Mouse Reviews #51 | Heathers: The Musical (The Other Palace)

Hello, it’s Reviewsday Tuesday, and today
I’m going to be reviewing Heathers: the Musical Which is currently on at The Other Palace
in London. It’s a rock musical with music, lyrics and
book by Laurence O’Keeffe and Kevin Murphy And it’s based on the 1988 film starring Winona
Ryder and Christian Slater. It’s been performed in the US before, most
notably Off-Broadway, with Barrett Wilbert Weed. The soundtrack to that production is on Amazon
Prime so you can listen to it if you wish to. And it’s now on in London, as I said, currently
at The Other Palace where it is until August, And last week it was announced that it’s going
to the West End afterwards so that’s pretty cool And it’ll be on at the Theatre Royal Haymarket
from September to November. So if you’re able to get to London and you
fancy seeing this musical, that’s where to go. I’ve known of the show for about a year or
so, I would say. I learnt of it through the soundtrack on Amazon
Prime. I listen to the soundtrack quite a lot. It’s one of the soundtracks that I use to
get me into the mood for composing. I have a few that I go to when I want to be
inspired or I’m having writer’s block or something And that’s one of them, so I have listened
to the soundtrack extensively. And I know the plot from researching it so
that I would better understand the music. It was never a show that I thought I’d actually
have the opportunity to see So it didn’t occur to me that I should try
to avoid spoilers or anything. I just wanted to better understand the music,
so I learnt the entire story of the musical. But when it was announced that the show was
coming to the UK I of course decided that I was definitely going to be going to see
that. And I’m also a fan of Carrie Hope Fletcher
as well, I’ve seen her in a few things, and She is starring in Heathers So there was no way that I wasn’t going to
try and get tickets to this. And I hadn’t heard of the film, to be honest,
before I discovered the soundtrack. And I watched it for the first time last night,
because after I got tickets to see the show I decided that I would wait before watching
the film. Anyway, that’s enough about my relationship
with Heathers in general. This review, like most of my reviews, isn’t
going to be spoilery. So I’m just going to give a very vague, brief,
and probably terrible synopsis of the musical. It’s set in Westerberg High School in the
1980s. It follows Veronica Sawyer, who is played
by Fletcher, Who is frustrated with the cliquey nature
of high school And she uses her talents as a forger to join
a group called The Heathers, They’re a group of popular girls in the school
whose names are all Heather. She also meets the new boy, JD, full name,
Jason Dean. She falls for him, and things take a turn
for the murderous. I really enjoyed this show. As I said before, it was a show that I never
expected to be able to see So it was just good from that perspective. And although I knew the show, and the story,
and the music pretty well before, It was really good and interesting to see
it staged And also to see the differences between this
production and the others that I knew of. I’d never been to The Other Palace before,
which is at Victoria And I really loved that theatre, I’d recommend
it. It’s a very, very small stage and auditorium. And the show had a great audience, which really
added to the experience. A combination of Heathers fans and
Carrie Hope Fletcher fans. It was a really great atmosphere, and it really
added to the show And is another reason why I’d recommend seeing
it live if you can. I’m going to talk a little bit about the cast. Firstly Carrie Hope Fletcher as Veronica. I really liked her interpretation of the character. She was strong but also naive. She was a bit nerdy as well, and awkward,
which I liked. Her voice really suited the role, I thought. I would say that the ‘wow’ moments in her
songs were in different places to in the soundtrack. Barrett Wilbert Weed has an amazing range,
right? And a lot of the ‘wow’ moments from listening
to the soundtrack is just from the notes that she can hit. As I say, there are ‘wow’ moments in other
places in Carrie’s performance and in Carrie’s voice. If you’re going to see the show to hear a
carbon copy of the soundtrack recording Then you’ll probably be disappointed. I don’t know, I really enjoyed her interpretation
of the character and the songs. We had Jamie Muscato as JD. He had a really great voice. One of those voices that you feel very safe
with. Like, you know he’s going to hit all of the
notes. I liked how soon it was alluded to that there
was something a bit off with JD, Something a bit odd, or dangerous. And I also liked how it seemed like the audience
were aware of it before Veronica. Jenny O’Leary as Martha was great. She had one major number in the second half
and she killed it completely. And Rebecca Lock as Mrs Sawyer among others
was also great. She had excellent comic timing. She was one of the best comic actors in the
show, I think. Onto the Heathers, Sophie Isaacs played Heather
McNamara. Heather McNamara ended up being probably one
of my favourite characters Which surprised me slightly because she isn’t
one of the ones that I honed in on With the soundtrack and knowledge of the plot. She was a great dancer, she was also very
funny, she was another one with great comic timing. T’Shan Williams played Heather Duke and I
think Heather Duke has my favourite arc in the show. She has one of the new numbers which has been
added in this production And she was so great. It was a really great addition to the musical,
I think, this song. Looking back, the previous productions seem
uneven now without it. I really loved T’Shan Williams’ voice. And then we have Jodie Steele as Heather Chandler. Again, I really liked her interpretation of
the character. She was very funny, and also surprisingly,
I guess the word is goofy, as well. Especially in The Me Inside of Me, I found
her very endearing. And the ensemble as well were fantastic. There were a lot of distinctive performances
and characters. There were no real background characters,
they were all recognisable. As I say, there were a couple of new numbers. The song Blue on the soundtrack has been replaced And I’m pretty glad it’s been replaced, to
be honest. It trivialises things which shouldn’t really
be trivialised. And I think the new song, You’re Welcome,
gives a better message. There are a lot of important topics covered
in Heathers: The Musical. Suicide, depression, abusive relationships. The show more or less stays on the right side
of being offensive. There are a few little cringey moments. But there is value in tackling these subjects
in the way that Heathers does. I really enjoyed the staging and how they
used the small space available to them. There were a lot of small details which I
really loved in this production. I enjoyed the transition between Freeze Your Brain and Big Fun a lot. I loved all the slow-mo action in Fight for
Me. I loved how funny Carrie Hope Fletcher was
at the start of The Me Inside of Me. And also just so many other things. It really makes a show, I think, the little
things that you notice happening on stage. It really makes you want to see the show again, as well, to see what you may have missed the first time around. That’s annoying because I’ve just seen Heathers
and now all I want to do is go and see it again. I will give Heathers: The Musical at The Other
Palace 4.2 out of 5.0, I think. I really enjoyed the show, I’d recommend it. I’m very happy that I had the chance to get
tickets to see it. I’d be very interested to see how it transfers to the Theatre Royal Haymarket and what changes are made. And there hasn’t been a press night yet So essentially this whole Other Palace run
has been kind of an extended preview period With the opportunity to change things, I guess,
and experiment. So I’d be very interested to know if it does
change at all when it moves to the West End And does have a press night. I guess we’ll see, I’m excited. Anyway, those are my thoughts on Heathers:
The Musical. I hope they weren’t too rambly. I’d be very interested to know what you think
about the show if you have seen it And also, you know, the original film as well. That’s it for today, let’s move across to
the end screen. If you’d like to see some more reviews from
me or my latest video Then you can do so below me here And you can also subscribe to my channel or
visit my website, if you should wish to, beside me here. I hope you have a fantastic day and I will
see you later on in the week!


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