Morning Glory (Free Full Movie) Drama Romance | Christopher Reeve

When you have a local paper back in looking You know yeah, yes, ma’am. Good could I sit down here a minute? We bring it? Can I get you some coffee? I’m not sure cup of coffee cups pan sense just need some French Thank you What can I do for you? I was looking for the den for place you found Excuse me ma’am. I come about the ad I Wanted husband yeah. I’m gonna play it Figured you were there’s three of us now folks figured they work place needs work You still interested? Reckon so and take off your head I can see you one time You use a haircut Yes, ma’am. I’m Eleanor Danes Laura, Mrs., Glendon Dingy Real Park We’ve been around here long dang the house Stay and half where feedmill hit male working for highly obermeyer He’s no good You’re better off working for me. You know, Mr.. Park. I had that ad going for over three weeks now and You’re the first one fool enough to come up that hill Down a whitney they call me crazy. Did you feel that no man? That’s why you ain’t run yet? maybe Maybe you should do the running man. What’s that? I’d done time in prison Well, they put you in there for I better take that hat off so I can see what kind of man. I’m talking to you They say I killed somebody Did you yes ma’am? Did you have a good reason? I thought so it’s time Well, Mr.. Parker. Are you planning on doing that to me? I know man The park are you think sorry Right now, but you’re throwing up this is a big apple like What green apples I? Had duh green apples for lunch. Well man should have more sense than my it Well sense didn’t come into an itemized hungry. You didn’t have no supper thing Come on in the house And I’ll fix yourself this hairs gone away. Thank you Vinnie. How did all the way? Stand by the door all day, Mr.. Partners. Oh man The park itself ain’t much, but I appreciate you take your hat off when you’re in it, okay? Love their baby dumb Yes, which wish this was gonna be more close to Christmas go sonic? Where’s your daddy for? you I Buried him out there. Oh We got a strange way is not saying things Mr.. Pires outlet Well, I thought maybe uh maybe their daddy went off Cementum had been doing that since depression I Would be looking for no husband then would I? Recognize fighting this nibble run off, and I asked you Little dreams you want here anyways how long you been there? Don’t you worry nan the baby’s head I didn’t mean that of course you did. I watched your eyes when you come up here And dance and say string you kill them b. You honey lady about Smith’s car How come you’re not afraid of me? Maybe I’m not so sure doesn’t don’t always have to wet show are you? what I said, I was Gonna walk back down that road when I come Want to do that. No man. I thought I recognized you Want to stay out there with all them down there they get on crazy for you Hello See what I’m doing seems crazy to me than the dean I Haven’t seen you need help get this place kids You like it I? Don’t know I’ve been around him two months. Just be sure Mr.. Parker save a lot it can be troublesome I won’t have you laying a hand on the knee understand Linden’s boys ain’t not what it wrapped up. I may have another word all there. He’s got to be say it I Love my husband. I would be looking for another side to you Winters come Thanks, I’m outside Having three babies under five years old don’t get me wrong I Don’t want any more no more I’m looking for to grab that in the full plate It’s good enough myself in the morning So now I’m gonna get Shakedown ball, Debbie rowe that I wanna wash up some what let happy How long’s events you have more mana, Mr.. Parker five years? In prison for five years this man She’ll think a man who’s been rough with him. I needed push yourself You no longer in Prison Mr.. Parker said the street from taking me so far calm Down So will you make a man harder in Chinese arithmetic, you know? Why he like it right now? ah You know I can drive to think about you Need your day to turn down what I mean Is when I’m like painful know them aisling Conical bank Foo-foo bag you vote. I saw when the hardware store landed last time when ice is my sister Junie? You know I got you that fridge Barrett. I got you the filth. Oh, I turned your car into a bath, and I’m serious Thank you Do some fancy fast teleme about where all that extra money Creases. Oh you won’t find me electric fan. I’m gonna find me somebody simply Slip it to you so see what you ain’t gon find a bigger fool than me this soon, I Don’t know please handsome Stranger come into the cafe it Looks real enough to me Paul guy