Murray State Theatre Dept. presents “Frankenstein”

It’s the age-old tale of a man and his creature,
but Murray State theater students took on the challenge of adding their own special
flair to the story in their spring production of “Frankenstein”. This Frankenstein is
an adaptation of the novel by Mary Shelly and R.N. Samberg. I think most people think
of Frankenstein they think of a monster but its really not a monster story. Its not even
so much a horror story, its I think more of a story about how we as human beings treat
one another. I think a big aspect of it is it is a love story, its the story of a basically
a creature who is formed from dead flesh and is reanimated by a scientist and becomes a
father to the creature but he abandons him because of the horrid nature of the looks
of the creature and the creature is left alone to fend for himself to figure out what life
is, what love is, to discover what living with loneliness for his entire life is, being
spurned by society. He endures verbal abuse, physical abuse, shunned by society and I think
one of the things of the novel is that and of this play is how we in society often treat
people that are different than ourselves. The other can become frightening to us and
I think that idea of how we treat the other, the foreign or the person that is strange
is being examined through the theme of the play and through the theme of the novel. Although this is just one of the productions
put on by the theater department during the semester, the amount of hard work put into
it by the students is never wavered. We have major spectacle in the show. Thanks
to our amazing prosthetics designer we would not have the amazing gore and horror that
we have. There is lots of blood, lots of special effects. The prosthetics alone take a long
time, but once we get on stage its totally worth it. It looks amazing. Something unique about this production is
the cast, many of the students involved portray multiple characters. I play three of the supporting female characters.
I play the young version of Victor’s mother before she passes away. I play the maid, Justine,
who is also Elizabeth’s friend and then in Act II I play the mate, also known as the
bride of Frankenstein. And then we also have our friend Jud who plays multiple characters
as well so it’s been a challenge for the both of us having to play multiple characters and
switching between back and forth and its been a great challenge and its been a lot of fun
for the both of us to do. Its not just the actors who spend weeks preparing
for a production like this, there are also plenty of people who work behind the scenes
to make sure everything runs smoothly. I work a lot with the Creature’s costumes.
He is the creature that doctor Frankenstein has created so it was a really different process
this time because I did make this brand new vest with new fabric, but then after we created
it we had to distress it and kind of destroy it because the creature is supposed to look
like he’s come out of a grave so we took different tools to distress the fabric and pull the
fibers out and we used different types of dye to just kind of make it look like there
is dirt on it and it came up out of a grave, but this is actually supposed to be his formalwear.
When he’s supposed to look nicer after he gets a mate. My main job is to ensure that the actors are
safe throughout the entire performance of the show and I am in charge of running fight
call before every performance. Fight call is where we take all the physical action and
movement sequences that are happening in the production so like if an actor gets carried
across the stage, if a actor has to do a fall if there is a stabbing or a fight sequence
that we have set up we run those motions. It takes about 15 minutes during hair and
makeup. We pull them out and run it and we just do that for every performance and dress
rehearsal to make sure that the actors feel comfortable, they feel safe and they know
what they are doing before they go on stage.

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