Musical theatre actress, singer and dancer #368, Victoria

I don’t really think of myself as a Londoner. I live right on the border, right next to Kent, and I live in quite a small area. I don’t really look at it as a bigger picture, as the whole of London, because I don’t live in, I guess, the stereotypical London, the busy streets, big buildings, the London Eye, Big Ben, that’s nowhere near me, so I feel like, because I’m not near central London, I don’t consider myself as the typical Londoner who lives in the big city. My mum is from Russia, she was born and raised there. And she came to England, I think she still wanted to keep that culture alive in me also, so I attend Russian supplementary school, where I learned more about the language. I also speak Russian to my mum at home. My favourite hobbies are football and musical theatre. When I was younger, I played quite a bit of football, I joined a football team which was both genders, so boys and girls could also play. So, when I was in that team, I was the only girl there, and it was quite discouraging to know that I was the minority and the boys really took over the game. So, I feel like I was kind of outside of there. I don’t really get involved in football much anymore, but I still keep musical theatre going to this day. I’ve always been interested in musical theatre, ever since I was younger, I always wanted to be in front of the camera, I always wanted to sing, dance, and that has always been a big part of my life. I think what influenced me was that I was always that kind of child who wanted to sing and dance and always be in front of the camera, on a stage. My parents saw that and I was in many many musical theatre clubs. Very recently, I entered a competition, from my supplementary school, it’s called Living Classics, and we have to perform a piece of classic literature and bring it back to life. [Speaking Russian] I did the national competition in England, and I won, and I went on to perform in Russia in a camp and I was there for three weeks. I think that is one of my biggest achievements. Musical theatre here is more modern. I feel like we have quite new productions, and I feel like in Russia we have more traditional kind of pieces, and how we train for these kind of productions I think is different, but I don’t really prefer one or the other. I think that it’s just quite different. I think I’ll definitely want a career in musical theatre, and I would really love to be on the stage.


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