my PSYCHOTIC sugar daddy story. you aren’t ready.

Oh Man Oh man I fucking hate this video. I just wanna let you know we’re two seconds in and I fucking hate this story I have sat down to film this story in its entirety at least five times. I’m gonna be real with you I’m gonna be straight up with you This video is going to be a fucking Podcast you are going to be here for 45 minutes at a minimum Listening to the story and that’s just the way it’s gonna be and if you don’t like it, you can suck my dick. Sorry I’m angry. I realize the David Dobrik style jump cut 4 minute and 20 seconds Every second is so interesting videos are what’s in right now But that’s just not gonna happen with this video. And if you want this fucking story you’re here So strap the fuck in and you’re here. Okay? If you don’t like it suck my dick but really I I sat down right now with five espresso shots over ice in a grande cup of water. A full ass Sativa blunt because I already know this video isn’t getting monetized so I might as well get high que every comments It’s like and this is the start of Tana’s downfall All like I haven’t smoked weed since like seventh grade to be real with you Probably one of the craziest stories I’ve ever told in my youtube channel and it’s also probably a bad time to tell it because it’s so crazy that I feel like 99% of people are going to hear it and be like that’s fake your story’s fake you’re lying And I get that if I heard this story from some dumb bitch at like a Hollywood party I would be like yeah fucking right like you just want attention like fuck off, you know And I get that going into this and I’m accepting the way it’s gonna be but it’s all for the greater good of telling you The story because it is absolutely without a doubt in the top-five craziest things to ever happen to me Maybe even top three I don’t want to say top one because I’ve been through a lot But another thing that’s really prohibited me from telling this story is to be real with you like how bad it makes me look And not only how bad it makes me look but like my mom’s gonna watch this like hi, mom. Jordan’s gonna watch this Hi, Jordan I’m sorry. Every guy to Potentially ever date me ever may come across this video and I’m accepting that going into it and it sucks so like if you’re gonna date me like Like I didn’t have that would be a lie. I was gonna say I didn’t have a sugar daddy But like this is your if you’re gonna date me and you’re watching this I didn’t sell my pussy for money. If you’re wondering, hi my future boyfriend like can’t wait to get married, hehe I mean I guess we should just get right into it I just want you to know like if you are watching this This is for you I gave up on this video Mentally for me like six months ago when I told it the fourth time. Every single time I film it, it’s four hours of footage. I’ve edited it every single time then I pussy out I delete the footage like whatever like at this point it is entirely for you I don’t want to do this but I want you to know. Yeah, this also might be my next video So what’s up real-time? Fuck with me David Dobrik just kidding. He’s doing just fine I mean if you want to subscribe and click that little bell to turn your notifications on because this is gonna be so demonetized I rely on the little notification bells, you know, this story takes place almost a year ago Which is insane because I’ve been trying to film this story since it like took place a few months prior. What is my life? I just gotten off of my first world tour 40 shows hadn’t been home. Hadn’t had any time to relax I’ve been working my ass off and I was finally ready to take a break and have fun with my friends and so Airbnb was nice enough to give me this fucking dope ass house in Los Angeles and Hollywood Hills to stay for a week and just Kind of relax and get worked out in LA and like party and like whatever the fuck so I’m staying in this house It’s fucking beautiful. Like literally it’s like this gorgeous mansion in Hollywood Hills. I’m not over exaggerating I will literally link the house tour below and I’m living lavish as fuck I want to keep living lavish like any bitch and for some reason at this time in life Oh god this story’s so long like right now I feel like I’m at the bottom of this giant ass mountain that I just have to like talk my way through for the next five hours A little bit of backstory very very quickly I feel like at this time of life more than ever getting a sugar daddy and having A sugar-daddy and having a sugar daddy buy you stuff and like all that kind of bullshit was so like Prevalent in the world like that’s what I feel all like jokes on Twitter Were about like what everyone was talking about at the time and it was like so much more like a mystery then all of my Like youtuber friends in LA and I’m talking like your favorite beauty Gurus who you think of what never sucked a dick before like all had secret sugar daddies buying all their designer bags, literally I’m not even kidding you I remember being at beautycon and one of my favorite beauty gurus literally showing me the pussy pics she was Going to snapchat her sugar daddy, so he would send her like 200 bucks like she was literally just doing it for like the thrill of it like this bitch was making like twenty racks at beautycon to like Smile with the lipstick and she was on your popping her pussy for like 20 bucks for a guy that she met on seeking Arrangements like five hours prior. It made no sense to me. I’m like all my friends in Vegas I get home that I like grew up with him went to high school with were like on seeking arrangements It was like post on there finstas about it and I saw it on their finstas and I was always seeing these like Vegas hoes Who like came from fucking nothing like had no money just like me and came up like me with like Gucci bags cuz they’re like Going on lunch dates. It was just everywhere So I stay in this house for like four or five days and it’s the last night that we’re all in this house I just wanna let you know I’m so high that I literally feel like I’m floating from like those four hits a weed and I’m Trying to like talk my way through but it’s like very difficult because I literally feel like a Gene like in a bottle like right now, it’s floating above this couch Okay Anyway, so I stay in this house for like four or five days Whatever and now it’s the last night that we’re staying there and everyone decides to go out like Elijah This was before he’s with Sam. So he’s like boo thing from Grindr Jordan and like everyone decided to go out for some reason I decided I wanted to stay in and just kind of like relish in the house have some alone time and just like I literally Haven’t been alone in my two months because I’ve been on tour like every single day hadn’t been alone and so I’m laying on the couch in this mansion all by myself and like all the lights are off and like the lights of like Hollywood Hills are like out the window and it’s Beautiful and all of the lights and like music to the houses are on my phone So I have it like set to my vibe. I’m like drinking an earth cafe smoothie like laying on this fuzzy ass blanket Yes, like it just like good god I want to live like this for the rest of my life, and I guess I’m just sitting there Like how would one finesse this lifestyle? Obviously that YouTube coin is dope. This was one Adsense was a significantly better as well I was making money at the time but it’s like you never know how long YouTube’s gonna last and everyone ingrains into your brain That it’s like two fucking seconds and you should have a million other outlets of income and all that bullshit And so I’m just sitting there and I decide it’s time to download an app called seeking arrangements This is not sponsored by seeking arrangements But it just should be like no one will ever give seeking Arrangements a harder promotion than I’m about to in this video And I’m getting no coin for it story of my life There’s basically no other app for like sugar daddies and sugar babies meeting and like all that kind of stuff like this is pretty much The only app it’s what everyone uses including all of your favorite youtubers So hop on there, you know try to find me or someone else It’s just like you hop on. It’s like Emma Chamberlain like in a scrunchy. She like will pop pussy for 20 bucks It’s just like Jojo Siwa it’s just like Colleen Ballinger pregnant. It’s like like Pics for cash. I hop on it I make my profile. I make my fake name because you have to have a fake name on there My fake name is fucking hilarious By the way, but I still use it So I can’t really tell you it but just know like like it’s funny. It’s like And so after setting up my entire profile I make my location just like nearby That’s a really good fucking way to get murdered. God. I’m stupid because I’m in this prime location in Hollywood Hills Where else would you find better sugar daddies? Why not just work from the inside out? I made my location nearby and I started thumbing your peoples profiles. Oh my god. This story is so fucking long my god I’m literally just like one one thousandth of the way in like I want to die And so basically their profile just consists of like pictures of them what they’re looking for What type of relationship? They’re looking for their height their weight Like if they’re married if they’ve ever been married if they have kids what their net worth is like how much they made last year Like all this past time and they have to verify all of that information as well with like bank statements through seeking arrangements Was that English? So basically no one can really lie about their income or lie about anything on the website because they have to verify everything You know, so it’s safer. I’m thumbing through these profiles of all these men and as I’m just looking through it It’s like ugly ass like I’m sorry, like I’m sure you could have been hot like 85 years ago, but just ugly ass old men in like BDSM and leather and like ball gags are just like Grandpas in your funeral homes with BIOS like suck and fuck me for a wallet baby girl, if you know what I mean Or like spank me come step on my balls like, you