house.
– You are right, Madhu. – But now I have doubt on the powder.
– Why so? – It is not working.
– Leave it. – Why are you scaring us?
– Why are you having doubt? If the ghost must have
slept wrapped in sheet.. ..then how will this
powder work on him? – Idiot.
– Unnecessarily troubling others. I am unnecessarily roaming
around with it. I am coming. Does anyone know
about this in this area? No. No one. Take a look. – Is that the girl?
– Yes, that’s the girl. – Can I have a look?
– Yes, sure. Oh! No, that cannot be right.
I know this girl. She was missing two years ago. No, that’s her. – It is not possible.
– Are you sure, man? Positive. I handled the case. Tell me, exactly as to what happened? Help, help. Let go of me. – Help. Help.
– Come on. Come on, baby. – There is nobody around.
– Just leave me. Shut your mouth or
I will show you the blood. Come here, bloody. Hey! You? Bloody, I will kill you. What are you looking at? Her clothes are getting removed. She is leaving mark like a snake. She is the real ghost. – Vaishu..
– Vaishu.. – Vaishnavi.
– Not Vaishnavi.. But Mohini.. Sir, please save us.
There is ghost in the house. Did you say ghost
is troubling you guys? – Yes, sir. Ghost is troubling us.
– Yes, sir. Sir, one girl with two characters.. Sir, she is thrashing us conitnously. – Sir, she is always thrashing us.
– Yes, yes.. Why don’t you go and
see father in the church? He looted us and
gave us so much powder. I request you, sir.
Please help me, sir. – Can we go?
– Please, come with us. – Please save us from ghost.
– Okay. – Thank you, sir.
– Come on sit. This is the house. Where is the ghost? – Ghost is inside, sir.
– Inside.. – Sir, you go..
– Inside? Show me. – Come.
– No! We will wait here. – You go, sir..
– Show me the ghost. Come. – You go, sir. We’ll wait here.
– Okay. – You go.
– Yes, sir. – Hello, ma’am.
– Hello, madam. – Hello! – I guess some people’s
are afraid of ghost. – Ghost?
– Yes. – In this house?
– Yes. Impossible.
There is nothing. I assure you. – Can we have a look inside?
– Okay. Yes, why not. Come on. Trust me, it’s fake. – We’re wasting our time.
– Sorry ma’am. – We’ll thank you for your time.
– No, problem. – Thank you.
– No, that’s fine. Thank you, bye. Well there is no ghost in there. Only the beautiful lady inside. She is the ghost.
Did you ask her about herself? – Don’t waste our time.
– Hey, what is this? – Hey Balki..
– We are not lying. Come here, sir. – Ccome inside.
– Go Balki, she is calling you. You go. That is not the case, Vaishu. It is cold inside so
I wanted to be out in sun. Listen, you are feeling hot
so do one thing. You go inside. No, I will dance here. – Have you understood?
– Go inside. – Go. Go.
– Are you mad? Madhu, at least you come inside. I was doing something out. – Ganesh, you handle.
– Hello, where are you? You had called me. Hey, guys. – Hello!
– Hi. Boyfriend of the ghost has arrived. Why are you all in tension? No. We are playing a game here. We do exercise,
jogging and play games. That’s nice. So you must not be
aware of how time passes. – Hi!
– HI! – Are you free?
– Where do we have to go? I have arranged a surprise
party and I want to take you there. Vaishu is totally free. – Take her wherever you wish to.
– Yes. – Give such parties every day.
– I will give such parties every day. Just give me 5 minutes. – I will go and change.
– Okay, fine. – Your clothes are very nice.
– Thank you. Even your shoes are nice. You are a nice man. – Even you all come along.
– Nice. – Shall we go?
– Yes. You guys come with us too. – No, no.. You both go.
– No, no.. Cotton Balki, come along with us. – No.
– Party food of London is superb. You will miss it if
you both do not come along. – Come.
– My stomach is full. The food has still not got digested.
Take both of them. Vaishu, I am practicing dance now.
I am not hungry. I will eat later. How dare you try to trap me? I said, come along. Why do you want to get thrashed?
Hurry up. Come on. No, I don’t know. – Hi!
– Hi! Hi! – Hi, Vaishnavi.
– Hello. You are looking nice. – Sandeep, I will go and introduce her.
– Okay, mother, – Come, dear.
