My Old Sonic Comic – A Dramatic Reading and “Review”

[PROJECTSNT] So, as many of you know, I used to be really big in the Sonic fandom. This obsession started when I was about 10, and that was when I really started to trying to improve my drawing skills… …or at least as much as I could. So, of course, being the creative kid I was, jumping into this whole new world,
I made my own Sonic OC. Her name was SNT. Yes: “S.N.T.” SNT was an experiment created by Dr. Eggman,… (Because Original Backstory!
Do Not Steal!!!) …and she went on adventures
with Sonic and friends. Also, Sonic had a crush on her…
because of course he did. [Save Select Music, Sonic 3] Now, in my defense, I didn’t know much about the Internet at the time, so there was no way to see what was cliché in the world of Sonic OCs. Heck, I didn’t even know whether people created OCs until I got back into Neopets! Anyway, because I was super proud of how original I was, I ended up making a comic about how Sonic and friends met my “totally amazing” OC. This is a physical thing that I still have and still look through. This used to be my magnum opus,
and it took me a whole year to finish it, going through several boxes of
coloured pencils in the process. I used to be really proud of this comic and this OC. In fact, this fan character is the whole reason my username on any website is “ProjectSNT.” So, because I like torturing myself, I’m going to share this “literary masterpiece” with the world’s most cynical audience,
A. K. A. the Internet. Sometimes, it’s fun to look at your old work and see how far you’ve gotten, or how much your style has changed. And it’s funny to cringe at your old work! So LET’S DO JUST THAT!!! Here it is:
“Sonic the Hedgehog Meets S.N.T.” (sarcastically)
Just look at that cover! “Comic #1,” implying there would be
more issues of this thing. Which…technically there were. In sprite form. (whispering)
But that’s another story for another day. Everyone just looks so…
baaaaad! What’s wrong with Sonic’s hair? Where are Amy’s bangs? Why did I spell CHAO like this!? (funny voice)
Why does Sonic keep “STARRING” at SNT? Is he sick?
(Sick in love!?) -kill me- Captions edited from a community version Edits performed by Jacob Davis
(Twitter @AutisticTechie) Other editors may have contributed
to this captions track. [NARRATOR] We find Sonic and friends searching for Dr. Eggman. [TAILS] He’s not in here!
[SONIC] This is ridiculous! [AMY] Why are we searching again? [PROJECTSNT] You know, that’s
a very good point. Why are they searching for Eggman?
Shouldn’t he be in his base or something? Did he go missing…? (demonic audio filter)
Or are they just hungry for vengeance? [TAILS] Don’t worry, Sonic! Look what I found! [SONIC] What is that? [TAILS] I don’t know, but it looks cool!
Finders Keepers! [AMY] Quit fooling around, Tails!
Eggman could be around here somewhere! [SONIC] Amy could be right!
[AMY] Sonic Thinks I’m Right! -Sighhh- [CREAM] Like in that building?
[SONIC] Good eye, Cream! [CREAM] …And it’s just my first day. [PROJECTSNT] So…he was in his base. Then, WHAT WAS THE POINT
OF THIS RANDOM SEARCH!?!? Also, this characterization of Tails
is completely inaccurate. *explosion* [SONIC] Hey, it exploded!
[CREAM] I must be a Jinx. [PROJECTSNT] Well, eggman is dead. Rest in pieces..! *Sad Tribute Music* Yeah RIP. [SONIC] What’s that in the sky? *DINGDING* [SONIC] Who’s that? [SNT] It’s a good thing I got out of there! [PROJECTSNT] How did she survive that explosion? How was she able to calmly soar through the air like that after being shot out of an explosion? Also, can you tell that I didn’t know how to draw ponytails back then? [SNT] Wait, I can’t fly!!!! That stupid bonehead forgot to give me the power to- FLYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHH!!!!!!!! [SONIC] Look! She’s falling! We gotta save her! I’ll save her! Sonic to the rescue! [AMY] (sassy attitude)
There he goes, saving a person he doesn’t know! [CREAM] But that’s his job, right? [SNT] I hope that hedgehog catches me! [SONIC] I got her! I got her! [PROJECTSNT] So, one thing you’ll notice
about this comic is that people don’t! Shut! Up! There has to be dialogue in each box for some reason. Even though it’s not necessary. I guess Past Me has never heard of
“Show, Don’t Tell!” [SONIC] Don’t worry! I gotcha… AHH!!! [SNT] Hey, you saved me. Thanks.
