My Best Friend Told Everyone I Am Gay So That Her Guy Isn’t Jealous

Hello people! I’m Kenneth and I’m 16. Normally I wouldn’t want to reveal anything
about my life here to all of you, but the thing is that my best friend who loves this
channel is not talking to me anymore. I did something wrong to her… I know I acted like a stupid jerk. So I thought, why don’t I tell our story
here so that she’ll see it and hopefully give our friendship a second chance. Lilly and I have been friends for, like, ages. She’s always lived across the street from
my house in our cul-de-sac neighborhood. I don’t remember my life without her. When we were 5, we learned how to ride a bike
together and when we turned 10, together with my dad, we built a cozy tree house in our
backyard. What I am trying to say is that we were really
close, like a family, and never like a couple. But then the worst thing happened, at least
that’s what I thought – she met a guy, Rick. This was about six months ago. You can’t even imagine what a disgusting
person he seemed to be to me. He was one of those types of boyfriends who
ties himself into knots trying to leave a great impression on her parents. But when they weren’t in front of him, he
would act far from being a good boy, let’s just say. To be frank, it was a mutual disgust for both
me and Rick from our very first meeting. Since Lilly and I have always been really
close with each other, she really wanted the two of us to get acquainted as soon as possible. She was always excited when she told me about
him, like “Rick is so amazing because he opens the car door for me” and “He is
so kind, he likes cats just like I do” and stuff, so that I was already sort of sick
of him even before we met. As a matter of fact, Lilly no longer had time
to hang out with me. She was either “busy falling in love” as
she called it, or hanging out with Rick and his friends. I was constantly whining about the “poor me”
left without a friend. And Lilly who has always been kind and patient
promised to become more available for me. And she even kept her promise …almost …twice. It was a Movie Night at the city movie theater
and I thought that it would be fun to go there with Lilly, just like old times, you know. So, I was waiting for her at the entrance,
having already bought the tickets and the popcorn, and I was a little bit nervous like
we were going on a date or something. I was so happy when I saw her approaching
the theater. But then she said that we needed to buy one
more ticket, because Rick was going to join us. He just needed to park his car. I really doubted that it was true that he
also badly wanted to see the new Avengers (as if he hadn’t already seen it, right!). Of course it pissed me off because they were
holding hands and chatting constantly, so much so that I broke down and left right in
the middle of the movie. Now I see that this was really childish of
me, but back then I was really about to fight with that stupid Rick. Lilly called me later that night. She said that she was sorry for taking Rick
with us knowing that I wouldn’t like it. But she also said that I, being her best friend,
should have been more supportive of their relationship, because they loved each other
and she was happy. Even though I was still a little bit mad at
her, I knew that she was right. That’s why I promised Lilly to come to a
party Rick was about to have and behave like a grown up man if I saw that they were kissing
or something. Gross! It was there at the party when I completely
screwed up everything I ever had with Lilly. I mean, she did it first, actually, but… Anyway, when I got there I noticed, so to
speak, a significant change in Rick’s attitude toward me. He was friendly, maybe, or at least tried
not to show that I pissed him off, as usual. Then I heard a group of his friends whispering
something about me, Lilly, and somebody who was gay. Finally, when I totally lost sense of what
was happening around me, one of Rick’s stupid friends came up to me and said that his brother
was gay too and that he could get the two of us acquainted. (What?) Lilly looked really confused and sorry when
I asked her directly why everybody thought that I was gay. She turned red in the face and said that it
was because she told everybody I was. I stood there, slack-jawed, while Lilly tried
to justify herself for such a complete nonsense of a rumor. She ended up begging me to support this legend
of me being gay. Otherwise, her beloved Rick will never stop
torturing her and being jealous of me. You know what? I felt my superiority over him now, knowing
that he saw a rival in me, and that the false information about my orientation was going
to calm him down. This also meant that Lilly and I could hang
out more often. So, I agreed to pretend…well, just to be
able to keep our friendship. I was so wrong when I assumed that this party
was going to be the only place where I had to pretend. One of Rick’s friends happened to be the
son of one of my dad’s colleagues. And as you might have already guessed, after
a few days from the day that everything started I had a really serious talk with my father. He refused to believe me, but for some strange
reason he immediately believed his colleague. I proceeded to hear plenty of offensive stuff
from him. To sum everything up, I would say that I was
dad’s greatest disappointment ever and that he has never been more ashamed of me in his
life, and stuff. I knew I was right and I was pretty sure that
someday, when he calmed down, I’d finally be able to explain what had happened. I didn’t talk to my dad for the next two days. At some point, when I (once again) tried to
convince him that I was not gay and when he (once again) got really mad, Lilly came. She had known about my problem with my dad
and was sorry that she had gotten me into this mess. She wanted to help me explain everything to
him, but when I opened the door and saw her, I got an instant impulse in my brain that
I can only explain as a primal reaction. And I kissed her. I don’t know why I dared to do so and I
immediately regretted it. She slapped me on my face saying that I was
a jerk and walked away. I hurried after her shouting that I was sorry
and that I didn’t mean to kiss her… And I saw Rick standing there. He had probably come to see Lilly and since
she lived across the street from me, he apparently heard everything. When I finally managed to tell my dad the
whole story he also said that I was a jerk and he is probably right. Now, as far as I know, Rick dumped Lilly. I’m not sure what actually happened between
them because Lilly turns a cold shoulder whenever I even try to greet her. I know I screwed everything up, but I really
want Lilly to be my friend again, no matter who she decides to date in the future. So, now Lilly, if you see this, please, let’s
talk. And the rest of you guys, I really need some
advice. What would you do if you were me? Don’t forget to click “like” and “share.”


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