– Thank God. We are saved. – Hey, guys.
– Yes? Let’s have some fun. Come on. What is this? will he make us eat
bun after inviting us to the party? He did not say bun but fun. – Sandeep has asked us to have fun.
– Oh, I see.. – Hello, friends.
– He spoke English again. I have something very important
to share with you people. I am going to propose. – Congratulations, Sandeep.
– Amazing! Vaishu, will you marry me? That fool is proposing to the ghost. Sandeep.. family is
very traditional so suddenly.. Vaishu, I had a talk
with your mother on skype. Your mother also liked Sandeep a lot. I had told you that
it would be a surprise. Say yes, Vaishu. – Say yes.
– Say yes, Vaishu. – Say yes.
– Come on. Say yes. Say yes. Say yes. Say yes. Say yes. Say yes. – Say yes.
– Say yes. Say yes. – Yes?
– Yes. Thank you. “Bomb diga, baby.” “Do not delay anymore.” “Come, dance me crazy.” “Let the party be ready, steady.” “Bomb diga, baby.” “Do not delay anymore.” “Come, dance me crazy.” “Drop it like..” “Bomb diga, baby.” “Do not delay anymore.” “Come, dance me crazy.” “Let the party be ready, steady.” “Bomb diga, baby.” “Do not delay anymore.” “Come, dance me crazy.” “Let the party be ready, steady.” “Come and see the naughty girl.” “What are you thinking?
Say something.” “Come and see the naughty girl.” “What are you thinking?” “Drop it like..” Hey, Sandeep. Hi, father. – Great party.
– Thank you, father. So, you are having lots of fun. Where were you till now? Sorry dear, I got a little late. – Looking amazing, father.
– Yes. Like always. Vaishu, my father. Father, my fiance. Hello! How are you? – Oh! Hello!
– Hello! George. Excuse me. Ladies and gentleman. – I want to make an announcement.
– Who is he? From today whatever
I have earned till now.. ..will be that of my son Sandeep. These are the documents. This is for you, son. – For me?
– It is a wedding gift to you. – Thank you, father. You’re the best.
– Always. – Thank you.
– Take it, man. Sandeep,
your life is going to change now. After all you are my son. Whatever that happened was good. – I have earned all this for my son.
– After drinking this.. ..I am feeling everything is hazy. – Where is my madam?
– This is nothing. – She must be enjoying somewhere.
– Okay. – No, comments. – How dare you
talk about my madam in this way? Hey! Hey, can’t you see
that we are drinking here? You should stand at a distance. – Bloody beggar.
– Same to you. – Get lost.
– He said beggar to him. Cheers, madam. Did I explain him well? Father! What happened? Sandeep, someone was
making me feel suffocated. Somebody is trying to kill me. Someone wants to kill me. Father, there is no one here. – There is no one here.
– No. I think you are drunk. – Come on, let’s go.
– Sandeep, surely there is someone here. – Come on.
– Someone wants to kill me. – You’re drunk, father.
– She was here. Hurry up, father. We have
to leave for Canada for meeting. We will meet doctor once we are back. She wants to kill me. Leave me. Father, you’re just drunk. Vaishu wants to kill
Sandeep’s father as well. Tell me one thing? Why does Vaishnavi
want to kill her father-in-law? Keep quiet. What enmity does she have with him? How do I know? [English rap song] [English rap song] [English rap song] [English rap song] [English rap song] [English rap song] – Hi, Mohini!
– Hi! – Good morning.
– Friends, this is our dream project. Super shopping mall.
150 million pounds worth. It would be unique in the city. This is also my dream project. So I need your 100 percent
co-operation and dedication. – And..
– Sir! Oh! Sorry, sorry.. Really sorry. Anyway, all the details
are in the file. Friends, come on start. – And God bless you.
– Thank you, sir. – Thank you, sir.
– Thank you so much, sir. – Thank you so much, sir.
– Thank you. – God bless you.
– Thank you. Come on, Let’s go.
There is so much of work pending. – Alex!
– Coming, sir. Fool, I have told you
not to come in the meeting. – When will you understand?
– Sorry, sir. We have selected this
girl for sacrifice tonight. – Show me.
– Just see whether she is right or not. – This one. This on too.
– This is fine. – This is fine.
– Excuse me. I am sorry. I left my pen drive here. – Thank you.