[SONIC] No problem. [PROJECTSNT] These two should be dead on impact,
or at least severely injured. Also, I vaguely remember drawing that mushroom so SNT could bounce on it, and therefore make the landing less rough, but I decided against it for some unknown reason. [SNT] Now where are we?
[SONIC] Ow, my head…I think your extra weight
triggered a trap door! [SNT] You’re right! [SONIC] How do we get out? There is no exit!
[SNT] Yes, there is! [SONIC] Where? I don’t see an exit-
[SNT] Hold that thought… WHOA!
*spinning* *rock crumbling* [SNT] And now there is! [PROJECTSNT] Sonic is impressed by the fact that SNT could hit something by rolling up in a ball, even though most of his friends are able to do the same thing. Why? *sparkles, funky love music*
Because…SHE’S SPECIAL! [SNT] Come on! [SONIC] Looks like your hole leads to…
[NARRATOR] Eggman’s Underground Base [SNT] Well, someone could use a decorating tip or two! [PROJECTSNT] Wow, SNT used to be sassy. In my later years of using this character, she became sort of this meek, self-conscious person
that was afraid of everything. So, it’s funny seeing her throw one-liners
and act sassy! So, wait, Eggman has two bases? Did he know a Mary Sue OC would eventually blow up his usual base, and to prepare for this, he built
another base underground? Props to the man for being self-aware, I guess. Also, I’d like to point out that this orb of mysterious
green science liquid is probably the best-drawn thing
in this comic. [SNT] Come on! I know a shortcut!
[SONIC] Ahh! [SONIC] Hold up! How do you know
how to get out of here? [SNT] We’ll talk about that later;
in the meantime, look behind you!
[SONIC] Look behind me? [ROBOT]
Destroy!!! [SONIC] RUN!!! [PROJECTSNT] (serious) Why doesn’t Sonic just attack? [ROBOT] Intruder alert! Intruder alert!
[SNT] Hey, we’re not intruders! We’re hedgehogs…
well, sort of. [SONIC] Come on!
[SNT] Well, I’d love to stay and chat, but I’ve gotta go! Bye! [ROBOT] Destroy intruders! [PROJECTSNT] This robot could have easily squashed S while she was sassing, but he didn’t, because… *sparkles, funky love tune x1.5 speed*
she’s SPECIAL!!! [NARRATOR] The chase is on.
[SNT] That robot’s pretty fast, too.
[SONIC] Fast, but not pretty. Oh no! A dead end! [SNT] Don’t worry. I’ll take care of this. *BWOOP*
[SONIC] What are you, nuts? Eggman’s robots are dangerous! [PROJECTSNT] So *now* we’re going to fight, huh? Let me guess: S is so amazing that she takes the robot down all by herself while adding in Snarky Remarks! [ROBOT] DESTROY!!! [SNT] Take this!
[SNT] What a wimpy robot. YEAH!!! [PROJECTSNT] Yep, called it!
And again, more unnecessary dialogue! *Chao!!*
[SONIC] Hey, it’s Chocula!
[SNT] Cho-WHO-la!? [SONIC] Gotcha!
*Chao chao!!* [SONIC] This is Chocula. My friend Cream had a chao,
and this is his twin! [SNT] Twin chao, huh?
[SONIC] But why would Eggman kidnap Chocula? [EGGMAN/ROBOTNIK] You’ll never find out Sonic!
[SONIC] Dr. Eggman! [PROJECTSNT] Wait, how is Eggman alive? I guess since he had this underground base, he managed to somehow escape to it
before his other base exploded. Also, how convenient: Eggman, in monitor form, shows up to cover up the fact that I never had an explanation as to why
Chocula was inside that robot! [SONIC] Whatever you’re up to,
you’ll never get away with it!
*Chao chao!!* [EGGMAN/ROBOTNIK] That’s what you think,
you meddling swine!
[SONIC] Swine!? WHY I OUGHTA- *sirens blaring* [SONIC] We gotta get out of here!
[SNT] I’m right behind you, Sonic! [SONIC] Right…that’s my name.
All this time, we were running around,
and we don’t even know our names. [SNT] I’m SNT; nice to meet you, Sonic. [SONIC] Okay, enough of the introduction. Let’s go!
*Chao chao chao!* [PROJECTSNT] I would point out that Sonic
should question how SNT isn’t a real name, but then again, he’s friends with a guy named Big. [SNT] Like I said, I’m right behind you.
Here we go! [SONIC] What are you getting?
[SNT] Just a little something. *Thrwomp* [SNT] You know, a cage is so medieval times. *THRWOMP* That’s not what I meant! [PROJECTSNT] More sass! And how does a Mobian
know anything about medieval times? This was written before “Sonic and the Black Knight”
was even a thing. [SNT] We’ve got to get out of here!
