Morrowind Modathon 2019 – Tel Chendzel Showcase

Greetings and welcome to, well, you guessed it, yet another 2019 Modathon video! We’re getting pretty close to being done with these, but there is still a few more to go, and in the meantime today we have Tel Chendzel by brothers Walker and Bradford Horton. And as always, links are down below, so, you know, let’s just go ahead and get started here. And Tel Chendzel, much like the other Horton mods, is a player house mod adding a new mixed Telvanni and Dwemer tower to the south-east of Sadrith Mora, on a, you know, small island in the Azura’s Coast Region. And on the exterior, you’ll find a ground-level entrance, including a dock where you can park a boat. And on the upper tiers of the tower here, you’ll find some outdoor balconies, as well as a observatory tower. And much like other Telvanni towers, you know, there is a bit of verticality here. But going on inside, at first, Tel Chendzel is just a lot like other Telvanni towers, with a traditional Telvanni foyer, with a perhaps just slightly less traditional Dwemer statue, and a set of stairs that lead straight up through the Telvanni root system to the rest of the house here, with a scattering of small chambers to the side, including some storage with crates and the like, as well as one or two small alcoves with a table that you can, you know, just use for displaying items. And connected to these Telvanni corridors is a central Dwemer shaft that, you know, provides the main means of going from floor to floor, and yes levitation is, you know, required here. And just above the foyer, you’ll come across the main display hall, which includes bookshelves, a handful of tables and containers, as well as a small armory nook with a stove and anvil, and an alchemy lab, with a desk and a set of basic alchemical equipment for you to use here, but nothing particularly just overly powerful. A little further up and you’ll find the master bedroom, which is done in a traditional Telvanni style, a simple bed with a set of drawers and really not much else. The Telvanni do seem to just, you know, like their small bedrooms, so it’s pretty typical of what, you know, you’d expect to find in a wizard’s tower really. And going up just a bit more, you’ll find the main access to the upper outdoor balconies, as well as access to the observatory. And as you can see here, the observatory, besides including a telescope, also comes with a fair bit of space to just show off your items in, including another table, a desk, and a set of bookshelves, and really the whole place is just pretty sparsely decorated, giving you plenty of room to decorate to your own particular style. Having said that though, the tower does come with a lot of just cozy furnishings with plenty of tapestries, rugs, and atmospheric lighting to just make you feel a bit at home here, even with the otherwise just sparse decorations. But anyway, just moving on, there are just a couple of flavor text documents here, such as the occasional note and book left by the former owner, who apparently just disappeared without warning, and these just, you know, provide a bit of a background to the tower here. And one of the more, just rather unique features I’d like to highlight here, is the fact that the tower does actually come with a working telescope. During the night-time hours, you can activate the telescope and just look out upon the night sky here, seeing the stars and moons in just all their beautiful glory. Though this isn’t actually a real-time look at the night sky, it’s actually just a pre-recorded video, including a bit of just atmospheric music in the background, but it’s just, you know, a really cool and unique feature just none the less here. And finally, there’s just one last thing I wanted to note here, and that’s the dungeon, which comes equipped with some storage and space to just, you know, show off your stuff in. but it’s also just inhabited by some rather less than friendly flame atronachs, so you know, you may need to do a bit of fighting here. But anyway, Tel Chendzel is a fairly simple, but unique Telvanni-style player home, ideal for wizard-type characters, and it comes fully equipped with a fair bit of storage and you know, plenty of space to show off your stuff in, not to mention the alchemy lab and dungeon. So if you’re looking for a new home in the Azura’s Coast Region, you might want to just check this one out. And in any event, that’s it for today’s video, so you know, thanks for watching, and I’ll just see you all next time!


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