worried. Yeah, we’re not big. Oh Cowboy hat come on Harley overmyer fired him today his name’s parker. He just done five years over in Huntsville penitentiary for killing a whore Over lagrange ticking yes, he did what he wanted He went on up to Crazy alley didn’t most place about that energy run How then would you know that? Yes, Mandalay, and I told him Everything’s more huh? Yeah Advertisement for a husband key west what he said after they locked up in that house over here. She crazy, you know Not that it’s not such a good idea to stand. I’m sure wouldn’t blame you come on What you said before same goes for you too, miss but watch up in this pile of Junk here right over here clear tyson oh I’m sorry about that, okay Not much. I’m sorry. It’s fine He ain’t got much for muscles. Do you know antha? Got those up there didn’t I just barely? There you go Okay, silly Walking this barnard since long before you’ll not saying it. God. Hey What else my own anyways and the boots here you go I? could your sales Careful run away, you milk the goat there No, milk the cow oh you have a cow herbert herbert Over there’s man That’s right now You jump that there hey? That’s the way Watch out for that mud there done away Hello, baby ty wait. Oh Look at that Rex every one of us women love letting all fun bugs Daddy before him I robbed it Sure can baby wants a baby thomas Take your pain come on, babe Thomas One of Lenders Daddy well, it’s not too bad my God No, ma’am Never Marry no man Reckon you’ll show yourself in the wet britches. No, I’ll drive in what oh oh Trained yet I Like you said ma’am. Never win anyways Um I probably wash up hands for you, and it gets you there blended or rolls for you wearing to your address I appreciate that ma’am I’ve decided to stay if you want me to Thank you and uh as far as Miriam goes you know well We can put that off to your to your comfortable If it’s never well, that’s that’s fine. I’ll stay in the barn How’s that? you Go there Artemis is more Hi, my name is good. Lo Reese. Goodlow. I don’t know if you remember me my older brother went to school with your mama I know You uh you have a man called parker here. Yes, I’d like to talk to them and around the band clearing we This is more uh I don’t want to step your business none I Don’t know whether you know this boy has police record If you try and family he’s been in prison. I know you do yeah Well, I just want to make sure that you knew Okay We hit man Parker Wheel parker Reese Goodlow Sheriff How long you been in Witney parker? About a month so long ain’t you want bro. Yes, sir? Why haven’t you been in to visit me? Have to give me a job Still supposed to report you I’ll be there does Mrs.. Densmore know that you killed a whore. You know some Well, let me tell you what I know parker. I know that your best friend put you in Jail, I Am not your best friend So why don’t you just move on down the road? I’m not harming anybody As far as I’m concerned you’re in violation parole already I Came all the way out here just to put you on notice Now I got a nice town here parker with nice people in it Worst thing happens hardly overmyer gets himself drunk and gets into a fight Catch my drift so you best watch your backside boy and Don’t you make me come out here get you again? Because if I have to I’m gonna put you away for good next time you hear me Yes, sir Okay, boy What do you want? Oh he just Man knows those bees your husband if you have a you know a hat and things to tend away Somewhere you think you can find them for me I? Don’t want you messing with they’ll be Well, I’m not gonna mess with him till I I know what I’m doing this there’s a lot of no Well has the body get rich real fast making honey When I’m a branch Shall not to be a start for man I am branch broke so today I’m Walking into town this afternoon. I’m gonna report to the sheriff to then report but I’m on oh You want to go to? Hell go to hell. I could take those eggs. We got got a cell important so much I relax Do you have a car? Oh man? I’d like to get one Named will parker Well address Honeymoon I Need some proof of identification to verify your residency. Well, I don’t have anything there nothing Well, Mr.. Parker. I’m sure you understand. I cannot simply learn books anyone who walks in here unless I can be assured their residence does If you wish to read you may sit over there at the Miss PJ I’m studying bees to be totally rock music. Not backing them guys. We’ll wait drink Continue around where you can keep you son, sir, Mr.. Dinsmore place Crazy alain bad reputation Mr.. Waters, he’ll need somebody to show