MSM Musical Theatre Program

If I had to tell a student why to consider the program at the Manhattan School of Music, I have three things to tell them. Number One: James Gandre, the president, has created a conservatory musical theater program within the conservatory. Number Two: You’re in New York. So, you study music theater, and then, any night you want, you can go to Broadway and see the best people in the world work their
craft. Do what you want to do, and you can watch and get the idea. You get what I
call the New York’s-ism. Number Three: what I think is the most important, Luis
Perez is the chair of the music theatre department. He has a legacy of performing on Broadway, in premieres, in the best shows there are, and now, he has a legacy of teaching. I went to like a regional kind of audition
where there’s a bunch of schools there, and Manhattan School of Music was one of the schools there, and I didn’t even know that it existed, like I was like—Manhattan School of Music—what is that? That was when I met Luis Perez for the very first time.
I had no idea about the program. Just talking to this man—like he was
so personable and like-able, and I immediately like wanted to listen to everything he
said, and everything he said like made so much sense to me. He has gathered around him—every single
faculty member has been on Broadway, in the business, or is on Broadway now, so
you are taught by people who can tell you how to do it, who can tell you what
it feels like to do it, who really belong in the profession. So, when you get to
work with with an arranger, you get to work with David Loud, one of the
greatest arrangers in the world. You get to work with Victoria Clark. You get to
work with Randy Graff. You get to work with people who are on Broadway, have
been on Broadway as stars, so you are prepared to be a star. So, those three things, I think, are the ultimate
reasons that you should look at this kind of program.

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