My Magic Theatre Make & Do #3 | Props! | Arts and Crafts for Kids | Art Project for Kids Families

Hello! In this video we’re going to think about props Now as well as your scenery, your story is going to need some other things, smaller objects, and these are called props Now let’s have a look at the scene we’ve been building up from our Snow White story… We’ve got our theatre, our backdrop, and our main piece of scenery, the table But we’re going to want some other things to tell our story, and in order to make them we’ll need… Cardboard A pencil Colours A black pen White tack Masking tape Scissors And some thin sticks Now in Snow White, the Wicked Queen gives Snow White an apple Here’s our tiny apple. You can draw it, colour it in and cut it out Don’t forget to go round it in black! So the apple can move, I’m going to attach it to a thin stick with a little piece of white tack It’s good to make some props to add detail to your set So I’m going to make some curtains for the inside of the Seven Dwarves’ house I’m going to draw our curtains And then paint them in… You can paint them whatever colour you like! And of course, you could use something that isn’t paint to colour them too When they’re dry cut them out… Then go around them with your black pen So I’ve stuck some white tack on the back of my curtains and I’m going to stick them on the backdrop! There we are Next time we’re going to be talking about characters. I’m going to show you how to make them and how to move them

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