My First Stage Door Experience [CC]

Hey everyone! So earlier this week I was incredibly
lucky to see Harry Potter and the Cursed Child at The Palace Theatre in London. Now I’ve saved my thoughts on the production
for a blog post which I’ll leave in the description below, but today, I thought I’d talk about
my first stage door experience. Now, a quick disclaimer: I obviously can’t
talk about this from an actor’s or actresses’ point of view, only as an audience member
that has come and seen a show and wants to meet some of the cast afterwards to say thank
you. And that’s exactly what I did. I went up to
Stage Door, I waited patiently, and I thanked each member of the cast that came out for
such an incredible performance and asked if they could sign my programme. And that’s what it should be. It really disheartens
me when I hear stories from the wonderful Carrie Hope Fletcher about all these bad situations
that have been happening at Stage Door. And more recently, one of my Twitter friends
Jazz was talking about how some people were upset that Carrie Hope Fletcher couldn’t come
out and say hello to people after her performance at the Addams Family in Cardiff. But as Carrie says herself, Stage Door shouldn’t
be seen as this meet-and-greet, where you are guaranteed to meet everyone that you want
to see. It’s really weird but also somewhat interesting
that a massive thing in pop culture (YouTube) has now blurred into something that’s seen
as very elitist and high culture such as theatre. And it’s so sad that common courtesy and common
sense goes out the window with such a simple thing as just waiting in a queue patiently
to meet people. And in my case, I was exceptionally grateful
for everyone at Harry Potter and the Cursed Child that came out and talked to people and
signed programmes when it was pouring down with rain. I think the problem is is that there’s a sense
of hierarchy within these productions, where there’s one actor or one actress that everyone
wants to see. [And that shouldn’t be the case] because everyone
involved is putting on such an incredible show for us, and to single out one person and give
them that much attention over everyone else is simply rude and unfair. And what was amazing about Harry Potter and
the Cursed Child was that the performance made me realise just what goes on behind the
scenes to make such a brilliant performance. There’s the amazing music, the choreography,
the special effects – everything that goes into it and we just tend to disregard that
sometimes in favour of one key actor or actress that’s taken to the stage. So I don’t know what this video is really
– I don’t know how long it’s going to be – but it’s just that reminder to just have patience
and common sense when you’re meeting people at Stage Door. For example, in my case, I thanked every single
one of them for putting on an amazing show and asked them to sign my programme and just
basically thanked them, because that’s what you should be there for first: to thank them
for such an incredible performance. And if you’re waiting for someone to come
out, please be patient. I actually spent a lot of my time looking at the programme and
just being amazed at all the signatures that were now on it and even if it wasn’t that,
then I was talking to people, and just having a pleasant chat with people that were waiting in the queue with me. And I know how it can feel disappointing when
there’s not one actor or actress that doesn’t come out of stage door that you wanted to
see. But what you need to appreciate is that there’s
probably a really good valid reason for them not coming out that way. Anyway, I feel like I’m repeating some of
the comments that have been made about stage door already, but I just feel like after having
my first experience at Stage Door, I thought I’d wade in to the debate. Anyway, thanks very much for watching, I hope
you enjoyed the video. If you do actually have any experiences of stage door, do leave
them in the comments section down below as I’d be interested to get a discussion going
about [this]. But other than that, thanks so much to everyone
who has left lovely comments on my Summer in the City vlog. Erm, I don’t know what’s
happening in terms of a schedule now, but I’ve uploaded my second video in a week so
I think things are looking up. Anyway, thanks very much for watching again
and I shall see you next time. Bye!

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