Murah..!!Jam IMOO Z5 Cuma 25rb 😱 Hah.!! Jual Play Button Juga | Drama Homesale Jam IMOO – Bunny Hat

( MUSIC ) Let’s coming we have Play Button homesale we had smartwatch and Play Button Glasses It’s so cheap price ask to me please.. ask the price buy it please.. let’s buy homesale Buy this one, please All is cheap price Imoo and handmade watch female and male watch for your’s kids I want buy this I want buy something wait a minute the glases You have homesale today? please choice your’s item You so funny I want buy You I am not for sale why? you are so cute No seller anymore my kitten? Meaw.. Iam looking for watch It is homemade it’s your creation? made from paper I am use boardpaper You so creative very nice I got Imoo? Z5..It original? original…and this one fake version ooo you had the fake version how many price for original? sale for Play button??? It not for sale It is reward from Youtube you give permit to me, if I want buy this one NO It is just for me it is display Glasses for sale I want you try the I want buy it for my kids the yellow first.. how many price? look this one IDR 10.000 for the glases IDR 50.000 for play button IMOO IDR 25.000 very cheap great and now put your hat Bunny hat Bunny hat is free for you If you shoping more than IDR 100.000, you get it I bought this bag Let’s make full this bag I buy this one the pink colour, my daughter love it rainbow I buy it all Alhamdulillah I got the money I want the original Imoo Z5 the price is IDR 25.000 All is 25.000 25.000 for two item I mean 25.000 for 1 pcs 50.000 for two? I want the paper watch I buy it all not available price for this item I give you IDR 1.000 it is colorfull watch IDR 15.000 it is female watch is for mommy I buy it IDR 15.000 I want touch this play button OK but not for sale is just display for my chanel very nice are you youtuber? of course and it is my name it is enough for today I am miss not Mrs. pay this item I acount it I have much money

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