Movie Trailers by Lele Pons

Okay, I’m going to the party. Don’t call me, I’m gonna block you, okay? I don’t exist. Don’t run you can get hurt! *phone ringing* Where’s ma’ sister? YOU WILL NEVER FIND YOUR SISTER! HAHAHA *heavy breathing* HEELP! hello!? RUUN! *mumbles* I will come fo’ you.. I will find you… And I will kiiill you. Let me seeeeee you! Just sha’ up and tell me where my sista’ is. I am your’ sista’. GAAH! I got you some flowers, baby! *mumbles/what the fuck is he saying* HEY, SKEDADDLE! Eh, nah, that was just someone. *sad/depressing music* *Lele crying* *more sad/depressing music* Oh my God!? HEEY BABYY! HII! *sort of cheerful music* *intriguing music* HE CAN’T GIVE YOU WHAT I CAN, GIVE YOU!! YOU CAN’T SEPARATE US!! *mumbles* *still mumbling* I–i had her firrrst!! *mysterious –>sad music* HEY HEY HEY HEY HEY *pretending to cry* AAALRIGHT BABY, I’LL SEE YOU TONIGHT! …because our parents left us, when we were born… Big brotha’ got you this. *chewing gum* *mumbles* *DUN DUN DUN* SHE DOESN’T LIKE THA’. *singing* *creepy doll music* *door shuts* I’M NA’ CRAZY!! Y-YEAH YA’ CRAZY. *water splash* *creepy music* AAH *more creepy music* *Lele screaming, heart pounding* AAAHH!! aaaaaAAAAAAAA *creepy toy jukebox music* YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND, THERE’S SOMETHING WRONG WITH MY DOLL!! *more creepy toy jukebox music* JUST LEAVE US ALONE!! AAAH!! UH! AAAHHH!! *more creepy jukebox music* *outro music*


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