know It wasn’t my vibe I wasn’t really feeling it being on the app for like 20 minutes was just so like Degrading it just wasn’t what I thought it was gonna be And I’m not saying every profile is like that if you’re looking for a sugar daddy It definitely gets the job done and it’s also a great app. This still isn’t a sponsorship I just feel bad because I love them. I’m like connected to them We have like me and seeking arrangements like we been through a lot and I’m about to get off that like sign off Probably delete it never use it again forever. I’m like, I’ll just click one more profile And so I click this guy’s profile and even at first I’m looking through his photos He’s definitely still an older dude, and he’s not my type physically in any way, but his photos are very normal They’re like nice professional photos of him like on a yacht Stupid and I just spilled espresso all over the floor and I rent this house I got up like I was just gonna clean the espresso like it’s just gonna stay there Like I literally got up turned the camera off and then just turned it back on and sat down. Like the espresso is still spilling on my floor. I scroll down more and like his bio is very normal It’s literally just like been using this app for a while I find it works better because I have very limited times “da da da, blah blah blah” I understand the premise of the way this dating website works But would love to find someone with a connection or that I could have a good conversation with also an entrepreneur Also a mentor would love to help you in any business aspects like a very Normal and like great bio and his entire profile is great. You know, it’s not like he’s married He doesn’t have kids and then I scroll down a little further and This is where you’re gonna start to not believe me and I get that fucking dope but his net worth Was a hundred million dollars. He was fully verified on that Diamond member bank statements to prove it Not that I’m like a seasoned seeking Arrangements veteran But I feel like the average Net worth on the app is like 1 to 2 million like maybe 5 if you find 10 like you freaked out, you know What I mean, then most of them are even less than that, you know like I haven’t seen a hundred million dollar net worth on the app yet and I don’t know of anyone else who had and I Was like what the fuck this is too good to be true. And so I sit there and I debated for a second I’m like honestly fuck it I guess I probably should have explained this further but like I definitely should have explained this further because you’ve gone this far in the video thinking that I might be okay with being a Prostitute, but I guess very quickly. I want to explain or clarify apologize pre scandal I didn’t go into this wanting to like fuck an old man for money and I would literally never do that Like my vagina would be driving the Sahara Desert and I’m just cool off that like I honestly went into this like if I can Go on a lunch date with some dude who wants to like paying little bitches like me for their Company and get like a Gucci wallet out of it. That would be cool If like some old dude wants to like text me all day About like his shitty day at the office and like he’s paying all my rent and bills for it like hell Yeah, like I’m so sorry that the fax machine didn’t work, you know? I love doing things like that like things that are a little risky things that are a little Adrenaline rushy things that are a little like wrong. I’m I’m an asshole nice to meet you and I’ve always Been that bitch who has a little bit of hustle in her I grew up like that like you know what I mean even though I like make good money now It’s like why would I pay my bills, but I could like be hey daddy. How was your day? To like have all my bills paid and then save my money because in like a year I’m not gonna be relevant, you know And I’m not saying that I’m against people who do that like literally pop your pussy for whatever you want in this life I’m gonna put that on a plaque Oh Like if you popped your pussy for a hot and spicy at McDonald’s like if you wanted a hot spicy like go the fuck off Like I’m not judging you. I don’t give a fuck. I have no room to judge anyone for anything I’m just saying I was just down for like lunch dates for a Birkin And so I’m sitting there looking at my phone debating messaging him and in my head I’m just kind of like you just look through like a hundred guys on this app and think about how Horrible, they were how much lower their net worth were than this guy How bad their BIOS were how bad their photos really whatever on and on and on you probably won’t come across this opportunity again You’ve also never been a bitch Tana. What is DMing him gonna hurt you. Never know where this can go It probably won’t get much better than this do it right now. Just do it I’ve always been that kind of person if I think about it too long right hard you’re over and I’ll go back and forth or I’ll talk myself out of it. Like I have to just be impulsive high-risk high-reward Like let’s go or high risk and really fuck-up, but you know whatever and so I do it I slide in his DMS and so I’m sitting there and I’m also starting to realize that I’m like super bummed because I’m leaving back to Vegas in like a day and if this guy lives in Hollywood Hills And he’s like nearby whatever I might not get to see him until the next time I come to LA and like that what’s up? So I wait for him to message me back. He doesn’t I go to sleep. Wake up the next day still no message back I’m just kind of telling myself like if it’s meant to be it will be moving on with my life like not even expecting a Message back, whatever and so finally I check out of this house I fly home to Vegas get in an uber uber to my apartment at the time This is actually right after I’ve just gotten evicted and was living in such a shitty apartment I think that was also fueling me to just like have a sugar daddy I walk into my apartment and put my bags down and the Second I put my bags down. I get on my phone and I see a message back on seeking arrangements from this guy I’m like, well, that’s weird and then he’s like hey, so sorry. I hadn’t messaged you back yet because I was traveling to Vegas I’m gonna be in Vegas for the next 2 or 3 days, but when I’m back in Hollywood I’ll hit you up but has no idea that I live in Vegas didn’t write anywhere on my thing that I was born in Vegas Or have a house up there like live out there. My thing is not my real name There’s no way he like knows me as some little YouTube bitch like those dudes like 50 He has no idea and so I message back and I’m like, dude This is so weird But I literally just landed in Vegas and walked in my house and he’s like what the fuck I literally never come to Vegas I’m like 20 years sober I don’t drink. I don’t gamble like I’m out here for a business meeting just took the jet out here. I just flew Southwest And I’m like that’s fucking crazy dude not to be like a what are the odds ass bitch But what are the odds that the one guy I message out of hundreds and hundreds of guys He doesn’t Message me back until I land in Vegas saying that he’s in Vegas too when he has no idea that I’m in Vegas like the fact that we were literally both like Traveling to Vegas at the same time from LA from Hollywood and like had no idea It was really weird to me and it was super coincidental and I also feel like it made me want to do it 10 times more because it’s like the stars were aligned I felt Like it was a sign from the universe, you know He gives me his number he texts me and he tells me his real name. Like hey, it’s blah blah blah It’s my real name, by the way And then he’s something like and if you want to know more about me, like you can google me, lol And first of all, I’m like me to every user ever know me to every uber driver It’s a little narcissistic but I feel like most guys that are on this app are and like Obviously like I don’t even care we can all be a little narcissitic, sweetie I’ve been looking in the viewfinder the entire time I know immediately upon googling him It’s like his name award-winning producer Oscars three Emmys two – let me just fucking google his ass right now honest why even front like why even lie like when I can just I mean Google a Grammy Awards nominations for Primetime Emmy Awards The first result is his own website Which is this huge ass website billboard articles interviews after interviews after interviews Forbes articles IMDB verified Twitter whatever all this crazy shit and I feel like most guys on seeking arrangements also are like I own a car dealership in Glendale So I make a little extra coin and if you want a Michael Kors bag suck my balls. You know what I mean like they’re not I’m so sorry They’re not like Google able and with like insane repertoires like this one They just have a little extra coin or like they’re a lawyer like they’re a doctor Okay, so my SD card ran out of space because we’ve already been filming for like nine hours and we’re like one tenth In to the story Hmm time to drink some crack and all of the related Searches are like his name like yeah his name net worth his name Wikipedia people may also search for Janis Joplin Michael Jackson’s The Doors the remotes Jim Morris and Johnny Depp like why is he being like compared to these people? Like what like I’m not even that mainstream like if you search me it’s like we may compare to Iggy Azalea but like put through a blender you know may compare to Bella Thorne but like Clout chase you know and obviously I know that this sounds so fucking stupid in hindsight But I’m also just walking you through my thought process in we all know that I am so fucking stupid at times I remember in the moment thinking to myself because he’s Google able like he won’t kill me either like because he’s Google able, he’s not like gonna tie me up in But Harvey Weinstein is also Google able and I should think these things through I don’t I remember being more inclined to want to Reply now that I’d like googled him and like verified who he was and like whatever We basically just start texting back and forth having small talk and he’s actually also witty and funny