you round up captain Excuse me man. I got a lot of eggs me excelling a better seat. Oh well If you’re interested I work most days at Vickery’s here I Was wondering ham it is I’m working as a hired hand now this Glendon Densmore She has to come in here. Tell you that I’m working for don’t get enough to give me a library card. She won’t come in Welcome in she’s a recluse has been since she was a child however if she could provide proof of employment in Writing I Think that would be sufficient to verify your residences I’ll ask This bozo Alby’s them oh What she’s been here? She’s 6 months pregnant for the third time? is ma’am We just want me with you. That’s shirt blue By the way, ma’am She does an x here that like to sell You have any ideas record track? Well, I could use a dozen it myself Yes, ma’am Visible squirrel remember discos and on this and I know your tree. Where you been warming warm and dry say They climbed up there just for all time say what do you think you saw there? Okay, cool. Yeah That’s right. That’s right with another acorns well, never had to run up and down that tree again Hey there short stuff think I long huh yeah, well someone takes that hMM. Are you I? Did really good the perfect at-home store took a whole lot? except for one dozen, and I sold those miss Beazley got a Dollar 20 Mr.. Peasley sends her regards – She did Others pretty glass I might help a school. Yeah, it’s nice in there right smell good, too Hey Donald wait what you think I got in here, huh? Do we see what’s in here? look Here you go Let’s break it in half Okay, give half your brother – hey. Thank you down away. There you go. Hey soccer. You’re welcome Preciate you think it isn’t Mr.. Parker Oh money, my own – still I got to do something Thank you Well, you’re welcome Haley You know I was thinking we could take the cream in the punch arse and try and sell that to You fixing to turn into one of those men who loves money, Mr.. Parker? No, ma’am. I just I don’t think we should lose an opportunity to make it You need what I rub myself down with myth get the smell of cow off Where’s herb it got to do with Vinny’s haitian smell and makes a man, but you could have been stunned I can’t believe it He didn’t take the smokies you didn’t take the gloves I wanted you to get them doing don’t try to blame me for your own stupidity well partner. That’s a imposing Do I don’t know you’re gonna get bad at that. I am not mad Somebody ain’t bad, you’re making a hell of a mess out of Em man Just calm down a minute. All right will you listen to me? But I’m not him I’m not Glendon. I’m a top of careful man. I’m not going to get hurt, but there’s bees out there There’s all kinds of honey, and I want to take it to the market and sell it I Don’t care I do You know cuz there’s some things I’d like to do around here like put in more electricity, what about the vase? How you gonna pay for a doctor he has no doctors? Yeah? What did I help you in the time come yeah? Well, all you have to do listen to what I tell you all you do What are you wait a minute? Wait a minute? You’re scared aren’t you hey damn right? I’m scared Don’t make any sense you got a doctor down the whitney who can do it Hey going down there has got no use for me, and I got no use for you. That’s crazy crazy I didn’t mean it like that. No. I mean it’s it’s risky. What if something happened to to come right out? No trouble at all Midwife God damn it Maybe you collect your facts Wait, wait a minute eller. I don’t have to do it along I didn’t hire on to deliver babies Linden did it twice yeah? That’s different. He’s your husband It’s okay with me if we got married now. Well you’re good with the boys, and they like you a lot I don’t really travel late to all That what you want, I guess you want to well Don’t you think there ought to be some feeling for people or or something? I lock you bond. Well don’t you like me? Yeah Yeah, I like the time Then we ought to do right Can I ask you something? I asked where nicely get the cold out here The only place in my house is for Glynn enslaved yeah, I Flicked a lot on I know oh That’s okay It’s never completely dark and present native Yeah, okay Well, I don’t Exactly know how palpable person goes about getting married. Oh, we can do it at the courthouse on Calhoun We can get the license right there, too Okay well You want you want to go tomorrow? I’ll be fine What time better start early early? Yes ma’am? you Okay Clumsy Murmur, what’s your wedding mama? Where will will Mayor get married what’s marit? Marit is A You know how you come in listening at night? Well, you