Mushy: Lyrically Speaking – Behind The Scenes

My name is Ameet Chana and I am directing ‘Mushy: Lyrically Speaking’ I am Pravesh Kumar and I’m the Artistic Director of Rifco Theatre Company and I’m the book writer of ‘Mushy: Lyrically Speaking’. My name is Raxstar and I am a songwriter and rapper My name is Varun and I play Mushy I am Oliver Longstaff and I am playing Matthew Burton My name is Medhavi Patel and I’ll be playing Ammi which is Mushy’s mummy. It’s a fictional story based on the Channel 4 documentary Education Yorkshire. Mushy had a very strong stammer. There was a moment went viral in the show where he put headphones in and he was able to kind of hear his voice for the first time. The idea of incorporating lyrical
narration and rap into the show was a device that Pravesh and I came up with. Because how do you tell a story about a kid with a debilitating stammer and not have
hours of silence on stage. I think musical parts emphasize Mushy’s journey. So he struggles to speak but through music he’s able to tell his feelings and
his emotions. The inner voice of Mushy in the moments where he should have said something or could have said something or wanted to say something that has all been told through lyrical narration and rap. Mushy is energetic, it’s youthful
it’s vibrant, it’s young and it comes with a really powerful energy. I’ve never been in a show with this kind of buzz around it. I think it’s really fresh way of
telling an Asian story, you know. It’s not really been done like this before and I
think the first time it happens the audience are going to be like – oh, what’s that?! I like that! I think with this production you really get to feel the real person, beyond the viral-video,
beyond what you already know of him. I think for me as a first-time director
for the stage I’m really excited to just put it in front of an audience and see
what they make of it.

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