– Welcome. – This girl is fine for offering tonight.
– Okay, boss. Call me if there is something urgent.
I will be in China Town. – Send this girl for Manchester project.
– Okay boss. This section should have
been completed till yesterday night. – Why hasn’t it got completed? – No work
took place in night shift yesterday. Sir was going to offer
prayers with a child. So sir gave leave to everyone
and no work took place. – Get it done.
– Okay, bye. Bye. ‘Thank you.’ ‘Excuse me.’ ‘Excuse me.’ Okay boss. Call me if there is something
urgent. I will be in China Town. Picture. Picture. Picture. Picture. Picture. Live show. Picture. Make it now. Live show. Hey, I need two children
for my construction plan. What? I don’t know. I will give you more
money when you ask. I don’t know. Get lost. Live show. Live show. There you go. Come along. Hey, someone is looking for you. – Check it out.
– Okay I will. Picture. Picture. Picture. I need two kids. Who are you? Here is the customer. Have a seat please. What do you want? I want you to supply me few kids. Send me your address.
I will send children to you. No. I will select from among them. Let’s go. Hey man, here is your card. Get up. Come on. – Hey man.
– Hi, man. – Hey Jack. Open the door.
– Yes boss. We’ll do it. Yes. Alright man. You can select. – How are things going on, Danny?
– You’re always been positive. Help me, madam! Help me, madam! Please take us away, sister.
They beat us very badly. Help us, sister. Please take us away. Help us, sister! Please, help us. Help us, sister! Help us, madam. Help us, madam! Help us, madam. Help us, madam. Please help us. Help us, madam. Sister! Sister,
they beat us very badly. Please, madam. Madam, please. Please, madam! Please help us madam. Hey guys,
you have the right to remain silent. – Come on. Catch them.
– Danny, cops. Danny. – Stay where you are.
– No, no. ‘According to the information
given by Mohini..’ ‘..Alex has been arrested
who was the leader..’ ‘..of the gang that
kidnapped children.’ ‘England police has been
successful in arresting them.’ ‘These children were used in sacrifice,
call girls and selling body parts.’ ‘Police has rescued all the children.’ ‘Investigation is going on
in the company where Mohini worked..’ ‘..that how many innocent
children have been sacrificed.’ ‘It cannot be denied that KVR
construction is involved in this.’ ‘The site of KVR
construction is being dug.’ ‘We will continue to
give you further information.’ – Go quickly.
– Come on. Go, go. – Come on. Come on. Go, go.
– Go, go. Go quickly. Do not cross it. The area is sealed. Come on, do it fast. Get out of here. Go. Yes. No.. Get back. Get back. Doctor, you have done a lot
of research on human sacrifice. Will you tell us what the
mental state of such people is? What is the logic? Superstition is the main
reason of human sacrifice. For success in business, long
life and to get the power of mantras.. ..every human being
has his own reason. That is why these
traditions are alive. What nonsense? Do such superstitions
exist in today’s world? Not in present times.. ..but these traditions are
continuing from primitive times. In primitive times the kings
used to make human sacrifice.. ..and then go to battlefield
to make sure they win the battle. There are 32 qualities in human body. It is believed that in Mahabharata
Arjun also sacrificed his son. Kar Bali, human sacrifice
and it is known by many other names. Children are sacrificed in
construction sites, bridge construction. Today such an incident has taken
place in the stone mine in India. And its investigation is going on. ‘What can we do to stop this, doctor?’ – ‘We will have to make people aware.’
– Excuse me. We have a warrant for your arrest. – What?
– You have right to remain silent. – Please come.
– Okay. Easy. Mother, he is the demon. Mohini, what are you talking? You shouldn’t speak
like this about anyone. Mother, he has killed small children. He did not feel pity on small kids. He is not even scared of God. Demon, wild animal. Calm down, dear. KVR is a reputed
person of our country. And court has the wrong
information about the KVR. He was accused for
the child abuse and murder. I knew that we would win. So KVR is not guilty. I knew they cannot do anything. – Sir, what is the truth?
– Okay. I will tell. Justice has won. You know.. I am innocent.
This is a conspiracy against me. That is why honorable
judge has released me. I am innocent and that
is why I have been freed. Now let me go. – Sir, sir..
– No, no.. – Thank you, thank you..
