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Rapunzel Once upon a time there was a man and woman, they had always longed for a child. One day they found a hidden garden, and it was full of a very special herb called Rapunzel. “Look my dear,” said the woman. “Rapunzel! It’s just what we need.” The two of them were delighted, and started to pick the Rapunzel. Suddenly an old woman jumped out from behind a tree! “I am Dame Gothel, and this is my garden! “How dare you steal my Rapunzel!” She screamed. And the husband said, “Please forgive us, but we so want to have children “and we’ve heard Rapunzel has magic powers.” “I see.” Said the old woman. “So, here’s the deal. You can eat as much “Rapunzel as you like, and have many, many children, but the first born child “must be given to me!” The man and woman kept their promise, they gave their first baby, a little girl, to Dame Gothel. “Now I am your mother.” She said. “I will call you Rapunzel, and I will hide you from the world.” Dame Gothel took Rapunzel deep into the woods and hid her in a tower. For sixteen years Rapunzel lived right at the very top of the tall tower, with only a small window at the very top. The only person who ever visited Rapunzel was her mother, Dame Gothel. She would always call, “Rapunzel! Rapunzel! “Let down your hair so that I may climb the golden stair.” And Rapunzel would lower her hair down, it was so long that it reached the bottom of the tower. And Dame Gothel would climb up, up until she reached the window. Every day, when her mother visited her, Rapunzel would say, “Mother please may I go out today? It looks so wonderful out there!” Rapunzel had never set foot outside the tower. “How many times must I tell you, Rapunzel? It’s too dangerous out there for a girl your age. “We must keep you safe in this tower, it’s for your own good.” Rapunzel sighed, and stared out of the window. Then she started to sing. ♪ La La La La Lalala La ♪ One day, a Prince was riding in the forest, and heard Rapunzel singing. “What a beautiful voice!” He said. “Where is it coming from?” The Prince found the tower, and watched Rapunzel singing at the window. Before he could say hello, Dame Gothel arrived. “Rapunzel! Rapunzel! Let down your hair so that I may climb “the golden stair.” The Prince watched as Rapunzel hung her hair out of the window for Dame Gothel to climb. Up she went, up, up, until she reached the window. The Prince waited all day for Dame Gothel to leave. At night fall, down she came, waved goodbye, and set off through the forest. As soon as she was out of sight, the Prince cried, “Rapunzel! Rapunzel! Let down your hair so that I may climb “the golden stair.” Rapunzel, thinking her mother had returned, threw her hair down to the Prince. The Prince climbed up, and up, all the way to Rapunzel’s window. Rapunzel was delighted to see the Prince, and to have someone to talk to. They talked all night long. When morning came the Prince left, promising to return every night to see Rapunzel. When her mother came the next day, she found Rapunzel in a very happy mood. “Rapunzel, why are you so happy this morning?” “Oh mother, I think I’m in love.” “In love? What are you talking about?” Said Dame Gothel. “I met a Prince! He came to the tower.” “What?!” Dame Gothel was so angry, she had kept Rapunzel in the tower so that no one would ever find her. “You stupid girl! What have you done? “You’ve ruined everything! You were supposed to be mind forever.” “Mother, I don’t understand, I thought you’d be happy for me?” “Mother? (Laughter) I’m not your mother Rapunzel. Your real “mother gave you to me when you were born! I thought you were worthy of being my daughter “but I was wrong! You are no child of mine.” “Mother?!” “I’m not your mother! Get out! I never want to see you again.” Rapunzel didn’t know where to go, she’d never left the tower before. She walked and walked all day, and soon it began to get dark. That evening the Prince was on his way to see Rapunzel, when he heard her singing. The Prince followed the sound of his voice until he found her. Rapunzel told the Prince what had happened. “I don’t know what to do, “I don’t have anyone left, or anywhere to go.” “You have me, Rapunzel. I would like to marry you, and the first thing “we’re going to do is find your real mother and father.” And that’s exactly what they did. Then, Rapunzel and the Prince were married. They lived happily ever after, and nobody ever saw Dame Gothel again.

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