won’t be able to work this little going to be sleeping there with tea is um There’s many times come back here Julie be clean when it thunders Martin But it’s under tonight Where’d you check your side on the field? It’s one of the old junk cooks for like five or six of them. I just kind of put them all together If anything you can’t do will Looks cheap, don’t you sit up at my wedding ring. Let me pay for you and We can get down to poor health. I know one should be better for you You color need to be so proud three strange wedding day too bad Mornin Water like okay. Oh, you’re all fun. Oh Eric rad you oh my God, you know You make up place. That’s uh Really six I gotta go milk Herbert keeping the bus Morning, Miss Beazley Morning when I surprised she walk all the way out here from town. Yes I have never owned an automobile look one in the house Ellie be real surprised to see feeling Well see that, Mr.. Den is wearing war game. She needs a parker now. Oh Man, we got married up to Calhoun yesterday. Oh Ellie look who came out to surprise you? Halima haven’t you grown up? seriously last time I saw him you were picked a And these are your son? Yes, ma’am. What is this done? Wait? Have you do done lately? and this is baby, Thomas five boys and another on the way Aren’t you lucky MrS. Park? Or once I’m in some office phones. Thank you kindly. I can understand minute I hate to be the bearer of bad news But Levander sprague who’s been my custodian for 26 years clocked at night before last big hearted That’s fine, man. He lived a long and Fruitful life However, I am now without custodian the job pays $25 a week Would you like it Mr.. Barker? Well? That’s a mighty fine offer ma’am six not to eat well you Couldn’t be no your decision later. Can I give you a ride back to town? Oh, thank you appreciate the thought However, I got out here myself. I’ll get home myself where I call on you tomorrow That’d be nice best wishes Ellie Congratulations Danny Make it well. I can tell you you have to you don’t want me to Come on. You don’t want me hanging around the town my feelings for town of mine Got no, right to keep you from Laughing you got me schooling again. Thanks plastic man House Creepy Alley Mama You know why they call this crazy today? The Guardian granddaddy walks her and her mama house and this baby because she’s bastard roll the Shades down and didn’t let her out just In case so you ask you better chill man like you Makes real I like that sometimes you know what maybe you are like nice too, but would you want to being pregnant alone? Looking from both of those clothes and sleep You’re flashing sure I getting some heat on you I don’t you come around? What the fake talker? James, please remove your finger from your nose my attention has to be Smith the laughter Under the do it does it simple children enjoy your books? One is really on Mr.. Parker Ross metheny I lived apart that’s my hat brenda this week, so clear Hey, you ma’am about that job How’d you write project fifty and you can start tomorrow night? Thank you, Miss basically If the parents dislike each other at the time the child is born something of that disposition will transmit itself to their offspring I Thought you reading about electricity. Oh, yeah, wealthy life how to bear and concede healthy children Should be realistic think natural life anyone squatting the wasn’t bit all along Can I touch it I? never touched a pregnant woman before It was hard. I thought I was gonna be solved I’ve gotta be hard to protect her She’s not gonna be a girl You’re just pregnant Honey, I love honey if you want to fix me some Networking stuff right back to Huntsville parker I’ve kind of kicked his ass from one end of town to the other Why didn’t you well? I just let the dog have this bone that way you’ll leave us be have nothing, but trouble Laughter thank God no, no that’s not so he’ll every time I go into town. I’ll learn something new Yeah, what? Hey, I got to tell you something I know that your momma never was married And I know that your grandpa kept seeing your mama locked up in that house in town and all the rest of it And I know how you feel I know how you feel about the town But look all that that town is is people there ain’t nothing there in this bigger new arts. Just it’s just people Yeah Okay, pan at you like you’re allowed to take People whispering louder so you can hear them saying crazy how he talks to the birds and lose my house the shape Family all those folks are dead. God Make his meal on the hard parcel Raised his hands to the sea on Shake it dream father go back in his head I Lie