– Sir, sir.. Mohini, you got him arrested
with great difficulty.. ..and he got released easily. I will make sure that
he is hanged to death. Usually people who talk about
justice and law are poor people.. ..or they are the ones
who talk big about progress. But you are a girl. Hey, what is your problem? Those who need power do
wrong things or they have power. What is your category? So you will not stop. Right? Will you send me to jail?
Or make me hang to death. What did you do? You met the
attorney general of Supreme Court. You complained against me
to the parliament head as well. ‘Sir, these are the proofs.’ – ‘This pen drive also has proof.’
– You alone have collected.. ..many proofs against me. And you want me to be punished
on basis of those proofs. Now you understood correct. – Do you think I will go to jail?
– Of course you will go. Of course, you are going to jail. No, no way. Mohini, everything
in this world has a cost. I may commit as many big mistakes
I want but will easily be released. But you cannot bribe God easily. If he punishes you then you will
not be able to save yourself easily. You..the children whom you
saved were also made by that God. Who are they?
What will they do once they grow up? What will they become?
What do you think? Will they become doctor,
engineer, scientists or a leader? Nothing. If there is no money.. ..then what difference does
it make whether people live or die. They are just No one is going to benefit from them. That is why I used
them in my business. That’s all. It is said that children
are a form of God. And you are the demon
who is harming those kids. I cannot forgive you. I will make sure that
you are hanged to death. I do not like to lose. Whosoever interferes in my
life will have to die like this. Kill her. I did not want to kill
you but you did not listen. You are making a mistake. Leave me. Leave me. I just wanted
to save lives of small children. While dying you are
still giving me lecture. You are doing wrong.
Let me go from here. If you kill me then I will come again.
I will not spare anyone. – I will surely come back.
– Die. Die. Throw the body. Goodbye Mohini. Goodbye. Undoubtedly she is Mohini. How is this possible? Even police could not
find her body till today. – Even then..
– You killed her body and not her soul. Body and soul are different. So Mohini has come back as a ghost. You are right. To kill you she has
possessed that body. – Be careful.
– Are you mad? How is it possible that
after waiting for two years.. possesses body of
someone who resembles her? I can’t believe this. This is nonsense. Useless theory. The soul of body that dies
roams on this earth for a year. Only after performing last
rites her body rests in peace. But Mohini had to take revenge from
you so she was waiting for this body. Okay. Let it happen. Mohini came back as ghost then
she would have chosen some other body. Why did she choose body
of someone who resembles her? Why did she wait for two years? – Why so?
– Even I have this confusion. The answer to this question
can be found from Naadi Kundali. A friend of mine is an
expert in Naadi Kundali in India. Let’s ask him. Greetings monk.
I am Kanan Bhattacharya speaking. As you gave information
around 200 years ago.. Tiruvanthapuram in Tirangun
a chef family used to live. This was the real family of Mohini. As time passed Mohini’s family.. ..went into different
directions in search of work. Mohini was born in such
a family that went across the sea. Around five generations ago Vaishnavi
and Mohini were twin sisters. This is what the horoscope is saying. In this birth one of the
sisters will die untimely.. ..and her soul will
roam around in anger. Around 15 months later after being
touched by the blood of her family.. ..the soul of Mohini will
become powerful and take revenge. She will enter the body
a girl who resembles her. Naadi Shastra says that
this is sure to take place. Thank you so much. Unbelievable. This is 21st century.
The ghost will come and take revenge. I cannot believe it.
It seems like a comedy. Okay. You do not have faith on astrology
but do you believe in science? Of course. KVR, you must have heard
about genetic and epigenetic theory. – No.
– Look at this. You will understand. It is simple. In a layman’s language.. means that when a
boy is born with angry nature.. ..then it is said that he
has taken the quality of his father. If he is quiet then it is said that he
has a shy nature that of his mother. Scientists have done
research in this matter. It is called Transgenerational
epigenetic inheritance theory. The two scientists of Emory University
who did this research Gren Dyal.. ..and Kori Russell say that after
death DNA passes into their family. This is what has happened
in case of Mohini. Vaishnavi’s DNA power connection
has given full power to Mohini. That is why Mohini waited for two
years and called Vaishnavi to London. Now you must have understood. Whether she is Mohini or
Vaishnavi she will surely find you. Meneka. What is so urgent that
you wanted to meet me urgently? I will tell you.
