My Review of Korean Drama My Healing Love

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Healing Love as well more images from this drama and links to where you can watch episodes
online are available on my blog at My Healing Love is a Korean family drama about
Im Chi Woo. Im Chi Woo is married to an immature husband
and struggles through various part-time jobs and her full-time job as a paralegal to make
ends meet. She tries her best to maintain a positive
attitude despite all the obstacles she faces. Her life changes when she meets divorced single
dad Choi Jin Yoo. Choi Jin Yoo is an accomplished businessman
who treats everyone one around him with warmth and respect. As Im Chi Woo and Choi Jin Yoo grow closer
to each other, the horrifying secrets surrounding their actual relation to each other comes
to light and throws the lives of their families into chaos. My Healing Love has a happy ending and stars
So Yoo Jin as Im Chi Woo and Yun Jung Hoon as Choi Jin Yoo. My Healing Love is a family drama about how
one person’s selfish actions can have devastating consequences. It is also the story of how one person’s
acts of kindness can bring hope even in the worst of circumstances. The two main leads in My Healing Love have
excellent chemistry and make a very beautiful couple. Their respective circumstances in the drama
means that the romance between them develops quite slowly but their interactions with each
other are one of the highlights of My Healing Love. I am a fan of both main leads in My Healing
Love. Yun Jung Hoon was the second male lead in
the first Korean drama I ever watched; the 2005 Korean drama Sad Love Story. So Yoo Jin was the female lead in one of my
favorite weekend Korean dramas the 2016 Korean drama Five Children. My Healing Love featured an excellent performance
by both of them. As a weekend family drama it has a large cast
and they all gave a great performance. I liked the way the relationships between
Chi Woo and her adoptive mother and Chi Woo and her father-in-law were portrayed. The romance between Im Joo Chul and Choi Yi
Yoo, the siblings of the main leads was also fun to watch. Jin Yoo’s mother in My Healing Love was
an excellent villain because she looked so harmless but did so many evil things. The way her plots were accidentally foiled
by the people around her was satisfying to watch especially at those times when it looked
like she was so close to succeeding. One aspect of the story in My Healing Love
I did not like was the reconciliation between Park Jun Seung and the mother of his child
Yang Eun Joo whom he had previously mistreated. I also could not understand how Im Chi Woo
ever married Park Wan Seung because to me he never revealed any redeeming aspects to
his character. I wish they had shown how he had pursued Im
Chi Woo in the past so as to make their marriage more believable. My Healing Love has a nice soundtrack especially
the romantic songs heard during the scenes featuring the main leads. Many of the story lines in My Healing Love
do not have a satisfying conclusion but the endings that were shown leave the viewers
with hope for the future of the characters especially the romance between the main leads. This was a very touching and emotional family
drama and worth taking your time to watch and enjoy. Thanks for watching this review and goodbye.

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