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Welcome back actors this month for
August we are going to be discussing the nuts and bolts of musical theater every
week is going to be a different action for you to refresh and revitalize the
elements and materials you need for auditions and to create the career that
you want in musical theatre if this is the first time you have seen any of
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going to be the nuts and bolts of musical theater so this week I’m going
to take you through four steps to refreshing your audition book we all
have to make sure that we have songs to take in to an audition and that they are
songs we know really well we are prepared and we feel like they showcase
who we are as an artist because as we all know you only get those 16 or 32
bars sometimes to show you who you are in the audition room step number one is
going to be reviewing your audition book I recently just did this myself and I
went through my book now you’re going to do this as well I want you to go through
your entire book and I want you to review what songs are in it and as
you’re going through I want you to pull out any songs that you either don’t know
don’t like don’t feel connected to don’t enjoy seeing it singing at all
pull those songs out I actually already did this myself and as you can see I
pulled out a ton of songs these are all the songs that I
pulled out for myself of my book songs I don’t really like anymore I don’t relate
to songs they don’t showcase Who I am or where I am in my career right now I want
you to take all of those songs out of your book keep any of the songs that you
feel still reflect who you are that you connect to that you love singing and
that showcase who you are these are the songs that I kept out of my book and
it’s literally like three songs okay so keep the songs that you do love that is
step number one step number two is you are going to make an index of the songs
that you are keeping so go ahead and type it up or if you want to just write
it down on paper first but I always like typing everything so you have it already
ready to go when you’re complete and it’s ready to print out so type up all
of the songs that you are keeping in your book and what categories they fall
into this is a great time to talk about what categories you need in your book
these are the categories that I keep in my book and this is what I teach to my
students when I teach college-level classes or any professional clients that
I have or students that are really trying to just develop their book these
are the categories that I set them up with so write these down if you want to
take note category one is jazz age category two is musical comedy category
three is golden age category four is post Golden Age
category five is Sun time category six is the top 40s Radio tunes category
seven is contemporary musical theater category eight is a Disney or a film
song and category nine is the most important category it is your money
cutting song which means a song that you can sing any day no matter how sick you
are how terrible it was to get to the audition you can sing it don’t come rain
or come shine and it is your golden money cutting some so now what I want
you to do is go through your index and see what songs you already have to fill
in the categories whatever is left whatever you are missing is what is
going to propel you into step three now step three is going to be to find and
search out new material that is going to fit the categories you are missing when
you’re searching for new material you really want to focus on roles or styles
that showcase who you are so even though you’re still searching for music and
material to fit every single category you want to make sure that every song
you pick is going to showcase you in the best light try not to pick a song just a
fitted category when you don’t love it or it’s nothing that you can relate to
or that you feel you can connect with on a really deep level because you only get
one opportunity in the room you want to take full advantage of
few seconds that you have during an audition step number four is going to be
creating the audition cuts for your songs in your book
now we’re talking about these 16 or 32 bar cuts you want to make sure that you
have every single the full song and that you have a 16 bar cut and a 32 bar cut
most of the time you want to have a 16 and a 32 bar cut just in case you have a
little more time in the room and they want to hear a little bit more i’ve been
asked before in an audition I would sing my perfect little 16 bar cut and then
they would say oh wait we want more can you can you sing a little bit more and
so you could do a 32 bar cut or you could pick a different song if they
asked you for a second song but you really want to have a 16 bar cut a 32
bar cut and then the full song as well in your book now you want to make sure
that your cuts are not sloppy you want them to be clean you want them to
actually be printed with exactly the intro to start and exactly where it’s
going to end you really want to help the accompany us out so they have a clear
visual of where you’re starting and where you’re ending and you want to
really do that on a computer if you really I’m not gonna go too much into
how to create audition cuts but if that’s something that you really are
interested in leave me a comment down below and I’ll be happy to make a video
about how I lay out all of my cuts online and make them really OCD clean
and then print them out and then you have them in digital version so if you
ever need another copy you have it easy success don’t forget there are going to
be times when you may be asked for a 6 or 8 bar audition it has happened to me
many times before especially in New York I wouldn’t have a cut of that in your
book I would just make sure that you have that in your mind of where you can
easily start and stop for those 6 bar cuts and usually it’s probably at the
end of the song after you have done step 1 step 2 step 3 and step 4
now you can put your audition book back together and make sure that you have
every single song in your book that you’ve absolutely loved you love singing
you connect with the music and it showcases your voice in the best
possible way alright everybody now you have your
action for the week go for it refresh your audition book I’m actually working
on this right now myself and leave me a comment if you have any questions or if
you have any requests for videos coming up can’t wait to hear from you have a
wonderful week and I will see you next week where we are going to be talking
about refreshing and revitalizing your headshot and your resume
all right I’ll see you next week have a great week take the actions you need to
gain progress in your career bye you


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