Who is that Vaishnavi? How did she come here? What is the plan? Come on tell me. Vicky, what are you talking?
I did not understand. Didn’t you understand? While giving divorce I gave
you 100crores and settled everything. Was it less for you? Where is Vaishnavi? Just tell me this. Tell me. What has Vaishnavi to do with this? I do not have time
to explain it to you. – She wants to kill me.
– What? She wants to kill me. Where is Vaishnavi? Tell me. – Tell me.
– I will tell you. What are you thinking?
That how did I come back? – Vaishnavi.
– No, Mohini. Vaishnavi! Vaishnavi,
what are you doing? Leave him. Are you listening?
Even I had requested you to leave me. Vaishnavi, what are you talking?
Please leave him, dear. Please, Vaishnavi. I beg of you. Please leave him, dear. Even I had begged to him.
Did he spare me? Did he spare me? Vaishnavi.. [Sanskrit shlok] [Sanskrit shlok] [Sanskrit shlok] [Sanskrit shlok] [Sanskrit shlok] If you kill me then
my son will not spare you. Whatever may happen he will kill you. Come on. The day you made your
son heir to your property.. ..I had decided that
I will kill your son as well. [Sanskrit shlok] [Sanskrit shlok] [Sanskrit shlok] [Sanskrit shlok] That Mohini will surely kill your son. My son has not made any mistake.
Why will she kill him? You are right. But that Mohini has
come to take her revenge. She is a ghost. Don’t even think that
she would do any justice. Priest, please save my son. I just have hopes from you.
I do not have faith on anyone. Please, save him. My son is innocent. There is only one
way to save your son. Tell me, what the way is out. Vaishnavi’s body is the reason
behind Mohini being so powerful. We will have to get
that soul out of her body. What are you saying? On the 13th when there
will be solar and lunar eclipse.. ..then at 6:52 seconds
the eclipse that would be.. ..then avid star
would be seen in India. Then at that time we will have to do.. ..Asht Siddhi Yagya
and Kruti Pooja in Namundri. At that time I will
take Mohini out of her body. That means Vaishnavi will have to.. You are right.
Vaishnavi will have to die. Only then Mohini will never
find Vaishnavi’s body again. Mohini is using her
body to kill your son. Vaishnavi will have to die. What are you talking, priest? Have we come here
to get Vaishnavi killed? You are giving a good idea priest. It is temple so you are saved.
Otherwise I would not have spared you. Vaishnavi will remain alive.
It would be fine if we are thrashed. Tell us a way out to save her, priest. Vaishnavi is not just my
daughter-in-law but my daughter. I will not agree priest. I can understand your anger.
Even I don’t want to kill her. But there is no option
other than this. Balki, why did we come here? We will take Vaishu
back to our village. Now you cannot do anything.
Vaihnavi has become Mohini completely. She will not listen to anyone.
This is the destiny. We will have to make
offering to save your son. Have faith on God. Have patience. Everything will be fine. But
we will have to sacrifice one life. Without that no one can stop her. Who is there? You.. I am Sandeep’s mother. – Can I come in?
– Yes. Come in. Few days ago you had seen
a girl who resembled Mohini. Yes. But I could not
remain happy for long. I could not understand whether
that was real or hallucination. This is true but she is not Mohini. She is Vaishnavi. I have come here to talk about that. I did not believe
that my daughter is dead. That is why I have not
put garland on her photo. I am so sorry.. ..but now I need your
help to save Vaishnavi. I will surely help you. We are very proud of our daughter. We think of something else
and God has his own decisions. What is there in our hands now? – Whatever is happening let it happen.
– Don’t cry. I am not worried about my son. – Nothing will happen to Vaishnavi.
– Don’t say so. Even if Vaishnavi remains
alive that ghost will not spare her. After killing your son she will
have control on my daughter’s body. You will not get your son
and I will not get my daughter. It is better that God has given
a chance to save someone’s life. This is His wish. Whatever is happening let it happen. Agree to what the priest is saying. Make arrangements
for offering to Goddess. We have no other option that to pray. You take part in offering to Goddess. We have to go back
to London immediately. We will also offer prayers there. The priest has called us there. Where is Sandeep? If he comes
here then Mohini will also come here. I have sent the car
to airport to pick him up. It is his call. Tell me, Victor. What? Sandeep went with Vaishnavi. – Don’t worry.
