Momma Rose’s “Some People” | Gypsy | Great Performances on PBS

Nothing wonderful is going to happen to her or June or to you. Well maybe not to me but they’re gonna have a marvelous time. I’ll be damned if I’m gonna let them sit away their lives like I did, or like you did with only that calendar to tell you one day from the next. Or that plaque, from your rotten railroad company to say congratulations for 50 years you’ve done the same dull thing every dull day. That plague is a great tribute, it’s solid gold! How much could you get for it? Rose, if you… What use is it just sitting up there? It belongs there, like you belong home! No, anybody who stays home is dead! If I die it won’t be from sittin.’ It’ll be from fighting to get up and get out. Some people can get a thrill Knitting sweaters and sitting still That’s ok for some people Who don’t know they’re alive Some people can thrive and bloom Living life in a living room That’s perfect for some people of 105 But I at least gotta try When I think of all the sites That I gotta see And all the places I gotta play All the things that I gotta be at Come on, papa, what do you say Some people can be content Playing bingo and paying rent. That’s peachy for some people For some hum-drum people to be But some people ain’t me I had a dream A wonderful dream, papa All about June in the Orpheum circuit Gimme a chance and I know I can work it I had a dream Just as real as can be, papa There I was in Mr. Orpheum’s office And he was saying to me Rose Get yourselves some new orchestrations New routines and red velvet curtains Get a feathered hat for the baby photographs in front of the theatre Get an agent and in jig time you’ll be being booked in the big time Oh, what a dream A wonderful dream, papa need is a TA box that’s what he said And all that I need is eighty-eight bucks papa You ain’t getting 88 cents from me, Rose! Well, then I’ll get it someplace else But I’ll get it And get my kids out!


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