down per gift God oh, oh squeeze, Raj Walter hands who time Chuckles turned why’d she stop rocking high born something a child say peek behind think Ma I Wonder what it was I had done wrong Wrong Fanny no, they’re all dead and gone never Gonna hurt you again a long time pregnant with plants by No, dog with no words. I wish this baby’s mine I’m not you and whatever’s in it at Love Park oh What ah what is it ellen? Hey? What do you do go down to the barn? And get a couple of minutes that stress What for Mr.. Chair in the water and feel the Boiler and the Teakettle oh? God, L. Is it time oh, please? What he comes from come from inside your mother. He’s all curled up in there like a little butterfly in a cocoon Got a name for her down away and comune I Was thinking about lizzy, what do you think about? What is it listen? Oh? Just plain out lizzy Elizabeth Elizabeth Parker Parker you delivered her didn’t you? And is there some critical thing my first? Thanks for sure We interrupt this program with an emergency announcement at dawn this morning. Japanese bombers attacked the u.s. Naval base at Pearl Harbor in Honolulu repeat Japanese bombers have attacked Pearl harbor While a bird ain’t hardly in the ball Barney-Boy How’s it hanging North? Elroy what happened to your face? Oh? Baxter damn Angle we know you these boys can’t pull no trigger and pull nothing else native Me with the same personal pocket le I’m thinking How’d you do if honest join up to the service? Don’t I have anything to say that I know no? check out there now I Got the volunteer how could they take a brand-new bottom with two others? No, I don’t you promise me something, huh? that you’re going to town and you get the boys out you got to go le Donal why it’s Gonna be six next year you start in school. I can teach down a late one. Just listen to me now They gotta get out gotta take them to the library I can teach you want to do smarter than you and me don’t you? Alright you take them in you get them used to town and to people and survive Because that’s what life’s about Ellie That’s rebelling Are you saying like you’re better than anything down there? You’re bright. Yeah, real Bright Bear boys. I Don’t want you to ever forget what I’m telling you now no matter what happened You good this is Yeah, that’s a lot better Matt, what do they want I? Don’t know we’re gonna find out I reckon Morning this partner mornin. You know a woman by the name of little peek. I know who she is yeah, you see her last night Did you see her last night? No? She didn’t come in the library? But when it comes in the library when I’m nerds after hours she never came in the library after hours Well, maybe a couple times she did When I don’t know maybe month ago you invite her no, but what was she doing there, then I? Think you can probably guess her So you admit I knew it. She’s after yeah, I knew it She’s after she did get it am I being accused of something here cuz if I am I got a right to know That woman’s putting the charge on me. It’s all a damn lie. All I did is shove her out the back door when? when last night But you just said yeah, well I didn’t want to get into she come in there after closing you invite her No, I damn well didn’t she just come catting around like usual, but what happened she kissed me And I pushed her out the back door engine. Tell me man. I know I didn’t mean nothing Did you have sexual intercourse with little peek? No what the hell is this about Lulla peake was murdered last night? Her body was found on the back steps the library oh my God This your bandana Well, you did a stretch in Huntsville for manslaughter, didn’t you you know I’ve done that’s for murdering a prostitute in the whorehouse William Parker’s my duty to inform you that you’re under arrest for the murder of Lulu pink Yeah, oh, you know I didn’t do nothing Ellie hey ho You know that? Go with your mother donald with oh this marker let her take you let her take this item let him talk with mother Just a boy inside, Miss Parker. Oh, we can that please wait, please Now what he needs is a lawyer yesterday Garlan Extent crazy That’s the beautiful girl. Oh What? Kept their batteries still looking out house and arrested will I’d know my omission Smith a lawyer Was the only attorney I know whom I check the case is way over and Calhoun I can drive me to whitney I could drive us to cow long drive Are you still stamping books so would with a lever I am? appreciative and are you still shooting turkeys over unread bone grip a long Time Daddies oh yeah – Robert I have brought you a client mostly in need of your services