– Poor Sandeep. Call Sandeep immediately. ‘Your call cannot
be taken at this moment.’ It’s not reachable. Hey, why did you get me
here straight after coming back? I want to show you something.
Please, come. After you. How did you like the house? What is this Sandeep? Why are
you talking like real estate agent? When did I ask you to buy a house? You did not say but I bought it. Not just for you but for us. It’s my sweet dream house. I want to live my entire life
with the girl of my choice here. I always wanted to buy such a house. Greenery all around and
our house in between and you. Oh, my God! I am so blessed. I am very happy to bring you here. I hope you must have
also liked this house. We will live our life happily here. I will keep you very happy. There will be no one to trouble us. Only you and I will
alone in this house. Vaishu, what is wrong with you? Do you know that your
father spoiled my life? What do you mean? And now you want to give me life. You.. What did you say about my father? Say it again. Didn’t you understand? He has made you heir of his wealth
that he has earned with illegal means. – Did you understand it now?
– Vaishu. No, Mohini. Mother.. Where are you Sandeep? Mother, I am with Vaishu.
She has changed completely. Oh God. Sandeep,
she is not Vaishu but Mohini. She is a ghost. What are you saying, mother? She wants to kill you.
Somehow come here. Mother.. Vaishu.. Stop it. Vaishu, stop it. So much bleeding.
Sandeep, what has happened? – Don’t act to be Vaishu.
– How did you get hurt, Sandeep? – Let me look, Sandeep.
– Stay away from me. [Religious chants] [Religious chants] [Religious chants] [Religious chants] Meneka, in just 5 minutes.. ..the Shani planet will
come under Sun at 90 degrees. After that they will
come under the earth. If at that time Sandeep comes in
this symbol then he will become safe. After that we will handle her ghost. – Call up Sandeep and ask where he is.
– Yes. Vaishu. I am telling you to come out. Come out. What did you think
that I will spare you. Because of you Vaishnavi will die.
Do you want to see? I will kill Vaishnavi in front of you.
Will you be able to save her? Leave her. Hey, what are you doing? Stop it. Please don’t do this. Leave her, please. If you want to ease out
Vaishnavi’s pain then come out. – Come out.
– No. Oh, God. Sandeep! Did something happened? I am in real pain. I am bleeding as well. Please save me. Vaishu, what is all this? Rather than seeing you
in so much pain I better die. Now you are right. Come out. Don’t look at me like that. Come out. – Are you coming out
or shall I kill her? – Wait. I am coming. Don’t do anything to her. You got scared on seeing
her bleed a little. Come, come quickly. Why are you torturing
my Vishnavi so much? – What kind of justice is this?
– This is my justice. What do you know about justice? I will not leave Vaishnavi like this. Your father killed me. He killed and threw me in the river. And now you have come here
to teach me what is just and unjust. I will stay in Vaishnavi’s body.. ..and take revenge
from your entire family. Then what about Vaishu? You are again talking about her. Not Vaishnavi but Mohini.
Come out now. – Come, come..
– Coming. Come out. Come. Come out quickly. – Mother.
– Sandeep, where are you? – In the church.
– And Mohini? She is standing in front
me and is waiting to kill me. Oh, God! Priest.. I am monk speaking.
Somehow leave from there. No priest, if I don’t
die then she will kill Vaishu. She cannot kill her. She is playing a game with you. She needs Vaishnavi’s body. If you have to save Vaishnavi then
you will have to reach Buddha Temple. She will follow you till
here and then I will handle. But how should I leave from here. It is impossible to cross
even 100 feet from here. There is one way out. At the back
of the church there is a waterfall. That waterfall touches
the wall of church and flows. When this water touches
the wall of the church.. ..then its power makes it holy water. That waterfall reaches
this Buddha temple. – Then Mohini?
