Murder on the Mountain

[Music] howdy and welcome to another episode of
Mysteries of the Superstition Mountains and today we are going to be talking
with the foremost expert on the area Clay Worst and he’s gonna tell us a
story about the Mexican massacre and how it was found just over the ridge here in
the Superstition Mountains let’s take it away with Clay
there was a story given to me by Craig Roberts who’s really an eminent
historian in his own right that along about might have been around 1863 there
was a cavalry troop oh it wasn’t even you could couldn’t even call it a
readout it was nothing but a camp down here about just across from where
Superstition Mountain Museum is now and they had sent two scouts out that were
overdue they were concerned about them so they sent a party including a
lieutenant Ben Edwards to climb up on this upper slope of Superstition
Mountain to see if they could locate those two Scouts if they could glass
them they climbed up there and found 24 Skeletons the lieutenant initially
pronounced them as being Indian skeletons apparently either Pina’s or
Pappagoes got into it with the Apaches and he pronounced them as being Indian
skeletons okay okay then how did they come to the conclusion that it wasn’t an
Indian but Ben Edwards moved off a bit to the north and found another skeleton
a little ways separate turn those 24 and this skeleton the the others were
stripped of their clothing which the Apaches did this skeleton was not
stripped and he’d evidently crawled back in under a bush and hidden and they
never found him but Ben Edwards looked at his skull
and it had a gold tooth not Indians they had to be Mexicans
now what were 25 Mexicans doing back in the Superstition Mountains as late as
the 1860s this was the United States of America at that time apparently it was a
clandestine group that came back that it evidently worked mines in the
superstitions before and some of them came back to try and reopen to rework
those Mines well Edwards was near of retirement he did wait out his hitch and
the service retired and came back and he tried to follow back into the
superstitions a logical route that these people would have come out and began
finding more individual skeletons and he found a series of
skeletons going clear back in lebarge Canyon write down all the bending
lebarge below Marsh Valley where lebarge turns and goes into the lower box there
was a trail going up there that had seen substantial use and Edwards went up
there up on a Peters Mesa never found another skeleton but he was convinced
that those people had come down probably off Peters Mesa down in lebarge had had
a running gunfight and had lost an occasional Mexican until they got out
here on the slope of the mountain and then 24 killed so later I don’t know who
it was came back and packed out those skeletons
they’re not there now now Craig Roberts took me right to the spot where that
happened and it would be interesting to go back
there someday with a metal detector and sweep that area and just see if you
could pick up an artifact of some kind hey hey over here no no no over here all
right Thank You clay for sitting in a straight-on that massacre as a matter of
fact we have another special guest right here one of the survivors from that
massacre least he was at one time been on diet right here another mystery of
the Superstition Mountains [Music]


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