mama mo mabaho pakamtay na But the People do poor cut Wood with it is made to touch pear Sierra valued only aprendiz person to my house Men thinking cabinets into marry route. Oh, but okay. I have. I have the house in La Sirena Parcel hi Welcome hello. Who are you? Hello, my name is Elena Atty. I’m from Republic of Sahai kutia. It’s a northern East in Russia Okay, why did you audition for the show? I want to share my culture with all the world. Okay? Well, I’m not going to ask you what you’re gonna do a little bit. Good luck Hi welcome to America’s Got Talent. Yeah, there you go. There you go. I love your attitude. Are you gonna win? Yes Yes You’re gonna do it Yeah, I’m exciting. I’m live in the area, but I’m okay. I’m ready. All right, I like it. What’s your name? My name is Abel Murillo Abel. What are you gonna do for us tonight? I build and I play my own Homemade instruments Oh blow it away Abell look, I don’t wanna I don’t wanna I don’t want to be too mean here But what are you doing with your life? If I Do this for phobia? I don’t know what good this is doing you I admire the fact that you were trying to think out of the box, but the box exploded Heidi what did you think available? I think it is great for Hobby. Thank you, but not for the stage. Okay and Mel B What did you think it was too? Bizarre? Wowie. I liked every instrument except the first one I think you’re using the first one as a crutch Alright Mel no ID. Thank you Massachusetts, I’m 52 years old can be hard to remember and I’m an actuary what? A lot of spreadsheets during the day programming all stuff that uses that Mathieu part of my brain Performing in front of judges is definitely new to me. I played at weddings with friendly audiences these days I have a four year old which takes up a lot of my time So I don’t practice as much as I used to but I still like to practice as often as I can Well speaking as a statistician I have about a 1 in 50,000 chance of Going all the way but I think my act is unique and I think my chances might be a little bit better than that Hello hello, so who are you my name is John Bernhardt nice to meet you John? What do you do for a living? My day job is as an actuary Like an accountant. We’re the folks who didn’t have the personality to be an accountant Said while you’re working What’s really going on in your head is is that I want to be doing this full-time? Yeah, it would be a great dream Yeah, I best of luck. I hope it goes well, thank you Wow, well, I’ve just got to say there’s something fantastically nuts and weird about each other Crazy in the middle. It was like, you know, you stand up for every nerd who’s ever wanted to be a rockstar Howie just a joy in your face while you’re playing he’s so magnetic that I couldn’t take my eyes off of you As long and you butchered it you don’t understand I done Okay, so when you first died it was awful but then something changed And I thought I’ve never seen this before I wanted to take back my x, thank you You can take it back This is an important decision we got to make down Let me start with how it now saved with the same kind of electrical magnetism that he gave us Yes Thank You Heidi sorry, I’m gonna give you a no I didn’t like it Mel I’m gonna give you a yes Look part of me Thought it was one of the worst things I’ve ever seen heard in my life And the other half of me was so desperate to see what you would do next so Okay …….. 3 yeses Do this We’ll describe today waiting stop rock on Hello there, how are you? I’m doing well and what’s your name? My name is William William close and what do you do for a living William III? Create instruments musical instruments. So you create them and then you play them exactly and Tonight. I’ve actually brought one of my earth harps with me. Mm-hmm, which is this instrument right back here Goes from there And where does it keep on going to so the strings go from the bridge on the stage and go up and attach? It exactly so the theatre is the instrument tonight. I need a little clarification Just just before you go on when you say you make a living from this what type of living and we talking about exactly Cuz I’m smelling like a hippie kind of thing here. We’re like you’re living on $10 a month What do you mean by a living be honest? well, you know, I’ve done a lot of teaching so I’ll actually go into schools and I’ll Teach kids how to build instruments you’re saying they’re teaching this in the schools, huh, you know No wonder China’s beating us Proud of them The one thing about house show is is that we get to see these gems because there’s no other stage for them But ours, thank you Thank you You know that’s what I love about the show is actually it’s a place where really Interesting and fantastic things can be presented. I was telling Howard backstage we want something that we haven’t seen I was mesmerized by what you did and I think it Brother I Am giving up. Hope I Spent a lot of time watching a lot of Knicks You walked out here. You look like a hippie I said if this guy was my son, I’d sit him down and say listen. You better get a real job and Then you walked over to this thing. It is totally original This is why I’m here you walk out here you turn this whole theater into an instrument. That’s Originality and you know what? I made my career on originality Once in though She was sober I’m Sarah Hopkins. I’m 53 and I live in Brisbane under the watchful eye of her highly regarded conductor father Sarah also took to music at a young age I Started playing the violin when I was 7 and then I changed to the cello when I was 9 so I really born into music And over the past 30 years this professional Musa has travelled the world Sharing her unique gift. Well, they’ve been many career highlights Touring all throughout Southeast Asia as a cultural ambassador for the Australian Government performing my own original music Although I’ve been performing worldwide I know it can go much much bigger People have been coming out to me and saying what you do is so amazing. You should go on Australia’s Got Talent So here I am Welcome. Thank you. Hi, what’s your name? Sarah Hopkins Sarah Hopkins. And what do you do? I’m a musician trained as a classical cellist and I compose music for choirs and orchestras and Yeah perform all around the world anything else. I’ve invented musical instruments that sound like a choir of angels Where is that thing? Well, here it is That’s not an instrument is that’s houses from your bill Thank you, thank you so you’re a musician and a part-time pool cleaner I’m getting confused here what Well, it sounds very magical. So you ready? Okay. Yeah, we’re ready. Thank you Oh, here we go Change the face change the bags How did you discovered it were you chasing the kids in the backyard? Well, I’ll get you your flamin tip and they are the Angels Because that’s amazing It’s amazing I think it’s beautiful. I really do. I think you can take that to the next level so I’m gonna say yes Thank you, I think for me Sarah I think what you’ve done is incredible, I think you’re Musically very very talented, but I don’t think it’s interesting enough that it should go through So as an act I’m gonna have to say no Sarah That was so Australia’s Got Talent, I’m gonna say yes So sarah has proved there’s a place for all kinds of talent here You want to momen they thought was amazing. We’d love to see you again Congratulations. Well done. We’ll see you next time. Okay. Thank you. No matter what. You act your age


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