Musical Theatre Auditions Tips How to Get Cast in Musicals

Hi, I’m Ashlee and this is Actions for
Actors. Today we are talking about owning your individuality and what does it mean
to be a unique actor and to have the ability to showcase that to directors
and producers and casting directors when you are at an audition. There are four
tips that I have for you. The first one is your “look” the second one is your
“sound” the third one is how you “act” and the fourth one is a special bonus I
want you to stick around till the end to check out. So let’s jump right in.
How can you showcase your uniqueness and what does that mean so that you don’t
look like, sound like, and act like every other person that’s gonna walk in that
room. We are all extremely talented performers but what is that one thing
that you can do in the room to stand out and to showcase who you are as an
individual. The first one is your look. Obviously the first thing you notice on
someone is their appearance. Remember you want to be who you are
so showcase your look by putting your stamp on it.
Do you wear bright red lipstick, do you like to wear a bow tie, do you like to
dress whimsical, do you like to have a unique cuteness about you, are you the
sexy diva that likes to wear a pencil skirt, do you like to wear bold colors?
What is it that makes you… you? One of the first things that I did when I started
to own my individuality was my hair. I had really, really long hair for a while
and I was having trouble getting seen for roles that I really wanted to be
considered for and so I decided with some assistance and some recommendations
from my mentors to try a different hairstyle and I went to a short pixie
and since I did that I really embraced who I am as an independent woman
and once I leave an audition room the first thing people always say is oh I
like your hair. So what can you do that makes you unique and individual with
your look? Go through what you normally wear on a daily basis, what you wear to a
date night, to an audition, to an interview, something that makes you feel
good makes you look good and that represents who you are as a human being.
Remember that you want to be bold, you want to stand out and you want to have a
look that is somewhat elevated. Does it need to be a suit and tie absolutely not
it could be some really cool ripped up jeans and boots and funky top if that
fits the audition you are going for but remember – be you and showcase who you are
as a human being and as an individual. Number two is sound. So we’re talking
about the song choice now I’m not gonna go into great detail with this video
about what songs you should choose for what auditions. Obviously we know that we
want it to relate to the audition style and genre of the musical you’re
auditioning for but also you want to showcase who you are as a performer. What
suits you the best and what showcases who you are that you
feel amazing performing so that you can showcase who you are in that tiny little
sometimes 15-30 seconds or 8 bar, 16 bar, 32 bar cuts. Remember even
though we’re wanting to stay in the genre of the musical to audition for you
want to showcase who you are in that song choice. What do you know that you
nail? What do you know that you can tell a story that is relevant and that is
going to really make an impact not only on you as you’re performing it but on
the audience that gets to enjoy that one little sliver of a second? Remember that
we are showcasing who you are in that moment not who you want to be not who
you’re trying to be for the directors but who you are and what you bring to
the table that might suit the concept they’re interested in doing for this
production. Number three is act. So we’re discussing the demeanor that
you have when you walk in the room and how you are perceived. Remember that
casting directors when you walk into the audition they want you to be the one.
They want you to have exactly what they’re looking for and also something a
bit different maybe you even surprise them or shock them with what you can
bring to the table for the character you’re interested in auditioning for.
Don’t try to put on a show. Be who you are when you walk in the room. Be honest,
be real and try to be in the moment. Sometimes they’ll talk to you and you
want to be able to respond as a human being not like a robot or not like
you’re trying to put on a character voice for perhaps a role that you’re
auditioning for. Be yourself and find that inner individuality in yourself so
that you can bring that across the table. The last one number four and the bonus
advice that I have for you today is to let it go. Even after you plan and you
strategically try to organize your song and a monologue that you have to have
and use to be specific to the role that you’re auditioning for, you have to leave
it all at the door. So once you audition, once you leave the room, once you leave
the studio, once you get in your car or on the train or on the bus or whatever
it is as you’re traveling home, remember to let it go. You can’t hold on to it. You
can’t wait for that phone call. You did your job.
You did the very best that you could do on that day in that moment and you have
to move on. Take a moment to think about what makes you unique.
Right now write down a few things. Maybe you’re a musician, maybe you play an
instrument, maybe you can do acrobatics like Lyra or silks or hoops. What makes
you unique and how do you stand out in a crowd.
Focus on those individual things that make you amazing and different and
showcase who you are as a human being and try to bring that to the table at
auditions. Try this action out at your next audition where you are owning your
individuality and see what happens. You’ve got to try all the wrong ways to
find the right one. Thanks for watching. I hope this action works for you and I can’t
wait to hear all about it. I’ll catch you at the next weekly action. Bye!

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