[SONIC] But I just said that eight panels ago! [PROJECTSNT] (silly)
[SONIC] Another one!?
*Chao Chao!* [SONIC] Why don’t you bust another hole in the wall?
[SNT] I can’t, because the wall is made of Plexiglass! #LOGIC
(Yep, definitely hit it out of the ballpark. -JRD) [SONIC] But the ceiling isn’t!
(SNT gasps) [SNT] Sonic, you’re a genius!
[SONIC] I am? [PROJECTSNT] I’m surprised I used the right kind of ‘you’re’ in that sentence! Yet, I misspelled genius! How does Sonic know that the ceiling is breakable?
Is he going off the knowledge of them
falling through the Earth? But they weren’t at Eggman’s base back then. Now that I think about it, why was that trap there,
and so conveniently close to Eggman’s base? [SONIC] I mean of course, I’m a genius…
a supercool genius.
[SNT] We’ve gotta bust a hole in the ceiling! [SONIC] Okay…I’m not a genius, but I’m still cool.
[SNT] I called you a genius because
you gave me an idea! [SONIC] We have to bust a hole in the ceiling?
[SNT] Yep. [SONIC] Ah… I was just kidding! [PROJECTSNT] Sonic is an idiot,
and this dialouge makes no sense. [SNT] Sonic, can you throw me on the ceiling?
[SONIC] I don’t want to hurt you. [SNT] Don’t worry. I’ll be okay.
[SONIC] Just be careful, SNT. I hope she knows what she’s doing… [SNT] I hope this works! [PROJECTSNT] (triggered)
Jesus Christ, stop talking *please!* Yes! *Random crashing noise* [SONIC] That’s really impressive and all,
but how do I get out?
[SNT] Don’t worry, Sonic! I’ve got it covered! Hopefully this will make me fly… This has got to work… Hey! My tails grew! [PROJECTSNT] How convenient that she knew
*exactly* where that was, even though she only realized that she couldn’t fly seven pages ago. I don’t even know what that is. An item box? Maybe? Don’t even know anymore. [SONIC] What’s taking you so long? Are you making a rope or something? *Tap tap tap* Not now, I’m busy Aw Man, not another one! [ROBOT] Intruders captured!
[SONIC] Hey, let me go!
*Chao!* [PROJECTSNT] This robot looks way better
than the last one, and that’s not saying much. Why didn’t Sonic just attack, instead of using the free time he had to snark? Oh…I know why… [SNT] Oh no, you don’t! That’ll teach you to mess with my friends.
Come on, Sonic! Let’s get out of here. [SONIC] How?
[SNT] Like this!
[SONIC] Cool! [PROJECTSNT] Sonic doesn’t question the fact that this
is the second person he’s met with two tails! In fact, it’s implied in canon that Tails got made fun of
for having two tails, and that’s why Sonic became his friend But of course, he doesn’t question it because… *sparkles and funky music speeding up exponentially*
she’s SPECIAL!!!!! (third time that’s said here!) [SONIC] You can fly?
[SNT] I can now!
*Chao!* [SNT] Hey Sonic, can I stay at your house?
[SONIC] What’s wrong with your house? [SNT] HmmMmM…
[SONIC] Oh…Don’t worry! You can stay with me! [SNT] Really? Y’know, you’re kind of cute! (Sonic stammers,
Chao mutters the “sitting in a tree” song) [SONIC] Sitting in a… Hey! That’s not funny! [PROJECTSNT] Totally necessary shipping fuel. [SONIC] Nevermind. Let’s just go to my place.
Come on, SNT! Follow me!
So that’s where my project is hiding! [ROBOT WNT-40] Sorry doctor. We couldn’t destroy the intruders.
[ROBOT AMOX-1011] They’re fast. [PROJECTSNT] How are those robots still functional? [EGGMAN/ROBOTNIK]
I’m very disappointed in you letting Sonic get away. [ROBOT WNT-40] Please don’t throw us in the pit of destruction!
[EGGMAN/ROBOTNIK] Oh, I wouldn’t do that!
(He would. -JRD) Okay, maybe I would!
