My RADA: applications open for September 2020

(gentle music) Even coming from Scotland to London was a really big deal let
alone coming to RADA. I was chatting to my headteacher
and his first response was, “Oh well, isn’t RADA a
little bit posh for you Jacob?” I thought it was gonna be very prestigious and very high brow. The only thing connecting
everyone in this whole place is just that everyone
here wants to make theatre and wants to make the work. It was just really normal. Going through the audition
process I was really nervous. There were interviews as
well but they were just like nice chats. I interviewed in Manchester
which was really nice ’cause train tickets down to
London are crazy expensive so regional interviews really work for me. No matter what you want
to specialise in RADA has the facilities to teach you that. Whether it’s a lighting
designer or a stage manager or a costume supervisor. It’ll teach you that in
all the detail you want to learn it in and prepare you for the
industry in that discipline. First few weeks were amazing. There were classes in voice,
movement, scene study, a Meisner class. You get to learn things from wiring a plug to programming a lighting desk or doing wood graining patterns to
doing star installations on an enormous set. You get acting pumped into you from every direction. I think from when I started
I’ve got a lot more confident and I’ve got a lot more
able to talk about what I’m actually doing rather than making stuff up and hoping for the best! I have made some of my best
and deepest friendships here at RADA. It’s a brilliant place
with lots of connections and a great reputation. There’s no really right
sort of person for RADA, there’s just you and what you bring. I’m just really glad that I went for it. To me RADA feels like home.


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