Movie Theater Brawl!? The Fight For Independence Day – True Fear Ep 6

Last time on True Fear, I showed you the ghost
hand in our photo. Seriously, look right here, it’s actually
there! So if you haven’t seen that episode and want
to hear more about that… pop on over there. But on today’s episode, it’s Independence
​Day here in America, the land of the… Americans. And if you’re part of the 32.1% of my audience
that is not from USA, then perhaps you’ve heard of the 1996 blockbuster starring Will
Smith. If you haven’t, I highly recommend that you
give that one a watch, but I can’t say the same for the sequel that came out 20 years
later. In fact, the only entertaining part of that
moviegoing experience was what went down in the theater that evening. So being fans of the original, Claude Gnome
and I made plans to go see this new Independence Day movie. It wasn’t like right when the movie came out
or anything and I think we saw it late on a weekday, so there were some people in the
theater, but it wasn’t packed. There was also some remodeling going on in
that theater at the time, so I think that also helped keep the crowds down a bit. At this particular cinema, they have big recliners,
so it’s not super high capacity anyways. We were in the second row from the back, basically
in the middle of the screen. There were some couples scattered around in
front of us, a family who was in our row all the way to the left, one guy in the row behind
us in the right corner, and a group of people who were also in that back row over in the
left corner. The movie starts and about five or ten minutes
in, the man sitting by himself in the back-right starts talking on the phone. I don’t remember what he was talking about,
but the only reason I didn’t say something right away was that there wasn’t anything
interesting going on in the movie, this guy was just slightly more entertaining than what
was happening on the screen. I also figured that he’d be off the phone
soon, before we got to any worthwhile scenes, so I just kind of tuned it out for a while. Let’s just say that I’m glad that I did. A couple minutes later, the guy is STILL blabbering,
and that’s when I’ve decided that enough is enough. I’m going to get up and call this guy out
and tell him, “hey, shut up, we’re trying to watch the movie.” Then literally as I turn to go confront this
guy, I hear someone from across the theater yell out at him. The first thing the phone guy does is make
his way across the row over to the people who yelled at him. My first impression was that they actually
knew each other, like they were supposed to meet there or something and the phone guy
was going over there to say hi. And then even when they started yelling at
each other, I was just thinking that it was the type of thing where they were buddies
and they were just giving each other a hard time. What happened next was what started to make
me get worried. First, the yelling escalates, and then the
guys start pushing each other around. Then the woman from the family in front of
them gets up and starts hollering at them, telling them to “knock it off” and “stop
that right now”. This causes the group that was fighting in
the back to start getting into with her and her husband. At this point the commotion is completely
drowning out the movie. I think we probably would have fared fine
in a brawl, but the scary part was when I turned and saw one of the couples in front
of us quickly get up and speed out of the theater, because this made me think that they
had some reason to be afraid, despite being pretty far away from where the fight was taking
place. The first thing that came to my head is that
they were trying to escape because someone up there had a gun, and after what took place
in Colorado in 2012, and after the increasing amount of shootings taking place in this country
since that incident, the idea of something happening here was actually pretty scary. These people seemed like pretty shady characters
as well, and if someone is dumb enough to start a fight in a movie theater, who knows
if they are also stupid enough to carry a weapon into one. And I think part of what started to make that
possibility scary as the situation continued to escalate is the way that they were acting,
which was clearly outside of the social normal, and the way they were dressed, which was,
without a more eloquent way of explaining: they were lookin’ pretty thug. And I’m not saying that everyone who follows
those fashion trends is a dangerous criminal or anything. I think that makes about as much sense as
when people see me always wearing black and assume that means I’m sad or something. But in the end I think it’s just something
that contributed to us feeling nervous about the situation. And Claude Gnome would later tell me that
he felt the way about it. However, we paid like 14 bucks to get into
that movie, and that’s before you even factor in the cost of parking, so we were gonna stick
that one out no matter how bad the movie was, no matter how obnoxious the other audience
members were, no matter how beaten and bruised we were at risk of becoming by entering this
brawl, and no matter how likely it was that we would be shot and killed before this movie
let out, so we stood our ground. So eventually the lady who was yelling at
them to stop… and hold on, can we pause for a second? Why is it that whenever you see videos of
a fight, or just some kind of commotion in general that there always some annoying lady
yelling out about how wrong this is? How disgusted she is? How we all just need to stop and think of
the children? It just seems like that lady is always there. Ok… Time in. So the lady takes her family and storms out
the cinema. I’m not sure if she threatened to report them
to all to the management or something, as I couldn’t really make out all that was being
said, but this is what kind of triggered them to start moving the fight towards the exits,
and they ended up duking it out down the aisle until eventually one of them made a run for
it across the width of the theater and out of our auditorium, so that was kind of a relief,
but at the same time it was the end of that evening’s entertainment… Or so we thought… You would probably expect that after being
in an incident like that, the hoodlums would book it, and get out of there before the police
showed up. I’m not exactly sure how long had passed before
the three who started the confrontation come marching back into the theater. Not long after that, the original phone guy
comes back in and stands at the exit, just staring into the auditorium. That’s where I was thinking, “This is it. This is where he comes back with his 48-caliber
and shoots us all down.” He even had his hand in his pocket, and of
course he was blocking the only exits. So then he comes after the people who he had
gotten into it with and they start going at it some more! I don’t really have any idea what was said
that made this fight so personal that they still had beef after things had pretty much
already cooled down, and after discussing it later, neither of us were able to fully
understand the situation. Eventually, after a few more people had fled
the room, they chased the guy out of there again and followed him out into the lobby. I wish I could have seen what happened out
there, but I also didn’t want to make it obvious that I was watching, and risk getting myself
involved in it. So we were left with just a couple of other
moviegoers by the time this had all died down. We can only assume that someone who had left
has reported the incident at some point. What was surprising to me is that nobody ever
came back into the theater, except for one employee who came with a flashlight and collected
something that was left behind. The three goons who had called out​ the
guy on his phone had left their jackets, so I guess they had the employee guy go collect
them before they they left or got kicked out. Nobody was questioned about the incident and
as far as I know, the police never showed up. We were not offered a refund, but I’m not
sure if the same held true for the people who left, and possibly complained. I was most surprised that the one family who
was sitting down the row from us never returned, because it seemed like they would just go
get the management and come back. They also left all of their snacks and stuff
behind, some of which were unopened. It made me think that something might have
happened to one of them out there, or they honestly got really scared and just fled the
entire place and never looked back. We enjoyed their unopened snacks at the end
as a consolation prize for having sat through that movie, but we never found out the whole
story of exactly what happened that made the situation so violent. The scariest thing to me, looking back on
it, is that it easily could have been me who ended up in the fight, had those other people
not spoken before I did. The other thing that was kind of haunting
was not knowing what took place outside the auditorium, or why none of those other people
ever returned… Surprisingly enough, this wasn’t the only
scary occurrence that I’ve experienced inside of a cinema, so join me next time on True
Fear, when I tell the story of what happened when I went to go see Stephen King’s most
underappreciated movie, 1408. Remember to subscribe to CZsWorld, for new
horrors every week, punch that deathbell for notifications and I’ll see you in the next
one. Assuming we both survive.


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