Mushy: Lyrically Speaking – Making the Music

My name is Raxstar. I am a songwriter,
rapper, performer. *raps* ‘They push me I wish I could push back I just hide in the toilets
with my book bags’ Writing the rap and lyrics for the play was appealing to me because it’s something that I’ve never done before. *raps* ‘I’m not a freak you ain’t better than me cuz you can speak.’ The music and lyrics from the show are poignant they’re funny, which was surprising to me because I’ve never written comedically like this. It’s like a jigsaw puzzle, so Prav has been writing the play, writing the scenes and then he has left spaces for me to create the lyrical sections. *raps* ‘There is nobody here that can save me. It’s a nightmare everytime I daydream.’ I would say that this is a really unique, story told in a really unique way. They’re gonna be singing the
songs walking out of the play, hopefully. It really needs to be seen on stage. Come and watch ‘Mushy: Lyrically Speaking’

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