Must Have Movies I Hall of Fame #1 I Airplane!

Surely you Can’t be Serious I am Serious Don’t Call me Shirley First Film on our List Is the most important Movies that you Should have in your man cave it’s? 1983 Last-Minute Shenanigans Filled Extravaganzas it is Airplane Written and Directed By Jim Abrams and Jerry and David Zucker this Movie Starts Some of the Funniest Actors that Have ever lived Airplane Or Flying Hives it’s Known to some Country is the quintessential Spoof Movie That beautifully Parodies The string of Disaster Movies of the 70s The Plot Revolves Around Ted Striker Played Perfectly by Robert HayS an Ex-Military Pilot who attempts to Convince his Ex-Girlfriend Elaine To Give Him Another Shot Already you May be Thinking This Sounds Like A Rom-Com and it’s best to be Avoided but Never Fear It’s Once The Two Star-Crossed Lovers find Themselves on board the doomed Pa flight 209 All Hell Breaks Loose and The Last Begin to Stream in at A mile a minute the amount of Visual and verbal gags That have Been Packed Into This Flick Are Astounding With Almost all of the One-Liners Now amongst the greatest and most memorable of all Time Though Telecast and We’ve Got to Anderson that, We Can this woman has to be Gotten To hospital? Hospital Services it’s A big Building With patients but that’s not Important right now Joey We have something here for our special Visitors you like to have it thank you? Thanks A lot sure you ever Been in A cockpit before no sir I’ve Never been Up in a frame before Never Seen A grown man Naked Joey, Never Hang Around the Gymnasium You like Movies About Gladiators this is a must-Have for every Mancave Movie Collection the Cameos and performances from Actors Such as Lloyd Bridges Leslie Nielsen Peter Graves and Robert Stack Are Worth The Price of Admission Alone As, well as the smaller Characters Played by kareem Abdul-Jabbar Sand and the Insanely Hilarious Students Tucker like A big fat Or brought A Charge After All of This Makes Watching, Airplane a, man cave the life that will never Grow Old Okay, don’t Panic on the Beltline The Automatic one There’s a. Whole Queue now that manual Inflation I’ll pull it out and blow on Help Going on Up There Airplane Comes on DVD and Blu-Ray And Features A great Audio Commentary From the writer Directors and so We salute our First entry Into the Mancave Movie Hall of Fame Airplane And in Tribute Here is a moment of Silence

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