My Magic Theatre – GOLDILOCKS & THE THREE BEARS | Popular Fairytales

Goldilocks and the Three Bears Once upon a time, in a little cottage in the woods, there lived three bears. A daddy bear, a mummy bear and a baby bear. One morning, while their porridge was cooling down, the bears decided to go for a walk. Baby bear liked to sing while he walked. ♪ “I’m a little baby bear, marching through the wood! ♪ “There’s porridge for my breakfast, so long as I am good.” Nearby, a little girl called Goldilocks was playing on her swing. She played all on her own every single day, and was not allowed to go out of the garden. Oh how she longed for some company! Suddenly, she heard the singing! ♪ “Stomping through the leaves, hiding in the trees! ♪ “Having conversations with the birds and the bees. ♪ “Marching through the woods on a sunny summer’s day, ♪ “looking for adventure, who will come and play?” “Who’s that, singing?” Said Goldilocks. “Maybe, just maybe, it’s somebody I can play with! Hello? Hello?!” She was so excited that she quite forgot that she wasn’t allowed out of the garden. And off she ran into the woods, following the singing. ♪ “La La La La La La La Lalalalala La” ♪ (Singing) Goldilocks looked everywhere, but she couldn’t find anyone. And before she knew it, she was lost. “Oh no, I’m lost! I’ve no idea how to get back home.” Suddenly, she came upon the bears cottage, hidden away in the woods. “Maybe there’s someone in there who can show me the way home?” Goldilocks said. And she knocked on the door. (Knock knock) But nobody answered, so she slowly pushed the door open. “Hello? Anyone at home? Mmm… “what’s that smell?” Goldilocks found three bowls of porridge on the table. A big bowl, a medium sized bowl, and a little bowl. “Ooh, I’m so hungry!” She said. “I’m sure it would be OK if I just at a little bit.” So she tried the porridge in the big bowl. (Slurp) “Oh, this porridge is too hot!” Next, she tried the porridge in the medium sized bowl. (Slurp) “Oh, this porridge is too cold!” And finally she tried the porridge in the little bowl. (Slurp) “Ahh, this porridge is just right!” And she ate it all up. After breakfast, Goldilocks felt a bit tired. In the living room she found three chairs. A big chair, a medium sized chair, and a little chair. First she sat in the big chair. “Oh, this chair is too big.” She said. So she sat in the medium sized chair. “Oh dear, this chair is too big too!” She said. So last of all she sat in the little chair. “Ahh, this chair is just right.” The third chair was perfect, but just then the chair broke! And Goldilocks tumbled to the floor. Goldilocks was now so very tired that she went upstairs to find somewhere to sleep. There were three beds. A big bed, a medium sized bed, and a little bed. First, she tried the big bed. “This bed is too hard.” She said. So next she tried the medium sized bed. “Hmm, this bed is too soft.” She said. So finally she tried the little bed. “Ahh, this bed is just right.” Yes! The little bed was perfect. Very soon Goldilocks fell fast asleep. As Goldilocks slept, the three bears returned to their cottage in the woods. The three bears came into the kitchen and looked at the three bowls of porridge. “Someone’s been eating my porridge!” Said Daddy Bear. “Someone’s been eating my porridge!” Said Mummy Bear. “Someone’s been eating my porridge!” Said Baby Bear. “And they’ve eaten it all up!” The three bears wanted to sit down after their long walk. They looked at the three chairs. “Someone’s been sitting in my chair!” Said Daddy Bear. “Someone’s been sitting in my chair!” Said Mummy Bear. “Someone’s been sitting in my chair!” Said Baby Bear. “And they’ve broken it!” The three bears went upstairs to rest, they looked at the three beds. “Someone’s been sleeping in my bed.” Said Daddy Bear. “Someone’s been sleeping in my bed.” Said Mummy Bear. “Someone’s been sleeping in my bed!” Said Baby Bear. “And she’s still there!” And at that moment, Goldilocks woke up! “It’s a girl!” Said Daddy Bear. “Goodness me!” Said Mummy Bear. “Do you want to play?” Said Baby Bear. Goldilocks jumped out of bed. “I’d love to play!” “I’m so sorry, I heard someone singing in the woods, “but when I tried to find them I got lost.” “That was me singing!” Cried Baby Bear. “Why did you want to find us?” “Well, I thought maybe we could play together? “I get so lonely out here in the woods on my own.” “I could be your friend! We could have adventures and everything.” Said Baby Bear. The three bears forgave Goldilocks, and took her home. And every day Mummy Bear and Daddy Bear brought Baby Bear to her garden, and they played and played. Goldilocks was never lonely again.

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