Motherland: Fort Salem (Freeform) Trailer HD – Witches in Military drama series

Witches, you are called to greatness. All of you will serve as soldiers of the United States Army. Fort Salem is a witches’ place. Soldier couldn’t ask for better sisters. Make me proud. Do you have any idea what’s on the line here? Every attack is worse than the last. You have no idea how powerful you are. Master your feelings. The people we were sworn to protect don’t trust us. Do not touch me. It’s witches that are committing these attacks. Sixteen hundred people are dead today. The Spree have claimed responsibility. We are The Spree. The Spree. The Spree. I came to do some good. We have to do something. They aren’t ready. Madam President, I must— Enough. Something’s here. Get away from the car. This should be your blood. I would follow you anywhere. We are storm. We are fury. We cannot fail.


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