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The Musical Theatre Performance programme is an industry focused Conservatoire style degree course it offers the students a rigorous training and all three key areas for Musical Theatre and Works towards a final year of study, that’s 95 percent practical The Musical Theatre Performance course at the University of Chichester offers you a vast amount of acting training you’ll study lots of different theatre styles such as a Greek, Shakespeare, Brechtian and you’ll also study the Stanislavski and Meisner techniques I guess what I want to say about MTP is that it covers all three basis of acting of film theatre and musical theatre So I’d say the swing project was definitely the most challenging module on an MTP But 100% the most rewarding like has taught me how I personally learn like massive chunks of speech and being able to do that Just makes me so much more confident when I will go into the industry in the future We’re very lucky on MTP to be able to study different styles of dance The main four genres were able to study ballet, tap, jazz and contemporary we have some incredible teachers to Lead us throughout the whole course The best thing about our course is there’s a huge support network got our head of course Andrew Wright who always as is door open to us having that kind of assurance takes an edge off you I I personally would not be here if it wasn’t for the support That I got from my peers, my tutors and my head of course During your second semester of third year you take part in a module called devising for theatre the module splits into two You can either take part in the musical theatre side or the theatre side, with the theatre You have to come up with your own storyline and script work and obviously with the musical theatre side you also have to compose your own music and write your own lyrics I think this is a really important module for this course as it can open your eyes into different aspects of theatre During my time at the University of Chichester, I’ve had the amazing opportunities to be part of a whole host of shows These will have a creative team composed of industry professionals coming from all over the place I’ve also had the pleasure to work on numerous world premiere musicals and plays as part of the uni’s new musical summer projects but these have all been the some of the toughest things I’ve ever done in my life, but they’ve also been the most rewarding and best experiences in my life

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