Munda Faridkotia | Official Trailer | Roshan Prince, Sharan Kaur, Navpreet Banga | 14th June

This is Faridkot. Even fans here don’t survive
if they make too much noise. And pray, who are you? You can praise me if you want,
I don’t mind. Who are you? Tell her. Munda Faridkotia. “I might have a stick
and a shawl across my shoulders.” “But don’t you misunderstand me.” “Even the lawyers fear me,
when I have a hearing.” I affectionately address mummy as ma. It’s a check. There’s your check. Stop twisting your beard,
this boy is out of hands now. You never win a chit fund
you put your hand in. So how can your son
get out of your hands? – You?
– You are no fun. You have fun when you see others fight. I didn’t have fun with that either today. It was no good. Yesterday it was great fun. “Don’t assume that I am
someone ordinary like Ranjha.” “I am a stud from Faridkot.” Last week you feet me a sick goat. I even fed you a sick calf last week. – Did you face any after effects?
– None. “Don’t assume that I am
someone ordinary like Ranjha.” “I am a stud from Faridkot.” ‘God fulfils everyone’s wishes.’ ‘But you should be careful
about what you wish for.’ ‘He wished for Faridkot,
but forgot to mention the country.’ Cat’s caught your tongue? It’s not right to be so arrogant. Are you mute? He cannot talk. I’ll pray to God to bless
him with a gift of gab. “Ruined by your love,
I wander aimlessly.” Something is fishy. Can you cook? Can you wash clothes? Can you eat? Then he was better off at the shrine. “He doesn’t know why she is upset,
he just keeps pleading.” “He shouts from the
boundary of the village.” People say that Punjab
Police doesn’t know love. Give me a chance and
I’ll set an example of love. “To love is not so easy, mister…” “Sassi died in the desert…” If you came here by mistake
then why didn’t you go back? I wanted to go back but then something
such happened that I couldn’t leave. So tell me, you can speak, right? Have you ever heard
me say a single word? I have to face God one day,
no I haven’t. Then what does that mean? I am mute. Mute.


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