Music Theatre at Carthage College

(gentle music) – I think Carthage is a
wonderful place for that person who has an intellectual curiosity, a desire to do academic work, as well as a desire to perform. I mean, that kind of opportunity to explore all parts of your intellect, all parts of your emotional
life, all parts of your passion is really something special at Carthage, and I think that’s why
people should come here. – I think that a liberal arts education has given me just a lot of different paths that I can take once I graduate. A big thing in the music
theater department is that you want to have a life in the arts, so whether that’s performing,
whether it’s teaching. You just wanna have that
life in the fine arts, ’cause that’s what we all love to do. – Some of our faculty are
past Carthage students, which makes things a little bit easier, because they know how it
feels to be in your place and they know how it works and they know how it feels to graduate and see the difference between
Carthage and the real world. – This department has
really become my family, and we all root for each other. At the end of the day, we
want each other to succeed. When we put on a production,
it’s a team effort. It’s not one person
driving the cast along. It’s we all put in 110%, and at the end of the
day it’s our project. – And I think that’s what
really sets Carthage apart from other institutions is people are here and they want to be here, ’cause I’d never seen or been
a part of that kind of culture where the students are eager
to be a part of things. – If you wanna go to school somewhere that will really take care
of you comprehensively as an artist, and by that
I mean be with people who care about the same
things that you care about, work with people that wanna push you to be the best that you can be, then you should come to Carthage.

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