and like holding a good Conversation and like isn’t boring and like I would have totally expected him to be like what’s lol mean like lots of love outdated I guess and he like wasn’t I’m like, you know What an emoji is daddy? And he’s like, honestly, this is gonna sound very very upfront And normally I would talk to girls for months on seeking arrangement and I’ve literally never done this But what are the odds that were both in Vegas for the next two days and I had a meeting tonight But they just cancelled would you like to get dinner? And so I debate it for a second. I ask all my friends I FaceTime Amaury I’m like freaking out I can’t decide but again, I’m like, what are the fucking odds like? I’m only in Vegas for the next like five days. I put my shit for nearby and Hollywood Hills What are the odds that I meet this guy? We’re in Vegas at the same time you get it whatever like just fucking do it and that’s another thing I’d seen so many my friends conversations with guys on seeking arrangements on their finstas or in life or whatever and it was always just the guy that being like How much are you like what’s your price? But can I pay you this much to fuck you? Like do you want this dick baby girl a shitty shit and like he’s asking me to dinner and it’s this normal conversation He’s Google able and like all this shit and I’m just like fuck it. I’m just gonna do it I say yes, and he’s like, okay, like what’s your address? I’m sending a driver for you Like they’ll pick you up at this time and even at that time this was before I think drivers Were a common thing in my life and like the fact that this guy just has like a driver in Vegas that he can send For me and like that he is sending a driver for me that goes don’t and so I’m immediately like impressed I’m like what’s going on? So I give him my address. I start getting ready. I’m wearing like a house of CB like bodycon dress and like spanks and like Louboutins which by the way looking back wearTarget heels so they want to buy a Louboutins dumb ass but Tana’s school for sugar babies class one Don’t wear the Louboutins. And so I get entirely ready This is like the only thing in my entire life I’ve ever been on time for ever he texts me and tells me that the driver will be there in like 20 minutes whatever and we’re having dinner at the wind and Even that’s dope as fuck in my opinion. The wind is one of the nicest hotels in Vegas I think it’s very classy as fuck really really dope architecture. Really really nice restaurants Like yeah, I’m trying to be like Molly on an ice skating rink in Vegas Maybe I want to go to the cosmopolitan But if I’m trying to get money from a sugar daddy the wins like classy, you know and so he texts me and he’s like the drivers outside take your time with and so I walk outside and this is just a Random coincidence and I realized this videos a podcast but I told you like whatever suck a dick in Vegas I would always Uber everywhere, but I have this favorite Uber driver when I lived at my loft in Vegas He lived like right next door. So every single time I would request an uber select I would get this driver and he was like my homie he would like Let me smoke in the car he would let me and my friend squeeze. He would drive me to the airport for cheaper Whatever. He’s like my homie, like shoutout Goran if you’re watching this I fuck with you. I love you then I hadn’t seen him in like four months because I’ve been on tour and I’ve been in Los Angeles like he literally drove being all my friends like packed in his car with our suitcases to the airport to go on tour and there are hundreds upon hundreds of drivers in Vegas Vegas is probably one of the biggest cities in the world for drivers and the odds of Goran pulling up to my house are one in a billion and I walk outside And he’s standing outside of my house with the door open and he just looks at me and I know him very well keep in Mind I’ve riden in his car hundreds and upon hundreds of times even so many conversation He has daughters that are like fans of me and like FaceTime them. I fucking love them Shout out to them if you’re watching this don’t get a sugar daddy Your dad is dope and he just looks at me like super confused And he was I Tana I had no idea that you knew blank like the name of the sugar daddy I didn’t see you as that kind of girl Like solder my heart with a chainsaw because he’s like this father figure I know his daughters. Like I would have just loved if this driver would have been a random guy Let’s go to the win now, I’m also starting to have these like thoughts of doubt and go to church like bathe in Holy water and you’re a whore like oh my god. Don’t do this. It’s a lot. I’m overwhelmed. It’s overwhelming car ride And so we drive to the win Goren drops me off the second. I opened the door to get out of the car There are four guys standing there in like full suits CIA Secret Service suits I realize this is another part of the story that you may not believe but suck a dick and also if you Don’t believe that just fuck off but it’s a podcast I hate this video, but four dudes in Secret Service suits walk up to the car and they’re like you’re Tana right and I’m like Yeah, and they’re like, okay, like we’re with blank the name of your sugar daddy We’re his security We’re gonna be taking you to dinner whatever and I’m like, what the fuck? Like what the fuck is going on? Like first of all, I might about to get like murdered by these like men in black like spies Why does he have four security guards with like earpieces? Like what the fuck is going on? And so they walk me all the way through the win hotel We’re walking for like so on my feet hurts so bad on the red bottoms. I’m so brave People are looking at me so weird in the hotel and it’s also like what if I see a fan like what do I say? What if I see anyone? I know I’m in Vegas It’s finally sinking in like you’re literally walking to like a seeking arrangement state right now with a guy that you’ve never met who’s like 50 who is the net worth of a hundred million dollars and is More successful than you’ll ever be being walked through the Wynn right now by the Secret Service Like what and so finally we walk all the way through the Wynn We like pass every restaurant and I’m like, okay I’m just gonna get murdered and we walk over like what looks like it’s just like a sculpture on a wall and you can go to the Wynn you can find this like a And they walk up to it and it’s actually a door and they open this door into this like secret full Giant restaurant fully staff the secret restaurant. I don’t know if I should be talking about it But like also I didn’t sign an NDA so come from me secret Wynn restaurant I walk in there’s like a girl at a podium whatever the security drops me off and the girl at the podium is like Mr Da da da, will see you now like straight out of Fifty Shades of Grey I just want you to understand this entire experience literally could have a movie made about it Fuck what? I just want like Margot Robbie to play me cuz I’m like fugly, you know And so she walks me to the back of the restaurant to the bar and this guy is sitting there and he stands up i’m Five seven and i’m in like five inch heels so that literally makes me like, I can’t do math six something He stands up and it is I kid you not the tallest man i’ve ever seen in my life He’s towering over me and earlier in the text He had said something super weird like wear heels with like a smirk emoji and honestly in the back of my head I just thought like another one of those like step on my balls dudes and like maybe he wanted me to wear heels if you Liked heels or whatever I realized that it was because he was referencing that. He was an oaktree. I’m like hi. I’m Tana It’s nice to meet. You know, he’s like hi. I’m What’s like an old man named. I’m Jim. It’s nice to meet you So yeah, we’re gonna call him Jim for the rest of the video. I’m high as fuck. I don’t we walk over to the table and I look around and I realize Like it’s a Friday night. This restaurant could be poppin and there’s no one in it He rented out the entire restaurant and we’re sitting in the back of the restaurant in this insane Four-poster like booth with like curtains all around it silverware and everything is like gorgeous and like detail There’s like flowers on the table like music like it’s gorgeous and I’m like you rented out this entire restaurant and he’s like, yeah I can’t really do things normally but like I also wanted to impress you or something like that I’m like, oh my god I totally went into this date assuming as well from everything that every other girl would like actual sugar daddy is to say and like all that kind of stuff that The conversation was gonna be really boring and it would be like listening to your dad talk. That’s creepy I don’t want to say that let me rewind just listening to an old man talking like pretending to care Talking about the crossword in like Sunday morning’s paper You know that I sit down I start talking in and we just dive into this amazing conversation which I will get into it in a second and I’m such a Conversationalist, I’m such a stickler for that. That is how you win my heart Like I never fall for someone unless we have like amazing deep conversations. I hate small talk. I love hearing people’s life stories I love picking people’s brains I love people who aren’t afraid to just delve into a conversation Balls-deep about something actually with substance because we’re like only on this earth for so much time why spend our time talking about the weather and fucking the Kardashians or whatever when we can actually learn shit from each other and that’s all we really have to offer each other in this life Is knowledge. I’m sorry. I’m high you get the point though, but even as we start this conversation, it’s crazy Every waiter that comes up to him is like folding his napkin and like yes, Mr Like oh my god, but just sucking the fart out of his asshole You know attending to his every move like he literally can look at his water glass and they’re like already on their way to like refilling the Same thing for me treating us like royalty But I don’t know what’s going