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Hello, hello, this is The over analyst welcoming you to today’s vlog and.. n today we’re gonna see Trailersssss It’s in plural today We’d be watching trailer 1 n two teasers of MOM today n then we’ll tell you what we felt about it trust me some subtitles are coming after music This is a nice time to subscribe everytime is a nice time j.mp/subscribedoveranalyst I’m typing this for you. Please…(: Ya, so we got a ton of company…(all of a sudden) n people just wouldn’t shut up it is just amazing how much and how less
a trailer can choose to reveal to you about the story I can feel what you’re feeling Nobody knows what I am feeling Background: Whose turn is it? Who is to be extinguished? What were you people shouting? Call your mother Here! Came her mom but she’s not her actual daughter, right? She’s not her actual daughter seems like that yeah..because…. she may well be… Really? at
this point in time of the recording we have no idea about the story we are just guessing out of the trailer that we just saw no no no she did say that tell them that I’m NOT your daughter Ma’am Right She’s probably a student Probably…looks that age Because, that’s what happened in MAATR, right? She was her own daughter but after she died, she (Raveena Tandon) adopted the other one Ya possible, looks like more like a revenge drama done in a very mystic, thriller kind of a way N there’s Nawaz n Akshay in there n Nawazudding Siddiqui…omg.. That was on a whole new level..like that transformation like that character….that character seems so promising at the same time, like just the aesthetics were just out of the world If you ..if you heard his voice, I think…there was also change in his voice.. yeah? so yeah! You know, he puts his 100% in whatever 200% I’d say..Like this was so commendable Yeah, he seems like some kind of detective or something.. that was with Sridevi in some way Yeah, this is where you say that Kahaani wala vibe where there’s this guy who kills There’s this inspector who helps No, not the inspector….The..the..serial killer.. but doesn’t look like a serial killer, cuz that’s what real life is all about, right? Right N there’s Akshay Khanna here.. ya (trust me outdoors are bad, sorry about sound) He seemed like a cop Ya maybe Ya usually he plays those kind of characters but.. ya this one looked so promising and even if you look at every little angle, just that eye shot when she’s opening the eye and the backlight of the hair…the hair just the hair was all back lit and from there’s it was all so dreamy when they’re showing all the nostalgia in the previous shots… Beautiful… Like, even scene by scene I felt like it’s filmed very well. ya the bond between the mother and daughter before things go bad Also… Also, the cut scene when she’s looking… like that from behind like that is something new that I haven’t really seen very often Very good choice of scenes that they took for these trailers ya n Sridevi. We all know what a great actor she is ya die hard fan of Sridevi I think she’s an amazing woman, what an actor Like, obviously, after English Vinglish We’d be like what a come back again Ya, it’s been FOUR YEARS I think she did some south movies in between I have not seen that Ya, for us Hindi audience, it’s been four years since English Vinglish Ya but something really… Do you remember that scene where she’s in the car and her face..is like ya her face was kind of blackened. with something Hahaha, that was just so A. R .Rahman is playing in the cab we take for BETTER AUDIO So, you love A. R Rahman, right? Love him Who’s is better in India than him? We all love him And, A.R.Rahman, again in MOM again in MOM Waiting for the soundtrack, I’m sure that it will be amazing if you’ve seen my first vlog in
Starbucks you exactly know what D over analyst legacy is in Starbucks we try to get our name called as sunshine that’s the best thing in the world just such a positive vibe and you hope that the can’t screw up your name but oh no that really doesn’t happen with me This time we felt sure they called sunshine But Ya. Call this slowly, son Call this slowly son! Isn’t that why we pay you? This is the very reason we came to Starbucks only to hear sunshine We’re eagerly waiting. Please shout.. yell out loud and say SUNSHINEEE but… why….. Finally, they called Sanjay. And, we thought This is the little secret. I love something called brown sugar and when you run out of brown sugar these brown sugar leftovers always help you out Don’t tell anyone So, we thought this might be very similar to Maatr maybe the girl in similar situation and the mom actually going and taking the revenge So, Raveena Tandon actually takes revenge on her daughter and herself (they were raped) (Yes, damn