– She will not enter that holy water. She will come through the jungle. Till that time you can reach here. Hey! Where are you going? Won’t you save Vaishnavi now? I have come to know that
you will never kill her. You need her body. [Religious chants] [Religious chants] [Religious chants] “She won’t spare you.” “The drums are playing.” “Now you will have to go.” “Listen, you have to leave this body.” “She won’t spare you.” “The drums are playing.” Now you will have to go. “Listen, you have to leave this body.” “Hail to Goddess.” “Hail to Goddess.” “Hail to Goddess.” “Hail to Goddess.” “She won’t spare you.” “The drums are playing.” “Now you will have to go.” “Listen, you have to leave this body.” [Religious chants] [Religious chants] [Religious chants] [Religious chants] “If you do not escape
whole heartedly..” “..then this ghost
will not spare you.” “Her power is immense
and if you do not understand..” “..then you will be cheated.” “She is too strong for
you that you cannot escape.” “You need blessings of Goddess.” “I am offering prayers
for you in temple.” “You will be victorious
in the battle.” “She is standing
on your head as death..” “..and you have to cheat death.” “She will not spare you
as she is hungry for your life.” “You have to save with
the blessings of Goddess.” “Hey Goddess, why should that
person be scared whom you protect.” [Religious chants] [Religious chants] [Religious chants] [Religious chants] “Hail to Goddess.” “Hail to Goddess.” “Hail to Goddess.” “Hail to Goddess.” “Hail to Goddess.” Sandeep, come quickly. “Hail to Goddess.” – Priest, save him.
– Calm down. – Calm down.
– Priest, do something. Sandeep. Priest, do something. – Priest, do something.
– Priest, just have a look. Otherwise my son will die. – Mohini..
– No, no.. – Dear, Mohini..
– Don’t go near him. Vaishnavi, leave my son. Now the time has come. Priest. Sandeep,
hurry up and come in this circle. Come on. Come fast. Come in this circle. – Sandeep, hurry up.
– Come on. Hurry up. – Hurry up and come.
– Come on. – Sandeep.
– Hurry up. Just remain there. That’s it. Do you think that you are saved? Just for 5 minutes. After this eclipse
even this circle cannot save you. I will kill you. No one can save you. – Vaishu..
– Vaishu.. – Vaishu..
– Vaishu.. – Vaishu..
– Vaishu.. – Vaishu..
– What has happened to her? – What happened, Vaishu?
– Come on, take her to the hospital. – Vaishu, get up.
– Take here to the hospital. Be careful. Let’s go. What happened, priest? For last 30 years I have
been offering prayers to goddess. Once the offering is complete the
face of Goddess should be peaceful. But it did not happen today. I think something
different will happen. You are offering
prayers to Goddess here. She is not a bad soul
that will get destroyed. That will not happen.
She is a very pious soul. That pious soul Mohini will not agree. If you have to convince her then
you will have to do human sacrifice. Will you be able to give? Will you be able
to make human sacrifice? Please save my Vaishu, doctor.
Please, doctor. – Let me try.
– Please doctor, please. Show me the report.
Change the prescription. – She is not reacting.
– What are you saying? I think she is dead. What the hell doctor. What happened to Vaishnavi? If heart stops working
then after using CPR system.. ..the heart can be
revived in 15 minutes. But this did not
happen with Vaishnavi. I had not thought that this
would happen with her, priest. What is this, entire mother? Sandeep, to save your
life Vaishnavi had to die. Mohini was not leaving this body. Priest had said that
he would save Vaishnavi. That is why I agreed to priest. – And convinced her parents as well.
– What nonsense? How can you be so selfish, mother? You did not even think once about her. What will happen to Vaishu, mother? Brother, it’s me. Is Vaishnavi fine? – I am feeling very scared.
– Sister, Vaishnavi is dead. We could not save her. She will never come back. Did I send her to London
to give her sacrifice? Did I offer prayers to you for this? Mohini should remain alive
in the form of Vaishnavi. So what if Mohini is not alive. Vaishnavi is also like my daughter. If Mohini wants a life then she
better kill me but leave my daughter. Will you be able
to give human sacrifice? Vaishnavi. Doctor! Doctor, please do something. Vaishnavi. – Vaishnavi.
– Vaishu. – Vaishnavi.
– Vaishu, you’re alright? Thank God! – Vaishnavi, are you alright?
– It’s a miracle. – Vaishnavi.
– Thank God! – Vaishnavi.
– Vaishu. Get up. Be careful. Tomorrow everyone finish
your home work like Neha. Otherwise no one will get chocolate.
Understood. Stop. We have reached. – Bye Archana.
– Yes. – Bye.
– Come, child. Come, dear. Neha. You are so sweet.
I feel like kissing you. Come dear. I feel like loving
you by touching your cheeks. Neha. Neha. No. Mohini.


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