on and it’s so much to take in all at once we dive into this Conversation and I’m like, I want to know all about your life I want to know all about what you do and how you’re here. And why everything is the way it is I’m such a brain picker as is and obviously with like everything that’s going on so far like the driver and the security and the secret restaurant and the rented out restaurant everything on Google like is so fucking weird and out of the ordinary and obviously even if all I get out of this is like picking his dudes brain like I’m About it, you know and so he’s like, you know, like I’m 50, whatever 40 whatever something like that Definitely 50 whatever. I only said 40 whatever to make me sound less bad But like we’re already balls deep and basically he’s like I manage dead people That was the first thing out of his mouth and I was like what? Okay, so can you contact all my dead friends and tell them that I missed I’m sorry if I was dark But really I’m like what then it’s all mine. Okay, so he’s just like a medium maybe and he’s like no No I’m a talent manager for famed artist that like passed away like Michael Jackson and Kurt Cobain and Janis Joplin and the doors and the Ramones and I managed some people that are alive obviously and the Beatles How could I forget the Beatles I managed all of the greats that have passed away because even though they passed away like their legacy still lives on and their records still sell and they still have merch and I think about Every basic bitch you’ve ever seen in like a brandy melville like Ramones t-shirt like he’s getting a cut of that You know what? I mean? I’m literally like that’s insane. That’s the most insane thing I’ve ever heard. I’ve always been into talent management Anyways, like I think it’s the coolest thing ever because behind every star is like their manager and their team who puts it all together And does all that kind of stuff and it’s such a hard job Let alone doing it for dead people because in reality Michael Jackson isn’t alive to make a decision about wear shirts with this face gets older like what songs of his like work or whatever And that’s like what this guy does he makes those decisions So does that mean like Michael Jackson’s family and Janis Joplin’s family and Kurt Cobain’s family, like whatever trust this man enough So I’m good what’s going on? We dive into that With that more and it’s just so clear that he’s such a fucking Intelligent businessman and he’s actually very humble about it and super knowledgeable and it’s a cool-ass life It is super cool and witty and funny mentally young. I guess I could like that sounds bad And so then we pause the conversation for a second one of the waiters comes by and asks us if we want to drink and I mean this videos already demonetized and you already Look at me differently So what’s the point of it admitting to another like sin Vegas I decided I wanted a drink I use my fake ID He orders a diet coke and the waiter walks away and he’s like, oh, yeah, by the way, like, I’m sober sorry But like feel free to drink in front of me, so I don’t really think anything of it I just think it’s like for his health or whatever and I’m like, oh like why and he’s like I was a heroin addict I’m a recovering heroin addict. I was addicted to heroin for like five to ten years of my life and like I should have died What? So I just I just step out of my body for a second and I’m like, okay So like you did just take a car service to the Wynn and like you pulled up and there was like five CIA agents and they brought you through the secret door to like the secret restaurant and like that’s in it with this man who could Might kill you but like this man also manages like Michael Jackson’s like why would he kill you with my knees worth 100 million dollars? And he’s like on this date with you and now he was a recovering heroin Addict to what and then I get back into my body and I’m like what? He’s like, yeah, like I grew up super poor I grew up in the projects and keep in mind He’s like this giant balding old man in a suit like you would just never expect it And he’s like I had no will to live I had no purpose in life. I dropped out of school I didn’t want to go to college I was doing heroin every single day for years upon years upon years jumping from people’s couch to couch Stealing from people to sell shit for heroin fucking selling drugs to get money for heroin and stealing money to get money for heroin injecting In every part of my body I’d been in and out of the hospital all year because I would always almost Overdose and then just be fine and whatever and like I was a lost cause I didn’t want to live I didn’t have any purpose I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life Like I was 28 years old or whatever and a ticking time bomb who was addicted to heroin He’d almost overdosed like 10 times every time he would go to the hospital They would basically tell him if you keep living like this and keep doing this much heroin, like he wasn’t eating He was literally just eat breathe sleeping heroin. If you keep doing this like you’re gonna die And so then because he could no longer inject it into his veins. He wouldn’t even feel it anymore He started injecting into his legs and his thighs because that’s what like crazy heroin addicts Do apparently once you don’t feel it in all the normal places you have to start doing it in crazy places like under your toenails and in your thighs like whatever and he was like but when you inject that much into your thighs it starts to pull up and infect itself and eat away it like all of your bone marrow and your ligaments and your veins and just everything and go into your body and basically kill you and he’s like I just Want you to keep in mind I’m assuming you’ve never done heroin, but like it’s the most addictive drug in the world I tried to quit hundreds upon hundreds of times, but the withdrawal symptoms make you feel like you’re dying You make you feel like you’re so sick the medicine that they give you to get you off of it makes you feel absolutely horrible And you hate your life. You’re so suicidal And all you want to do is relapse and go back to doing heroin or your life is run by this addiction it’s the most impossible thing in the world to get off of and I was 100% convinced that I would be on it for the Rest of my life that I would just die one day he was doing heroin and shooting up into his leg and he did too much and he passes out like Overdoses whatever you want to call it isn’t responsive and his roommate comes home sees that he’s like that calls 911 But this was also kind of a common thing so it wasn’t out of the ordinary I guess he wakes up in the hospital and he has all the IVs in him and the withdrawal Medicine like pumping into his veins and they say to him Listen if you ever do this again You’re at the point right now of what you’re doing that if you even injected a droplet of heroin into your leg You’ll probably die. And by the way right now, we’re gonna have to amputate your leg Like imagine me 28 years old in the hospital like with all of this circumstance and now you’re gonna have to have your leg Amputated because of how much heroin you’ve put into it. I told you this story. It was crazy and it just get crazier He looks at them and he’s like fuck no, fuck you. Like I don’t care. I don’t believe you I don’t want to get my leg amputated like I’m out this bitch rips The IV’s out of his arm leaves the hospital goes home sits down on the couch and injects Heroin right back into his leg like he did 24 hours previously and the second he does it he passes out this time But this time he dies. And so again his roommate finds him calls 911 he goes to the hospital they literally revive him he wakes up again to the same Scenario the nurses and the doctors and whatever sitting around him telling him you just did die. We told you this yesterday You’re lucky to be alive right now and still could die You can’t keep doing heroin and if you ever inject it again, you will die And now we’re gonna have to amputate your leg like we told you yesterday and at this point I am fully locked into this story As I’m assuming you are too- it’s the most insane thing I’ve ever heard in my entire life imagine being so addicted to heroin that you do that and I’m like, okay, so you have your legs I’m like low key under the table like trying to figure out if one of his leg is like prosthetic Sorry He’s like but that’s the difference when I die or whatever happened to me like when I flatline when I was in the hospital when they were reviving me when I died it imagine being able to say that someone like when I died this happened. I had a vision I saw my future. I was clean off of heroin I was a business man in a suit Managing dead artists and I felt with this voice in my head or God or whatever you want to call It was giving me a second chance at life to manage dead artists I didn’t know that I would love this or whatever until I have this vision when I died I have goose bumps on my entire body right now talking about this because it’s the most insane Fucking story I’ve ever heard in my life That’s one thing that’s really cool about the direction of my channels being able to start to tell other people’s stories And I’m so excited to keep doing them because this tops anything that could ever happen to me ever But I guess it also did happen to me because I was at dinner with okay You got it. He’s like so I did the same thing. As the day before. I ripped the IV’s out of my arm I storm out of the hospital, but this time I never do heroin again, I go through all of the withdrawal symptoms I’m like keep in mind He’s trying to quit so many times even on the drugs to help you from withdrawal with guidance with Narcotics Anonymous groups with everything He’s tried to quit hundreds of times all of the traditional normal ways But this vision he had when he died made him quit cold-turkey And he’s like so that I just started grinding learning everything I could about the management industry reading book after book after book Got a regular job made enough money to live in a normal place with people who like weren’t