Movie Theater Advertising Out of Control

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welcome to the show hope everybody had a good thanksgiving i know on thanksgiving
day lewis i want to election with the movies at night and i saw the new james bond movie but
it was good dot the last twenty minutes for
discounted generic action movie type of thing decide to write i did not hear it
but very good acting you know i thought it was as well put together one of the
better james bond movies and instantly you know it’s insane note for the last
it’s probably than eighteen months maybe even couple years since i’ve been to the
local commercial cineplex style movie theater
i’ve been going to other movie theaters in the area lately taken aback at the amount of advertising
previews and all sorts of nonsense that was going on the movie was supposed to
start at seven fifteen so figuring it would be kinda busy we
got there around seven sat down now there’s already whitney ad just
commercials playing with allowed audio okay so you can even chat with the
people here with because even though it’s fifteen minutes before the preview
starters already really loud commercials playing ride for t_v_ shows products all
sorts of stuff okay finally at like seven seventeen the lights go down slightly and now you
have your pre preview previews in commercials that are of course i after
that the loud t_v_ commercials before any of the lights are going down so that
there’s ads for like the movie theater chain itself for various products that
are endorsed urkel marketed with the movie chains on and so forth right three
different skits about turning your cell phone off of course branded heavily with
the movie theatre so finally member seven fifty in the movie starts okay by seven twenty five were finally ready
for the previous to begin admitted despite this twenty minutes of
previous literally seven forty five is on the actual movie started set for
seven fifteen and if you got there just ten or fifteen minutes early eve at this
point you’ve sat through forty five minutes of advertising it’s incredible that this is what’s camp
is considered normal at this point yup i i’m you know i’d remember even login names like fifteen years ago yeah uh… there were no advertisements
before moving to reduce the previous right and then we started seeing that
big coca-cola and send them the silent just atleast it would be just like us
still image an image of a right uh… and a lot of just have to do with
the food they sell in the movie theatre right and it’s it’s completely spiral out of
control needless to say i hope it’s another eighteen months before i have to
go back to that movie theater negative or the local movie theaters instead yeah i mean anytime i i get the
opportunity i go to the smaller local ones bridger


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