Mr. Hall & Miss Geist | We did our best | Clueless (1995) Movie Clip | eng. subs

Look, there’s Mr. Hall. Mr. Hall! Mr. Hall! Um, do you drink coffee? Not from this cafeteria. But yes, under normal circumstances. Well, I am such a retard. When I was packing Daddy’s lunch this morning I gave him my lemon Snapple and I took his sucky Italian roast. Do you want it? You sure you don’t want it? Tscha! It might stop my growth and I wanna be 5’10 like Cindy Crawford. But I thought you or Miss Geist
might like it. Maybe you could share it. Well… thanks. Sure. – Miss Geist! – Hi girls. Did you sign up
for the environmental fair? Oh, yeah. We will. You have pretty eyes. Don’t hide them. These clips are so cute. And this tiny little waist. Look. Wow. Girls.. Oh, don’t forget to sign up
for the environmental fair. Not a total Betty,
but a vast improvement. Well, we did our best. We got to book to P.E.


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