junkies and whatever Somehow convinced the family of Janis Joplin to let him like manage her career and optimize it and make money and it just spiraled out of control from there And he’s sitting there telling me how he loves every second of it to be like not only did he have this vision and like not only did he make it come true and that nothing ever gave him purpose in life ever until he did this so many of those things are so Attractive and awesome to me. I love people with insane Drive. I love people willing to take high risks I love when people are so passionate About something that they will do everything that they have to do until they get what they want or get to where they want I love people who are willing to do things out of the ordinary their risky and not Traditional to get somewhere create a dream for them You know I love hearing stories about people who came from nothing and turn that into something because I think those kind of people are just so Fucking incredible and I feel like most sane people Would probably look at that and be like damn you’re an ex heroin addict like that’s bad and that’s why most people live more Normal lives than me. But to me it’s like you overcame that and so the date is coming to an end But before it did we talk for a second about seeking arrangement It was very clear to me that he actually did kind of use it as like a dating app He was down to like find love on the app which is kind of insane I don’t know but whatever and it was also very clear to me that Every girl he’d ever been on a date with from this app. He’d talked to for months before and so I asked him outright I’m like have you ever done this and he’s like, honestly, no, I normally I don’t like to waste my time I don’t have a lot of it I normally will talk to a girl for months on the app and months over texting and if I think she’s Intelligent enough and dope enough and we have a connection of whatever then maybe we’ll go to dinner and that’s how I’ve always done it You’re the first person I’ve ever done this with on impulse and then I’m sitting there like you’re the first person I’ve ever been on a seeking arrangements date and I’m like what’s going on and then Obviously, I’m not like physically attracted to this guy but like this whole situation is just so insane It’s like I’m wrapped up in this whirlwind and it hadn’t even began yet. This is a fucking podcast. Are you starting understand? Oh my god this story is so crazy and like literally all of that is the Preface like that stuff sounds normal in comparison to the rest of this story Well, no I wasn’t even gonna put this in but I mean even though we just got deepest fuck for a second This shows a Tana story time and I have to be real with you So then the check comes and he goes to the bathroom and I don’t know if like sugar daddies or rich man Or I don’t know how hundred million dollar net worth humans work He leaves and the check is on the table, and I don’t know if again like I said if he was doing that to flex or whatever, but like I I never been a bitch so I look at it and it’s like a $12,000 dinner And again, even though YouTube coin is like the thing for me I will never see money like that. And even if I did I wouldn’t spend it like that growing up the way I did It’s like mind-blowing to me still so he comes back I’m pretending like I didn’t just look at the check and it was like a $500 dinner and my couple in whatever he pays for The meal and he’s like listen, normally I never do this and I’m staying on the strip, but I’m not done talking to you I still have so much more to say we just got so lost in conversation Can I ride home with you and the driver and drop you off and like see you to your house and again looking back Could have definitely murdered me but I’m just so caught up in this like what if I never see him again And I don’t want end this conversation yet, and I’m so interested and it’s like fine Let’s just go we leave we’re walking out of the hotel the security walk us out people are taking photos of him and Stopping him and it’s like adults like asking for him to like sign like a printed sign old photo of him You don’t have any fun some adult shit. Like it’s not like coming to get like a dog filter like like adults It’s like fangirling over him But then it’s also like as I’m walking with him and all these people are like fangirling over him and in my head It’s like would this even be a life? I would want to live even if that means for like money or nice things or whatever like do I just want to be like The fucking do I want to be viewed by the world as the dumb blonde bitch on his arm who’s with him for the money? Because no matter what like that’s how society is going to look at it it’s not like anyone would see a photo of me and him and be like damn like she must be deep like that’s not the way the world works and I’m like realizing that just the way people are looking at me even as I’m like walking with Him it’s a lot to take in and so we get back in the car. It’s Goran and he’s driving us It’s it’s weird as fuck again because he’s always driving like me and my young ass friends around like me and my young ass boyfriends who like Boyfriends sorry my young ass boyfriend and Goran knows me. He knows I’m not into this like old ass man It’s just weird riding in the car and he’s like and it’s so funny too because it’s like a little Mercedes and he’s like 6 foot 7 he’s Like hunching in the car. It’s such an interesting dynamic and he looks at me He’s like I didn’t even get to say any of this to you because we were so caught up a conversation at dinner But I’m actually here for the next few days because it’s Michael Jackson’s birthday Obviously, I manage his estate and though the one show here is something that I is it one Michael Jackson one? I think the one show here something that I worked on and I put together even that’s crazy growing up in Vegas and seeing billboards all the time for the Michael Jackson show and like this man like did that and like And he’s like so they’re doing like an honorary event for Michael Jackson’s birthday his whole family’s going basically They rented out the entire theater for the One Show for friends and family and like people of Michael Jackson of people of Michael Jackson’s team and dancers and celebrities to come watch the Michael Jackson show in Vegas in like celebratory honor of him and he’s like It’s totally a work thing for me. And normally I would never do this, but you and I really hit it off I’m only here for one more day. I really like you. I think that you would really enjoy it Will you be my date tomorrow and I’m like damn I’m sitting in his car I’m like wow, so A, he does fuck with me B he wants to go on a second date C, I don’t think I want to do this though D. I’m uncomfortable. I could never like kiss this man I could never sleep with this man. Like I Don’t know if I could ever fathom actually dating him going around life with this man and the way that people are viewing me in the way that people are treating me but also like this is Exactly what you wanted from this app, but But 10,000 times better, but you’re never gonna get this opportunity the majority of men You meet like own kickboxing ring and want to fuck you for money You also just have this amazing conversation and like you’re hitting it off and why not just fucking do it like it’s not like you’re gonna sleep with them or kiss Or do any of that anyways, like just go on the date, whatever and so I say yes dude, so, uh Mid filming I just switched battery packs I literally bought a second battery for my camera just to film this video because telling the story I literally go through an entire battery And I dropped my camera. I just broke it like I just broke my camera mid storytime because I needed to put a whole new battery in the camera to Continue the fucking story. My view finder is upside down. I can’t see anything. I don’t know what’s going on. Help me help I literally just broke my camera like viewfinder does not work at all now like mid-story This is my 40th time filming this video and every single time. I do it something bad happens Maybe that’s just the universe telling me not to upload it because I don’t want to anyways But here we are because is it even recording like I don’t know like hey are you here? I don’t know I’m like coming down off this date. I’m like what the fuck just happened. This is gonna make a great story time one day I didn’t think it would be this soon But here we are and what’s crazy is Nothing had even happened yet at this what I was already laying in bed thinking about how insane of a story this was and nothing Insane had even happened yet. Really I wake up the next day. It’s Michael Jackson’s birthday I start getting ready like full glam for like five hours And I show up to the Mandalay Bay Hotel like ready to the nine. I have no idea. What’s about to happen I just know it’s Michael Jackson’s birthday. I just know it’s a private event. I just know he manages Michael Jackson who’s dead. I And so walking through the Mandalay Bay Hotel to the Michael Jackson theatre and as I’m walking there I’m just thinking about like what if I got recognized by a fan right now like whatever and as I’m walking I get recognized by a fan I keep walking. I get recognized by like two or three more fans and they’re just like thirteen-year-old the young kids I’m just like little do you fucking know I text him that I’m there. I’m standing outside He walks outside and as he walks outside in the theater people start Rushing up to him with like pens and papers and like voice recorders. Can I get an interview Can I photo? It’s like fans taking photos I don’t know what’s going on and he walks over to me. He hands me a wristband for the event Whatever and we walk inside but like people are taking our photo and again, the world doesn’t know about this I don’t think I’m gonna tell the story. I don’t think I’m gonna tell anyone this story on this is all so much for me to take in because again the average Sugar-daddy on seeking arrangements would just like own a fast-food chain and like fucking cheat on his wife This is such a once-in-a-lifetime insane