Much Ado About Thrones

Hello. Yesterday I was at the Globe to see Much Ado About Nothing. Three Mousepoints
to you if you guessed that I was at the Globe. Much Ado About Nothing isn’t my favourite Shakespeare play, I know a lot of people love it. I don’t hate it or anything, it’s just not my favourite comedy. But the production was really good, and I think it was my favourite
production of that play I’ve seen. Benedick picked on me, I’ve never been picked on at the Globe before which is actually quite amazing. He said I was fair. Also I was hit by
an orange but that’s less unusual. The first time I went to the Globe I was hit
by a bale of hay. It was a fun time. It was a fun show and if you have a chance to see it while it is out and about then do. It was a hoot and a
half. So I’ve talked about Shakespeare’s Globe,
which as we know is very unusual, I never talk about Shakespeare’s Globe. The other thing that I never talk about at all is Game of Thrones. Excellent segue Mouse. I’m super excited at the moment because we managed to get tickets to the Game of Thrones exhibit in Belfast, it is in Belfast from 11th to 15th June. It sold out, I’m feeling quite lucky. I
think this is my new record for the farthest I’ve traveled for a specific event. But it is done now and I’m looking
forward to going to Belfast, I love Belfast, I’m
hoping to do some filming over there as well, it will be fun. That’s pretty much my news for this week. What is the furthest that you have travelled for a specific event? I went to Cardiff once to see the John
Orchestra playing songs from the MGM musicals, and Seth MacFarlane was performing with them, so obviously I had to see that. That was my record before. It’s really sunny today, it’s very hot. When I say very hot, I mean it’s about 20
degrees Celsius. But I hope you have a nice weekend,
wherever you are, whatever you are doing, and whatever the weather may be. See you tomorrow.

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