“Much Ado About Nothing” Opening Night Red Carpet

We’re here at The Old Globe Theatre in
sunny San Diego for the production of “Much Ado About Nothing” written by none
other than William Shakespeare and directed tonight by Kathleen Marshall
let’s check out some of the excitement. “Much Ado About Nothing” was about love
and life and Shakespeare and a gorgeous production. The play is just so wonderful
and if you let yourself kind of fall into it it sort of carries you through
and it’s wonderful to share it with the audience at the Globe. Kathleen
Marshall here is directed the cast it’s a romp it’s a lovely show couldn’t be a
nicer way to spend a summer evening. Seeing Kathleen Marshall just do her thing you
know it was just a magical to see it all come together. She knew what she wanted
she was very sweet and she just knew what you wanted and she got it out of us.
The wordplay is great and these folks Beatrice and
Benedick that basically take us on this ride are fabulous, they’re fabulous. It’s a great
date night guys are gonna like it ladies gonna like it. It’s romantic, dangerous, sexy, it’s
a roller coaster so what more could you ask for. On a nice summer night what a
great opportunity to see people fall in love after hearts broken and then have it
all work out together in the end. It is literally the greatest production of
“Much Ado About Nothing” ever mounted in any continent. There’s nothing more
magical than Shakespeare under the stars on a beautiful summer night this is
amazing top-notch work from everybody involved a
beautiful story will make you fall in love so come on out. Come out and see “Much Ado About Nothing”

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