situation. It makes no fucking sense to me and also I’m like balls deep in out like what if these photos get released and like I’m a fucking meme because I’m totally being A meme right now by being on this date with the sugar daddy and just like whatever it’s a private event Everyone is dressed to the nines It’s all of these like old dudes as well who are like his friends would like they’re hot like sugar baby wives who were like filled with Botox and like carrying a Birkin and like have the Personality of a blender and I’m just like do I want this life? He’s like before we go in to think that before we sit down. There’s some people I want you to meet You don’t have to believe me I just teared up You don’t have to believe me because if I was watching this I probably wouldn’t believe me either and I get that but I just have to say it The story is being told. We’re here in this moment. Hello I’m Tana and he walks me over to the end of this red carpet and there is Joe Jackson Michael Jackson’s dad walking off of this red carpet And it’s not even like this awkward encounter where they’re like acquaintances like they embrace each other and Joe’s like asking him all these questions about his life and he’s answering them and finally like he introduces him to me and then Joe starts talking to me and like shaking my hand and like asking me questions and like how I am and like am I from Vegas and like how do I know Jim and like all just all this shit and I’m sitting here like I’m Speaking to Michael Jackson’s father about my life because of a seeking Arrangements date that I went on And the story still isn’t even crazy yet!! We walk away and we’re still just talking and he’s being so sweet to me and like we’re having such a great Conversation and he’s like you carry yourself. So well, like you’re so intelligent I wouldn’t expect you to be that like calm and like the way you handle that conversation was amazing Like that’s so awesome like all the shit and I’m like suck my dick a little harder Why don’t you like where’s my Cartier now? Okay, so we go to sit down in our seats and it’s just us sitting there there front row they’re reserved for us All of the seats next to us are empty and reserved or whatever. He’s introducing me to more of his friends They all have the same like bimbo plastic wife that they like bought to be there and it’s so interesting because they’re all so dumb and like rude and it’s just like it was making me so disgusted with the moment and I realized that I didn’t want Do this and also just even though I’m talking and we’re heading off but I bro I still can’t like ride your dick backwards Like, you know, I’m realizing like to me it’s not worth the like nice shit or like just whatever But I also just met Joe Jackson and this guy is incredible and I what it’s 11:11. I’ve never seen the Michael Jackson show I am really excited. This is still a really cool opportunity I’m trying to make the most of it and he’s like by the way I know that you just met Joe but there’s someone that I really really want you to meet at this point I’m just like, okay so are you gonna Resuscitate Michael Jackson from the dead and he’s gonna get like come hug me and like give me a rose and like ten million dollars like what the fuck is going on before I can even Process his sentence or say what or ask who? I feel someone sit down next to me and for some reason it was just like the second I felt someone sit down next to me my whole body like tensed up and it was like I Was scared to look and he was just kind of looking at me You didn’t really say anything kid you not I’m sitting there in the seat Frozen just looking at him like and I feel a tap on my shoulder. I wouldn’t believe me either I really really really wouldn’t I have chills. I will never forget this moment I turn around And it’s Janet fucking Jackson and she looks at Jim and she says is this the lovely lady you were telling me about earlier? So like low key like is this the dumb hooker that you paid for the weekend? Janet Fucking Jackson like I got compared. I looked like Michael Jackson. I looked like bro. I look like your brother in ninth grade Nice to meet you freshman year of high school at pre nose-job I looked like your brother Michael Jackson Oh what and she’s like it’s very nice to meet you and then she’s just sitting there having Normal ass small talk with me like so have you ever seen the show? It’s like my like 50th at the time or whatever we just flew and I literally just got off the helicopter like hmm No one knows. I’m here. Like I’m hiding. I’m gonna go out the back and I’m like And the show starts It’s incredible. By the way, you can literally go back to my Instagram story of that day. Like I was there I love having proof I love like story time like with proof in star star But it’s so crazy because like my attention span was so bad still and I have such crippling ADHD And I didn’t want to get on my phone at all because I didn’t want to be that bitch and I didn’t wanna like piss him off and obviously imagine sitting next to Janet Jackson watching the Michael Jackson show on his birthday and honor him and just being like Refresh Twitter like Like what am I gonna do return like sorry girl. I’ve quit playing ADHD. So I’m like chewing adderall like through my purse This is so TMI, but it’s already demonetized and I’m trying to put you in the moment and we’ve been here for 40 minutes and I broke my camera and I’m still nowhere near done that’s what manic looks like So then the show’s over it’s time for everyone to leave. Janet is going to sneak away. So she kisses my hand She’s like very nice to me. Tana like you’re such a sweet girl. Like have a good night Whatever Joe comes over hugs and bye kisses me on the cheek Like two different Jackson’s that are not Michael have kissed my face and hands because of a message. I said I’m seeking arrangements Hi, I’m Tana have you subscribed yet? And so at this point I am just blown away. This would only happen to me This isn’t even a story where I’m like it’s like one in a million It’s literally one in every person on the entire earth because this has and never would happen to anyone other than me as we’re leaving he’s like by the way, we’re having a little like What’s the word what’s like the fancy word for like tiny little snack on a toothpick not like frozen mini corn dog But hors d’oeuvres or d’oeuvres fuck you hors d’oeuvres He’s like there’s the secret little bar upstairs Me and like 20 of my colleagues and a bunch of the people who work for me are going to like a celebratory like hors D’oeuvres and like cocktail hour after this like I would love it If you came even as we’re walking out of the one theater, we are getting full-on paparazzi. I don’t know where these photos go I don’t think they ever surface to be real with you. It’s just like in my prayers to God every night So like I really hope they don’t and I’m not even saying that for any like clout token reasons because it literally wasn’t for me I could have literally been a blow-up doll But hey look, you know I’m just setting the scene as we’re walking upstairs the same fan that took a photo with me walking in comes Up to me and it’s like oh my god Tana I’m shaking like can we take our photo? Like it was blurry and takes a selfie with me and I realized in that moment that this man has no idea What I do and so then it’s this instant Do I fake poor to get more free shit or do I be honest with this guy? Because he’s nice and he listen mean he’s like, what was that? I’m like, well, I told you I was kind of like into social media stuff Like I make youtube videos some people support me hehe And I’m just playing it down as fuck because I’m scared as fuck And obviously if you like finds out what I do and he like Google’s me he could might see my networth and the like what If he thinks I’m scamming what if he thinks I’m doing this for a story time Which I wasn’t I’m telling the story now because what the fuck but like going into it I didn’t think it would happen like that You know What if he doesn’t want to like fuck with me after that like whatever and so then he’s like that’s insane Like tell me all about that lifestyle So before I start to tell him about my life he’s like I actually just sued this like Instagram girl because her company was like Making shirts that look like my band tees that look like the Doors and the Ramones from the Doors and the Ramones Had to like sue this Instagram girl and I’m like, oh like who like whatever, you know, he and he’s like Oh, Her name’s like Kylie Jenner I remember seeing that on like E news like Kylie and Kendall Jenner being sued for copyright infringement of man tees and now I’m Talking the man who did that and I’m also like fuck you it and like Kylie didn’t even do anything wrong Like how could you do that to her? So I started telling him all about my life and YouTube and all this kind of stuff and he’s so Interested and if anything that also is like wow like you’re interested in my life as well and you’re holding this amazing conversation with me and it’s like this man who’s clearly so Intelligent if I were to be able to teach him even one thing about the social media space or Millennials and how they work digitally And stuff like that, that would be so cool and like an honor, you know And so then he just looks at me and he’s like so you make a pretty good amount of money Right? And in that moment, I was like, do I lie do I tell him the truth? Do I lie? I tell him truth whatever and I’m like well, I mean Kinda. Yeah, and he looks at me He’s like well No Like you were telling me do shows and if your ticket prices are an average ranges and you’re selling Venues of this venue would make this much money for sure not to mention the ads on all the videos that you do and obviously You have your own merchandise and all that way to make your own money and you’d be dumb not to get brands and integrations on Whatever so you probably have a net worth of like a million dollars, huh? And what’s crazy is this was right at the time that my net worth was about to hit a million dollars like thousands off What’s funny is even like Google had it wrong And like