Motichoor Chaknachoor | Official Trailer | Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Athiya Shetty | 15th November

He’s 36-years-old. How long is he going to remain a bachelor? Find me someone ugly, fat, or even bald. But I want a girl, that’s it. “The news will spread throughout
the neighbourhood.” You first. No, you… I insist, you first. “Change the world of virgins as well.” I meant starting the conversation. Ohh… I will get married, wait and watch. So what if I don’t go to America,
London, or Paris. Nepal, Sri Lanka, or Bhutan will do. Son, will you take your wife abroad
after the wedding? He’s never taken his parents abroad. Then why come here? Have you heard the story about the dog… …who lost his share of bread
in the greed to get more. What are you trying to say? Am I dog? No. You’re a bitch, baby. Show some attitude. Let people know you’ve returned
from Dubai. Pushpinder Tyagi. So you are Pushpinder Tyagi. My son has no dearth of proposals. Women are queuing up after him. Where’s the queue? Do what it takes but send me abroad. Then entice him. Aunty… He looks like he’s heading
for old age pension. “She looks normal to you…” “…but she’s fire.” I like you. Even I…am in love for the first time. What? You’re already in love. “She looks normal to you…” “…but she’s fire.” “Don’t tease her…” “…because she’s waiting to explode.” Did anything happen after the wedding? No aunty. Do anything you like, except for that. First, tell him to take you to Dubai. What are you teaching her, mother? I cannot do this when there’s no love. I cannot do it. Close your eyes
and think about Burj Khalifa. You’ll get the feeling. “She looks crazy…” “…the girl looks mad.” “She looks crazy…” “…the girl looks mad.” She’s so lucky for Pushpinder,
that he got a job soon after the wedding. But didn’t Pushpunder already
have a job in Dubai? He was kicked out long ago. “She looks crazy…” “…the girl looks mad.” Finally, I found a girl… …and you’re trying to drive her away…


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