I would consider it a personal favor if you’d help or more precisely her husband This is for you Is the most delicious honey? Thank you and there’s more where that came from What smell good pork and chickens and eggs the duration of the war? without a narration and coupons To go along with whatever money you need to clear with night Miss parker as for my fee we’ll get to that later after I decide whether or not I can take your keys We’re gonna let you in here What you wanted? Did you tell me about a way? She came to the law fair now if you ask them to subscribe to me You ought to know about what I do. What kind of man. I am Get out of here. I think you seeing here What nance yeah? Yeah, like did I killed a bitch You can’t forgive me. I sure as hell. Don’t need your kind of life just like my best friend just like So he’s going to marry this whore He’s a crazy battery We went in there one night or she worked he fucked up a couple hours and yes to remarried And she just laughed in his face He went while grab for her And another she pulled this little gun that finger with a whiskey bottle She just never got up my stomach has never arrested since Yes, so my friend got scared He decided to testify against me except of He’s gonna marry her to take a light in the whorehouse I’d spoil all it for to Reba Laden and I did five years for saving his life and All you had to hear is just one word from that share and you think I was guilty So in your eyes Ellie into what it did to me. We can look at me like that like I am a human Don’t really care what you think anymore? You know my good man But I’ll leave you to go home and wonder about it. Just like I’ve been lying here and wondering about you Your grandpa used to keep it. So neat small Savvy my morning bar 2,300 2,300 Melissa Top listing Bride considered to work could it be necessary to Make this place livable again Sell it Mr.. Brock parker Your lawyers here my lawyer Your wife and planets beasley came to see me and have a talk with you names Bob Collins Will partner so will Paco? You kill little peek a lot. Yes, sir all rise The Gordon County Court is now in session honorable all buki murdoch presiding. Oh be seated later, Georgia Courts William Parker Lissa Jenna, it would slocum you begin your opening statement I promise through Indisputable evidence to show the Jury Beyond the Glimmer of a doubt That will parker Cold-Bloodedly and with malice aforethought murdered Lula peek I Asked him to come into town and report to me in accordance with the terms of his parole What was he on parole for sure objection my? Past record has no bearing on this trial overruled answer the question jared for second-degree murder of a prostitute in Lagrange, Texas When you apprehended, Mr.. Parker did he admit to you that he had been with Lulla peak the night she was murdered at first He denied it, but I caught him in a lie Well, what was he trying to hide? I don’t know conjunction sustained and The cause of Death was strangulation. Is that right doctor. Yes, sir Not to mow bridges County medical examiner. Can you describe for us miss peaks condition at the time of her death? Those people found was Facedown in a prone position in the alley by the back door of the library she was holding a blue handkerchief and I am Dr.. Mobridge She is less than handkerchief. Yes. I believe it is your honor. I would very much like to evidence into the evidence doctor Mobridge were there any signs of a violent struggle Was miss peak marked in any way there were individual bruises on the neck caused by the fingers of human hands probably a man’s When you conducted your autopsy on Lulla Peak what else did you find that the decease was two months pregnant? Thank you doctor. You’re with Dr.. Baldrige is There any way in God’s creations. Determine who may have sired a two month old fetus No, sir, so in fact it could have been any man jack in this carnac right? Yes, sir. That’s correct No further questions, please The court your honor. I’d like to reserve the right to continue my cross-examination of this witness later, so noting Optimal resume step down This is beasley Miss Beasley I beg your pardon miss Beasley will parker was under your employ at the whitney public library was he not Yes, he was And was he working on the night of February the 9th when Nuala Peak was murdered Yes Isn’t it true Miss beasley that Mr.. Parker and miss peak met several times in the library over several months Well, Mr.. Parker was there and she would come in. Did they speak? Yes, did you ever hear their conversations no? would you characterize their