Musical Theatre Legend Patrick Brady Teaches at Shenandoah Conservatory

My name is Patrick Brady. I am the visiting musical director, um, associate
professor of musical theatre history here. I musical direct all of the main stage and
the Glaize Theatre musicals here. I teach a musical theatre history course,
and I also do an acting through song class with my good friend Kevin Covert. I moved to New York in 1980 and I, um, through
my career, I was fortunate to work with a variety of, um, great artists, creating new
musicals. I’ve done about 12 new musicals on Broadway,
and I was very fortunate working with like Cy Coleman and Betty Comden and Adolph Green,
Tommy Tune and, of course, the legendary Mel Brooks. Working in a room with Mel Brooks and Susan
Stroman and Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick for three or four months, um, when we were
creating it, it was… nothing could be better than that. And then I did the full year with Matthew
and Nathan, performing. People have asked me whether you get bored
doing the same show over and over and for me, I was never bored doing that show. Um, each night was a joy. Each matinee was just a pleasure to conduct. When I visited here at Shenandoah, I was struck
by the approach, um, of the staff. Because I feel here at Shenandoah, it’s a
realistic approach to teaching, it’s a logical approach to teaching, and it’s an inspirational
approach to teaching. The working environment is so supportive here,
by the staff and by the teaching, that um, I think it really gives each student the chance
to excel and um, to really explore their talents and see where those talents may lead them. There is a great camaraderie between the students. They are supportive of every other student. When another student gets up and sings a song
in class, they are they are so supportive of them. I was just where they will be in a few years,
struggling, going up the ladder. My friends say my beginning in musical theatre
was like a 1930s movie musical, in that I arrived in New York City on a Greyhound bus,
I had $700 in my pocket, I stayed at the Vanderbilt YMCA on the East Side. There were residential apartments, little
little rooms, just tiny little closets there that I stayed in, and I was fortunate to slowly
work my way up the ladder. This kind of experience is sort of… I want to translate I want to translate that
into a teaching mode, and I’m learning how to do that, and um, it’s amazing the kids
here are just sponges. They are just soaking up everything I have
to give them. It’s such a pleasure to be working here. They’re so eager to learn here and um, it’s
been just terrific so far.

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