Mouse Reviews #4 | Shakespeare Special

Hello, it is Tuesday which means on Quiet
as Mouse, reviews! I figured I would do Shakespeare special this week, I have watched a lot of
Shakespeare related things recently, more than usual, so I thought I’d talk about a few of them. The first thing I’m going to talk about is Julius Caesar, which I saw at the Globe
last week which I mentioned in my video on Friday. Julius Caesar as a play isn’t the most complicated, the plot is
relatively simple, there aren’t too many subplots, and there are a lot of rousing speeches and quotes that you will
recognize which gives you something to grasp onto. It had a great cast including
George Irving as Julius Caesar and Tom McKay as Brutus. And there were a nice amount of Globe regulars as well which is always fun. I think the production did a really good
job of making the audience feel like a crowd. I really enjoyed this production, the time flew by, I think it may be my favourite of the season so far, it was a good production of a good play and I enjoyed it. I’ll give it a 4.2.
Sticking with the Globe but moving on to DVDs, I bought The Tempest DVD at the
Globe on Thursday, which is their production from last year. It has Roger Allam, Colin Morgan Jessie Buckley, James Garnon. I saw it two or
three times at the Globe last year and I really
enjoyed it, it was a great show to see live, it’s very entertaining. It loses a little bit of that on screen but
it’s good for people who couldn’t see the show when it
was on or who just want to relive the show. I enjoyed this production, I
think the cast’s great, there are very funny scenes in The Tempest, there are also quite a few ‘characters talking for a
while about things that happened in the past,’ which can slow the pace down
a little bit, but overall I think this is a very entertaining production, I’m glad I saw it live and i’m glad I am
able to see it again. I’ll give the DVD version I guess
a 3.8, but it’d go up a few points for the live production. Let’s go on to Joss Whedon’s film
version of Much Ado About Nothing. When I heard that Joss Whedon was going to do Much
Ado About Nothing I was pretty ecstatic. I have been a big fan for
many many years, he’s one of myidols, and the combination of him and Shakespeare
was too much for me to bear. I saw it in the cinema and now I have it on DVD and I’m very happy
about those two things. Not only is it a shiny new production of Much
Ado About Nothing for me to enjoy, but it also features many actors I know and love, from Buffy and Angel and Dollhouse and Firefly and Avengers. As a production of Much Ado About
Nothing I really enjoyed it, the cast is great, it works really well in just one house.
Much Ado About Nothing isn’t one of my favourite Shakespeare plays, but it is one of the ones
I see most often because it has a lot of fantastic productions, and this is
another one of those. I’ll give it a 4.4. So as I said I see
quite a lot of adaptations of Much Ado About Nothing, and finally
today I’m going to talk about a new one which I’ve seen recently,
which is the webseries Nothing Much To Do. A Tumblr user called ‘angieapplepie ‘actually
recommend this to me, I think I’ve got the name right, so I looked it up and I really enjoyed
it. It’s set in a New Zealand High School, it has 41 episodes so far on a few
different channels, and I have been really impressed with it. The
cast especially is pretty fantastic, very natural. One of the things I really rate about this web series is how it shows the plot through different angles. You have Beatrice and Benedick doing vlogs on two separate channels, you also have the Watch Projects channel,
which has videos by Ursula and you can also see from the eyes of the watch. The
way they’ve updated things is pretty clever, the script is good, and it’s funny. I recommend it and I
shall link to the Nothing Much To Do channel, and I shall also link to the playlist
of the story so far. I’m looking forward to seeing where they go with it. I’ll give it a
4.0. That’s it for reviews today, let me know what you think about any of the things I’ve talked about if
you have also seen them. See you tomorrow.

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