meetings as Friendly oh Mr.. Parker is a polite man. Miss beasley when was the last time you saw Lula peak Well, what did the night of the murder? Yes, and where was that where did you see her I passed her on the sidewalk, and when was that miss Reece me when I was leaving the library Thank you, Miss B. Think you’re with is Beasley Didn’t will parker in fact? reject the Advances of lunar people Objection the Witness is already testified that she never heard what was said sustained Didn’t you find her relentless Flirtation a nuisance objects sustained? No further questions Your honor. I have one last question. I would like to ask miss pisa with the permission of Defense counsel you may That’s basically Did you ever see will parker with a hankerchief like this well? It’s a very common sort of hankerchief, please miss beasley answer the question yes or no Yes, and did you see it on his person the day Lula peake was murdered Well, I’m not sure you’re not sure Miss beasley Or you don’t want to say objection? Prosecution has attempted to intimidate the witness Sustained your honor. I have no further questions Yes, Lee, no Like they have wannabe source point up real nice There’s such fine boys and doesn’t it all I know you do It’s best you stay with me Mrs., Miriam Doj’s I’m a nurse and receptionist to Dr.. Kendall. This is gaultier You just heard Dr.. Kendall testified that on February 1st He diagnosed Lula peak pregnant now were you working at the doctor’s office that day. Yes? I was and did you talk with Lula peep yes? I did she’s gaultier. What was the Gist of that conversation. I asked miss peek for her address for billiton purposes I see and did she give it to you. No, so she didn’t or not Because she advised me to send the bail to that jailhouse son of a bitch over in whitney order that jailhouse son-of-A-Bitch over in Whitley Thank you very much, Mr.. Guilty. I have no further questions your honor What these peaks be liver pee this goofy know what because I didn’t know where to send it Mr.. Butcher you must step down. There’s gold here Your honor the prosecution rested its this time Mr.. Collins The defense calls they will not partner to the state Mr.. In Abundance, raise your back You swear to tell the truth the whole truth and nothing, but the truth so help you God I do How long have you no one will talk about Lenny? He walked onto my place 10 months ago how long you been learning to three months Have you been happy yes? Yes, I have Khandhas man I’ve ever met He’s a good father good husband when he came home the night of February 9th Did you notice anything unusual about his behavior no? He was worried son at all what? Well, he was worried if if he joined the service I wouldn’t bring the kids to town for school Why would you worry about that? Everybody knows I don’t come to town, but it comes to town for will father Yes, what? Can I bother? When you came home tonight if every night, did you notice any bruises on his body no? Any sign of a struggle or fight with a woman no scratches on his face, and he lipstick all his clothes did you? Smell a dance tour possible no, sir you did What will you do it just before? Sheriff Goodwill came to arrest him on the porch cutting his hair So until the sheriff came you were happily ensconced in the wonder of harmonious domesticity Yet you were your witness This is Park You say your husband was a good husband. Yes? What was the nature of your conjugal relations with him objection overruled? That’s the question huntable one may be happy This is Parker. How many other men have you known that intimately? Huh, your first husband. Yes When I start really saying a lot the only man you’ve ever known other than will parker Was Glendon Dinsmore the ice delivery man? Glendon Denver was a good man and a good fog will parker’s the best man. I’ve ever known I Say did you make will Pakka happy oh? A man whose tastes run to one women in Hordes you made this man happy Mr.. Bokka Isn’t it true that you were pregnant for the first two months of your marriage too well parker with the child of your first husband Yes, and did you have relations with him during that time? Now well wasn’t he frustrated by this objection drawing conclusions overruled? it was Mrs. Parker Under the circumstances might into man seek another avenue to find comfort for his conjugal needs He nah But he didn’t how can we be sure? How can we be sure will parker and even consummated his marriage with you at all I mean a man Who’s only accustomed to the taste of ladies of the night living on a farm? With a woman pregnant with another man’s