this man just guessed it in like nine seconds and then I’m freaking out because I feel like everything’s gonna be over because I feel like sugar daddies want like a Damsel in distress who like can’t pay her bills not like a finesser Who’s like outsmarting them and taking their money for her rent like she can pay it like, you know what I mean? And he looks at me and he’s like were you hiding that from me? because you didn’t think I would want to give you the world still and just Chuckles to himself and he’s like I made that in the last day I could give you a life that you couldn’t even think of and then we go up to this mixer and he’s Telling all of his colleagues like meet my girl meet my girlfriend, basically She’s this little Youtuber and she has all these Followers and he’s like bragging about me to all of these guys that like work for him and are insane Businesspeople as well in whatever. She’s a young social media entrepreneur, and I’m just so proud of her like isn’t that crazy? like maybe she can teach us a thing or two like about our apps or like whatever and I’m just like So now to recap we just went to a show with the Jacksons You know what I do you’re cool with it And you’re still trying to like give me the world and again most guys on seeking arrangements are on these apps my Youtuber friends you like actually do that shit and like pop their pussy for fucking money pretend to be broke Because most guys on the app would be let you make as much money as I do literally found this like diamond in the rough who like doesn’t give a fuck and like wants to help me in any way he can and is like telling Me that he would invest in any business ideas I had because like it would just be fun for him because he likes me this stock market but with a person and so now This mixer is over. It’s like 11:00 p.m The date should totally be over and he’s like, honestly We just only have more d’oeuvres like I want to take you to dinner before we leave and so then we walk from Mandalay Bay Over to the Four Seasons like with his security to the restaurant inside of the Four Seasons Which is also again of the most expensive restaurants in Vegas and also it’s like a Friday or Saturday night It’s Michael Jackson’s birthday. There was just this insane show hundreds of people. Absolutely Everywhere Mandalay Bay is connected to the Four Seasons and it’s fucking packed and this Restaurant is packed to the brim and it’s already the type of restaurant that you would have to make like a five month Reservation for and we walk in he walks up. He asks the person there to speak to the manager The manager walks out instantly recognizes him They don’t even exchange words really like I think he was prepared to talk to him and then the guy just recognized him and knew he wanted to Eat there, and it was like Mr. Blah blah blah. Says his last name. Give me five minutes Like I will clear out the best room in the house for you clears out this insane fucking room in this restaurant There’s like a grand piano. There’s a person playing the grand piano in this room. Just like imagine me as well bleach-blonde to the roots in a hoe ass like Topshop House of Seabee dress like this probably like taco bell sauce under my fingernails, you know what I mean? Like if you looked at me up close my spray tan was probably like running off my body I have no means being here at all And we sit down again, and we dive into this amazing conversation once again And it ends with him saying something to me Like I just want you to know like I know that you’re young and I know that this situation is clearly a very interesting and new dynamic for you But I just want to let you know it would be my pleasure to take care of someone as intelligent And driven like funny like all these compliments like as you and like I told you yesterday I live this crazy life And all I ever want to do is mentor young people and help young business people and whatever like I would love to Invest in you mentor you help you with anything that you would ever need give you the best lawyers You would ever need start showing me photos and videos of all of his different Yachts and my cars and homes and all this kind of stuff quick random coincidence because this wouldn’t be a Tana video without one Totally random don’t need to tell you but I have to tell you he’s showing me photos of all of his houses he’s like but this is my main one like in Hollywood Hills and I’m like that’s crazy that you live in Hollywood Hills because when I signed up for seeking arrangements I was in Hollywood Hills and I put my thing saying nearby and he’s like Oh, like where were you staying and I tell him the address You don’t have to believe me. You don’t have to believe me Seriously, you don’t I wouldn’t believe me like I wouldn’t believe me when I say this I tell him the address and he looks at me and he’s like this is going to sound insane, but you were my neighbor And you didn’t even know it not like same neighborhood like let’s say the address of where I was staying was one two three Sugar daddy drive he lives at one two four My jaw just drops I’ll never forget this moment of my life because what the fuck I don’t even want to sit here and say to you what the fuck are the odds because what the Fuck are the odds of me laying in this house on this couch dreaming of living lavish and five days later to be sitting with this guy who was next door to me while I was Manifesting this reality that I’m currently in and he’s like honestly, I’ve dated a lot of women in my life But I’ve never met someone who carries such a coincidental heir like you and this isn’t a coincidence and all of these weird coincidences Keep happening and we’re clearly meant to be here at this moment Are you filming? I’m never gonna finish this video! Wow, what an intro. Are you exposed right now? Give me that clout She only added me to this because she wanted to smoke this blunt and she didn’t want me to leave the room with the blunt What I did on purpose I swear but like I get how it looks like that and I said, okay Will you close the door? Sorry, sorry, sorry anyways, and he’s just like yeah, I don’t really think that this is coincidental anymore It’s very clear that we are in the right place at the right time And whatever’s going on is meant to be going on and all of these weird coincidences You can totally look at them as coincidences But it’s also the universe lining up and as he’s saying this it’s it’s also fucking with my head Because that’s how I think He’s like honestly this might sound weird, but just how I am last week I was shopping in a jewelry store and I saw this bracelet I thought it was beautiful and I brought it with me tonight because I decided that if we really hit it off I wanted to Give it to you like a year ago I struggled to buy the dollar menu Like sister still loves a good four loko sister still loves a good swisher sweet Like my spray tan is sweating off my body this eyelash is coming unglued I’m wearing a bombshell that has like purple shampoo stains on it. That’s a real thing. I actually have a bombshell bra Okay, you get it and I felt like once I accepted this gift It was like that was me basically saying like I’m down for it like and obviously this guy with this life It’s probably so used to girls like me like fucking him and like being into him and kissing all over him and like all that kind of shit Obviously if you’re investing in me this hard in like a relationship man, or like you’re probably gonna want that now I don’t think I can fulfill that and it’s also like all of these moments where you feel like this like blow-up doll on his arm Like do you want to limit the way that you feel about yourself to that in this life? You know the entire world would look at you so differently if you were Public about this and do you want to hide from this? Do you want to hide from that? All these questions are racing through my mind and I don’t even know what to say and before I know it He’s putting this bracelet on my wrist. And so then he gives me the box and the receipt inside He’s like you can do with it what you want blatantly boldface just looks at me and is like and if you didn’t want it I don’t care you can sell it like whatever I just think it’s pretty and it looks pretty on your wrist And then he looks at me grabs my chin and looks at me and is like “You’re a diamond You just needed a little polishing,” Fuck you! No (I’m kidding) What? I literally felt like I was in a movie I was gonna say pretty woman but isn’t she like a Hooker and so then the day comes to an end. Obviously, I thank him for this gift this diamond bracelets fucking beautiful I’m assuming it’s worth a lot of money, but I don’t even know the half of it yet He walks me out of the restaurant to a back entrance. This time it’s not Goran It’s just a random car service and he walks me out to the car service I just wanted to thank you for such an incredible time tonight Like little did I know the coincidental person that I took a risk on for the first time I’m seeking arrangements Would be so incredible like I can’t wait to literally give you like everything you’ve ever dreamt of like you name it and I will make it happen and I’m like thank you so much I just want to let you know like even though I’m still so confused by all of this like tonight was really Incredible and you’re really awesome and he looks at me and he leans in six foot seven giant fifty five year-old men that I am so physically obviously not attracted to leans in for a kiss and I realize I can’t do it and I don’t want to do it because I know for the rest of my life I will I guess be dissatisfied or disappointed with that moment or in myself. I’m not saying it’s wrong with anyone Who does it it just wasn’t what I wanted and I knew that and I knew Obviously, even though all of this smoke and mirrors everything’s been so incredible you obviously are going to question Are you in it for the right reasons? and obviously My answer was no and if anything I would have felt less bad if it was some guy whose bio was like tie me up And step on my balls for $200 but here’s this genuine incredible man Who does just want a connection