you! This si when you yell STARBUCKS) on her & her daughter being raped n actually after that she murders everyone and gets away with murder high profile people? yeah politician and her son they get away with everything they couldn’t even get away with that in Rang De Basanti Ya, even Aamir Khan couldn’t get away with murder n they were all killed for that, So.. this one also looks like a thriller..so, what’re your thoughts…? You’ve been piling on that for long? No, just that, It’s a new director, I think. I have not seen his work before… as long as it’s a taught tight script & he handles the..twists & turns n mystery well..It should be a good movie to watch & with a strong lead performer like Sridevi n music from A.R.Rahman yeah, definitely would be a good watch I’m wondering why she’d that thing on
the face like when she’s in the car it seemed like a burn injury or… she probably went through some kind of
chasing the villain or something explosion happened. Maybe that’s why Maybe, because it doesn’t seem to be but still it gives you a lot of hints e that it’s very very layered right lot of layers over
there Ya, that should be interesting, with Nawazuddin & Akshay over there These days Nawaz has become the brand stamp like just Nawazuddin Siddiqui in a movie & you’ll be like anyways i’m gonna watch it just because of the class, league, substance oriented something and we will definitely watch it for Sridevi for that matter Four years, man…yeah Yeah! Like only yesterday we’re talking about DEAR MAYA and there’s no way you actually went for that n I’m like, I actually went for that PAID with my own money in a PVR in a multiplex, actually saw it and really liked it …these kind of female led cinema with story and substance, like you can obviously see they’re good, Dear Maya Piku, Kahaani, Kaani 2 was was not as amazing as Kahaani 1 Ya, Kahaani 1 was this did look very similar to 2, we don’t know whether she’s her daughter or not ya, yaa…..(is she or she not=Kahaani franchise) that was about child abuse n the messages that they’re bringing across without sounding to be very preachy Ya, that is the main thing for any movie to be good. Like you don’t the message hit on your head and like we’ll preach and stuff it with good message like yesterday we were reading up something online Good advertising is when you look at it and you don’t think it is advertising ya this goes like there are some notches fine like a very subtle way You don’t actually GET IT but you get it Ya, see, it also reminded me of amovie I’ve watched recently: PHOBIA with Radhika Apte which was also a mystery thriller horror elements were also there. It was a very strong female lead performance Ya, I’d seen the trailer. Ya…ya… these kind of movie like female lead and mystery & thriller… That one was a psychological thriller..right? Ya, it was…it was a very Ya but of course, this is different, this is There’s no horror thing in MOM definitely looks like a psychological thriller.. something or the other is going on n then you want to know what it is… It’s not as innocent & pure as English Vinglish was Ya, that was a really different genre..movie… that character… that character stays with you…like all these years.. that character stayed with you ya, n in that also, she did play a mom yeah but a more happy go lucky mom n this is more intense ya n I like the fact they’re writing such scripts n such characters for people…for women at this age also, where this is so interesting that this age group is also having adjusted these days in Indian cinema when you actually have a voice, a story that revolves around you you’re the lead despite your age and that is just a huge thing to respect ya.. when you see actresses like Meryl Streep in Hollywood She’s well above or I think she must be around Sridevi’s age but she
gets such strong characters to play even now. Bollywood is definitely taking inspiration from there…I think I don’t know if you actually watch the other people reacting white people reacting to Indian Cinema more often than not, they say that Indian Cinema is at a different level that you know American cinema is NOT and they don’t have female led movies at all n we’ve SO MANY female led movies with strong characters female led characters across the world are increasing but I’m pretty sure Hollywood has more female led That reminds me…there was this line… Is there sexism in comedy….? somebody asked n this man replies like,”What is wrong with you?” There is sexism in your coffee like Sexism is everywhere. How can you even ask looking forward to a very beautiful movie a lot of messages but with good storytelling Yes, Mom? (You definitely feel like calling your MOM after watching MOM) Love you mom


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