(Called it! -JRD) [ROBOTS WNT-40 & AMOX-1011]
No! (screams as they are chopped to pieces) [PROJECTSNT] Robot genocide is hilarious to Eggman! [WARBLING VIDEO]
Yeah, really! [EGGMAN/ROBOTNIK]
Now, back to planning my next blow! [NARRATOR] Sonic’s Underground Cave
[SONIC] Whoa! Cream, you had to put in a slide? [CREAM] Sonic! You’re back! [PROJECTSNT] Sonic also has an underground base? Also, shut up, Sonic. A slide is a great idea! Cream, so far, is proving herself to be the smartest character in this comic, pointing out that Eggman should be in his base, and also, building a slide so that people don’t hurt themselves trying to get into their base! Look, she even left out a pillow! At least I think that’s a pillow. [AMY] Sonic! I missed you so much! [SNT & SONIC]
(exclaiming) [SNT] I’m sorry Sonic.
[SONIC] That’s okay, SNT. [AMY] Huh? [PROJECTSNT] Here comes the obligatory love triangle. [TAILS] Hey Sonic, who’s your friend? [SONIC] Guys, meet SNT.
[SNT] Nice to meet you! [TAILS] My name’s Tails. I’m Sonic’s best friend. [CREAM] Hi, I’m Cream, and this is Cheese!
*Chao!!* [SNT] Wait, you’re Cream?
[CREAM] Yeah, why?
*Chao?* [SNT] I found a friend of yours!
[CREAM] Chocola!
*Chao!* *Chao chao!* [SNT] Hey, you haven’t told me your name yet!
[AMY] My name is Amy. [AMY] (sarcastically) So happy to meet you.
[SNT] Oh…okay… [PROJECTSNT] Also obligatory. Amy salt. [SNT] Hey Sonic, where do I sleep? [AMY] Whoa! Who said you could stay here? [SNT] Sonic said so.
[AMY] I don’t believe you. [SONIC] Sorry Amy, it’s true.
[AMY] What? [PROJECTSNT] Why is Sonic apologizing,
like he knew Amy would be upset over this? [CREAM] Isn’t it great Amy? You finally have
someone your own age to hang out with! [AMY] Oooo, Amy! You have someone to hang out with… Sheesh! [SNT] Hey, Amy, what’ cha doing?
[AMY] Oh! uhh… Nothing. [SNT] You know, your friend Sonic is kind of cute.
[AMY] ..Cute?
[SNT] Yeah! Something tells me girls crush on him! [AMY] Crush?!
[SNT] He’s very nice, too. You might even call him… Boyfriend material. [AMY] BOYFRIEND!?!? [PROJECTSNT] Why is SNT talking like this!? [AMY] (thinking)
She’s not thinking…what I think she’s thinking… (to SNT) Now listen up, Ms. Missy Miss!
Let me lay down a few rules!
(Get’n burnt! -JRD) Sonic is MINE! Got it? MINE!!!
So don’t even THINK about it!
(Jeez, Amy, control yourself! -JRD) [SNT] Think about what?
[AMY] You know what I’m talking about! Dating Sonic! [SNT] What, dating Sonic? That’s too funny!
[AMY] Don’t play dumb! [SNT] Really, I wasn’t thinking about that! Honestly.
[AMY] …riiiiiiight… [PROJECTSNT] S has no interest in Sonic, yet just five seconds ago, she was commenting about how he was “boyfriend material”
in the most condescending way. Because that makes sense. [AMY] I’m still gonna keep an eye on you, got it?
[SNT] Uh, okay… Sheesh! Somebody’s a little jealous of the new girl! [SONIC] Come on, SNT!
Let me show you around, Sonic Style!
[SNT] Okay! [SONIC] I’ll give you grand tour.
[SNT] Right behind you! [AMY] Hey!!! She didn’t even listen to me! [PROJECTSNT] Getting a tour from Sonic counts as not listening? Amy, you need to chill… [AMY] This girl is gonna put a dent
in my relationship with Sonic. Fine, I’ll just have to fight back! And I will win! Oh yeah, mark my words, SNT,
you have met your match!!!!!!! [SNT] Um I can hear you.
(Have a little trouble, huh Amy? -JRD) [AMY] Hey, what’s that?
[SNT] What, what is it? Uhmm Amy? [PROJECTSNT] So, that was “Sonic the Hedgehog Meets SNT.” I hope you enjoyed this cringe-inducing peek into the mind of my preteen self, but hey, there are a lot worse things out there, right? At least I’m aware of how bad my art and writing used to be, and looking back at this stuff
makes me appreciate how far I’ve come. So, why don’t you try it out yourself?
Find some old art, story, or video
you made when you were younger. Let yourself laugh, or cringe at it,
then see where you are now. Maybe it’ll give you some
confidence in your current work… Or maybe it’ll just be endless pain! Captions and in-caption comments (where available)
edited from a community version Captions edited by Jacob Davis
(Twitter @AutisticTechie) Other users may have contributed
to this captions track.


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