baby, and you tell us you made him happy How do we know this union was consummated? How do we know you even slept in the same damn bed with will parker? Because I’m Karen child order You sure Char’s I’m setting here. How do you tell this to the sheriff? Sheriff get masks good in that oh, then Well gentlemen been real helpful. Thank you Don’t join that honey now, right? This would be creepy. You’ve been retired now how many years 15 years? Let’s get kind of boring sitting around for 15 years doing nothing doing nothing Why sonny I’ll have you know me and my brother organized those civilian patrol and we’re out there Erinite enforcing the curfew and watching out for Japanese planes a queen at weight sure oh Dance Council will instruct his witness to direct advance to the court not for the gallery. Yes, your honor The Norris let’s talk if we may about your very important job Ever see lulu coming and going within a minute Yes, that’s a good one. Ain’t that your ass Mr.. McCready never seen Lulu peak coming and going With will parker or seen her try when she didn’t have no madrid packages objects water stain In your patrolling through the past several weeks and months ever notice anything particular going on around Lulu Peace peace We’re not recent Last fall I seen a car park regular behind our house Did you know whose car it was we’re not for certain man only seen the front end Can you tell us what kind of car would afford for can you describe its color? Look black to me. Did you see the license plate? Well, they not PS-Aguié. It was dark Well come now Mr.. Macreedy if you could make out the ford insignia surely you could read the license plate. I think it was PV6 Hey something Ramm Did you see that car parked at Lula Peaks house the night? She was murdered no Thank you, Mr.. Grew up One other thing Mr.. Critic On the night of the murder did you notice anything unusual going on near Lulu peak stressful in town Selectman? No kinks. They are dead. Oh, I guessed it Just one, Mr.. Griffin Just elroy and Holly hot off main Street down in a case of beer But I can’t say that’s unusual No questions You may step down? Your honor the fish we call the sheriff reached. Good mode instead Good low what kind of car. Do you drive forward on summer didn’t collect. It’d be a Ford Is it black is it license number PV6 something or other? Well everybody in town knows the license plate is PV6 something another how many people I? Have talked to here and whitney who may have seen you eda or me lula peeks house sometime another many, I? Submit that Lula Peak wanted you to pay for her examination when she was pregnant I Submit that when she told nurse gocha to send the bill over to that jailhouse Son-of-A-Bitchin witness she wasn’t referring to will parker the Ex-convict She was referring to the keeper of Jailhouse You are they tell house son of a bitch researcher? hula Peak Was heaven your child wasn’t you? Vic’s place ur That’s what she said But I didn’t kill her no I don’t believe you do No more than I believe that will pocket it No, further questions your honor. Miss slope no questions. You must dip down sheriff Your honor, Dr.. Mobridge is still on the holes can he respond with questions way since the witness may answer I? Come over it you testified earlier that this was caused by a strangulation made by a man’s hands. Yes, sir How many finger bruises were there on the neck of Buddha Peak? How many thing a bruise well I? Would have to check my records on that of course, but could there have been nine fingers where Possible there could have been nine. Yes, or no I object your honor the defense is attempting to lead the witness I withdraw the question your honor An asset elroy move it they called the stand I Didn’t do it. It wouldn’t leave. We was drunk Should she be flying out into the library all mean and all and we just want to add some fun winters you started to fight us, but it wasn’t Mr.. Parker you all released this case is dismissed oh She didn’t tell me Prefix congratulations are in order She did it wrong. I Just a partner the two of you were once fired from the mill by Holly overmyer Oh yeah, come to your prison right? Yes, Victoria. Let’s figure out what? About the killer says it’s Parker’s that long day miss Collins. I don’t know how to thank you probably. Thank you live She’s the one around after witnesses and see if you’re high in the cleanup Congratulations Sally Sally I’ve been a horse advance we go I love you Say when this baby’s born between the doctor this time late maybe not you you


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