My North—Episode 43: Dessa

– I was humiliated,
because, like, yesterday at practice, like, Lazerbeak had a printout of a guest list. I didn’t have anybody on it. Mom! Are you kidding me right now? Are you kidding me? So I texted my mom, I was like, “Hey, I have tickets,
do you want to come?” And she was like, “Oh honey, “have a good time.” She doesn’t talk like that at all, she’s Puerto Rican. My name is Dessa, I’m a member of Doomtree, and this is My North. ♪ I got snow in my pockets ♪ ♪ Went down again head first ♪ ♪ Laced drill bits to my pointe shoes ♪ ♪ Pirouette through the
hardwood to paydirt. ♪ ♪ Night falls, day breaks; time. ♪ We are, right now, in the basement of the Palace Theatre in Saint Paul, a couple of hours before Doomtree will make our debut on the Palace stage. We sold out, so I think it’s something like 24 or 25 hundred
people will be here tonight. I met Stef, P.O.S., from Doomtree, and I met a lot of the Doomtree guys because unbeknownst to me, we lived two houses apart, and I had
heard a Doomtree song because Yoni, as he was, showed me what the local scene was like, was like, “Here, listen to these
CDs, listen to Traditional “Methods, listen to… “Listen to Doomtree.” And I liked it, and I
said, “Are these guys from “the Pacific Northwest?” And he said, “Those are the guys two doors “down in the white house.” One of the virtues of the
Twin Cities community, and I think it’s legit, is that the spirit of cooperation and
support here is so marked. And it’s cooperatively
DIY, like, how do we share resources instead
of kind of territorially ferret them away under our mattresses? The support of the local artistic scene is kind of baked into the culture here, but one of the phrases
that I’ll sometimes use when trying to describe what
the Minneapolis art scene and the Saint Paul art scene is like, to other people from other cities, is that if a boy meets a boy or a boy meets a girl in a coffee shop and somebody’s
gonna ask somebody else out, that it’s just as likely
that they might say, “Hey, do you want to
catch a show tonight?” That is not true in a lot of cities. When I say I’m coming home
to someone on the phone, almost always that means I’m coming to Minneapolis.

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