and to take care of me And is so awesome and doesn’t want his time wasted in whatever and here I am essentially in my opinion at least wasting it but he’s just like oh, okay And he pulls away and super respectful about it. And if anything that within itself like separates him from most guys men Grandfathers and he’s like well, alright like so I’ll see you back in Los Angeles. You’re headed there in a few days I’m headed there tomorrow and I’m like wait, actually, that’s crazy. I also have to go back to Los Angeles tomorrow again It’s a meeting or something he looks at me just oh so like Flirtatious and lovingly and it’s just like oh so like what you thought we were gonna travel at the same time again But not together and he’s just like laughing to himself. You’re never flying commercial again. Meet me at the jet at noon I’ll text you the address And I don’t even know what to say or how to process that and I look back at him And for some reason I I do this all the time, which it makes me nervous or shits like uncomfortable or different I just speak my brain and I was like I I have to fly with my assistant like I have to I have to fly With her like I have to bring her after I have to buy her plane ticket You don’t have to do that. Like it’s fine. Like I’ll just I’ll fly Southwest like I’ll meet you there Like it’s totally fine like I’m down as bitch like I’m a humble it’s fine and he looks at me and he’s like I’ll employ your assistant. I’ll write your assistants paychecks Bring her So now you’re trying to employ my employees that like That would really save me a lot of money and that’s like why I signed up for the app but like fuck I can’t do this I get in the car I sit down and I’m literally to the point of tears just staring at this diamond bracelet Like what do I do? I can’t accept this. I don’t know what to do and as I’m having this debate I look down and I see the box that the bracelet came in and I open it up. Just out of curiosity you don’t have to believe me and I I know when I say a 15,000 sometimes there’s especially with people. There’s just not 15,000 people. She was a brand-new $15,000 tennis bracelet But this man just gave me within 48 hours of knowing me and I just met the Jacksons And tomorrow if I get on this jet I potentially never have to pay for my employee ever again or fly commercial ever again But I’m still having this insane emotional turmoil I go home. I’m talking to all my friends about it. I don’t know What the fuck to do and all of my friends are like you’re a fucking idiot. This is exactly what you wanted this Why you signed up for seeking arrangements? It’s like you’re an idiot Tana like literally just laughing I mean like you’re so stupid in a million years. This could not even be the best-case scenario You will never get this opportunity again You’ll probably never meet someone with this much wealth or this much Intelligence or this crazy of a life story that wants to take care of you like this ever again Just do it. Do it do it. You’re already going to LA tomorrow What are you gonna do buy your flights right now? You’ve never even been on a private jet Why don’t you just get on the jet even if you don’t want to do it like or just never talk to him again? Keep the bracelet like it’s not like he really cares like why are you thinking so into this and I’m like He’s just such a great guy Like I would totally like love him as like like my teachers something like I don’t wanna fuck him, but I feel bad I don’t know like so this is the one time you’re gonna be like an amazing person is when you could be a fucking Billionaire for the rest of your life and never lift a finger again and like never worry about anything like I think So and so all night I stay up. I don’t sleep. I packed my bags. He text me the address of the airport He sends me a driver. My assistant is with me. We take our bags out We put them in the car the whole car ride she’s just like do it like there’s no point in not doing it. Obviously She’s also like pay raise for me easily. She’s gonna tell me to do it, but I’m just like, okay fine Like I mean, we’re on the way to Henderson Executive Airport in Vegas which I’ve never flown out of and my only like rich weird lawyers who are like my rich friends growing ups dads fly out of What the fuck is going on, but like I’m here and I’m doing it I can’t back out now and so we take this car service all the way to the jet like maybe that’s why I’m never releasing Kobe because when I said Drop me off right at the jet like I was lying and like, you know We have better music to release now like shut the fuck up about Kobe now. Pulls up to the jet Like literally there’s a little carpet and stairs and I get out of the car The driver gets the bags out of the car and I’m standing there the driver drives away on my way to the jet He was texting me pictures of one of his boats like asking me to go on it the next day You don’t have to believe that I understand. It’s fine we’re in that deep I said that sentence and I was like, okay Great Gatsby He walks down the little stairs and walks up to me like the plane it it’s loud As fuck like the plane is like ready to go He’s like sending someone down to literally get my bags and he’s like fashionably late like just like I expected so boat tomorrow? Shakes my assistants hands basically like insinuates that he’s gonna be paying her checks now and turns around to start walking into the jet and Something in me just can’t do it and I’m like wait, I can never even been to this day I’ve still never been on a private jet and I didn’t even let myself like walk upstairs and like take the tour I’m like wait and he’s like what and I start taking off this bracelet and I’m just like, I’m sorry But I don’t think I’m the type of girl who wants to be taken care of. Please take this back He’s like, what are you talking about? I’m sorry, and I know this is a bad time But I know the second that I get on this jet the second that I accept this bracelet the fact that I even Accepted your your dinners and your date or whatever doesn’t feel right to me Especially Because you’re such a good person and what you want or at least what I think you want out of this is something I could Never fulfill and I’m not ready to live this lifestyle. If it means being your keychain your accessory the Replaceable dumb girl on your arm, and maybe I’m wrong and maybe you don’t think of me like that at all But the world will perceive me that way and it’s sad that’s the way things work But I don’t think I can handle that and I and I don’t want to take advantage of you You deserve to take care of someone who wants to take care of you back and wants to accept it all and will do everything In her power to make you her man happy and that’s just not me I want to fuck Key and Lolly, you know at the time not now but also now but like anyways And so he takes the bracelet and he’s like nice to meet you Tana if you ever need anything, you know where to find me Get it? Cuz like I know where he lives because he was neighbors of the house that I was neighbors with and also like I get to just text Him like also he said he would take care of me And then he just turned around walked up onto the plane And I walked away and ordered an Uber X and now this is the story about the time the Uber driver tried to murder me No I’m just kidding But really like walked away I walked to the front of the airport and order in an UberX home and then flew Southwest like ten hours later and probably missed the flight and I never spoke to him again And so that’s the story of the time I downloaded seeking arrangements in hopes of getting a sugar daddy met a Person with one of the most incredible life stories ever and most incredible Lifestyles ever was shown the world on a silver platter in my face and turned it down cuz I’m a fucking idiot Really I don’t know what the moral of the story is here So many people would go to say that I’m stupid as fuck for not doing it But then so many people I feel like would also Understand where I’m coming from and maybe I know that the cookie crumbles both ways and always and I totally don’t know what the moral Of the story is here and you can take from this whatever you will but that is my only sugar daddy story So if it took you 45 minutes to find out that no I didn’t pop my pussy on some grandpa’s dick for like a Coachella ticket. I’m sorry I really really never thought I would be telling this story on the Internet and I mean don’t find him. Don’t crucify him He’s a fucking great dude, and that’s totally not the point of this story And I really hope it doesn’t go in that direction because like go him like go off Manage Michael Jackson and get you a fucking Kendra Wilkinson to suck and fuck you like, you know And hopefully she has a brain and is awesome like you are Yeah But that’s so weird because I partly feels like he’s gonna see this or what am I was I talking to him the whole time And like if you’re watching this hi and like if this does reconnect us, I’m not complaining I don’t think I’m but I also don’t know because now you know that I don’t think I can like, you know, fuck you So yeah, that was my sugar daddy story If you guys want me to stay on seeking arrangements and maybe get another story like this? Just leave this video a like. I’m just happy that I filmed that whole video. I broke my camera in the meantime I’ve been here for four and a half hours. It’s literally midnight. I started filming this video at 8:30 That’s three and a half hours. Sorry I can’t Do math. Yeah, I’m gonna shut the fuck up. I’m so glad to be making content. I love you guys I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you. So thank you for supporting me I’m like, thank you for subscribing for clicking the fucking Bell. I’ll talk to you guys in the next video Be safe. If you’re on seeking arrangements also seeking arrangements business email and bio Should I send you an invoice because this video is basically sponsored by you. Bye guys I can’t believe I just told you that if this actually made it to the internet like 45th time’s the charm am I right motherfuckers?

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