My top four cheap cinema ticket cash hacks

Hi I’m Andy Webb from Be Clever With Your If you read the blog you’ll know that I’m a huge cinema fan, which is partly why I’m here in Leicester Square. You can see I’ve got the Odeon behind me, I’ve got the Vue over there, and what was the Empire and is now Cineworld there. Then all the way over there there’s also the big Picturehouse Central. So it’s a great spot to talk about cinemas. It’s also a place I can talk to the camera on my own and not look to weird because it’s Leicester Square, so there are lots of people doing this kind of stuff but I have got people staring at me a little bit. But I love going to the movies. I go quite a lot. I’ve been three times the last week although partly that’s Oscar season so there’s lots and lots of films out I want to see before they go. I wanted to share with you some of the tricks I use to cut the spend on my ticket, because it is really expensive. You can easily spend 10 or 15 quid to see a film, but i generally pay less than fiver. Sometimes a little bit more, sometimes less, sometimes nothing. But these are four tricks which are I use to really cut the price. The first one is I’ve got one of these. It’s an NUS card. Now it’s a long time since I’ve been a student as you can probably tell by the greys appearing in my beard. But this is a totally legitimate NUS card. There is nothing dodgy about it at all and the way you get it is through online courses. Only a couple of these companies will make you eligible for an NUS card, but if you do that you save money. You can save a decent chunk – a couple of quid for every single ticket and Odeon is one of the best ones because Monday-Thursday you get an extra twenty-five percent off the student prices. So that can make the price really really good. The second thing i use is called Meerkat Movies. Now you might remember Orange Wednesday which ran for years and years and years and years. When that stopped a couple years ago Compare the Market took over. The idea is you buy an insurance policy with them and you’re going to get two-for-one movies on a Tuesday or Wednesday. Fantastic. But it might not be the best insurance policy. The trick though is to buy a day travel insurance. Just one day. Now if you do this you can pay about two quid and with that two pounds it gives you access to the Meerkat Movies app. It’s fantastic. I’ve more details on the blog about how you do is, how you find the right insurance policy. But this is a great way to start to cut the price every single week at the cinema. Now the third thing that I do and this is a great one because you can double it up with any of the other offers, is I get discounted gift cards from a website called Zeek. It’s a resale site. I guess think about it like the ebay for gift cards and e-gift vouchers. Now you can often get ten to twenty percent off Odeon, Vue, Cineworld vouchers on there, even some of the other chains from around the country. Now you buy one of them you’ve got the money and you just use it with every other offer. Great saving. And on my blog I’ll put the link with this video. I’ve also got a voucher to give you £5 off your first spend, making it an even better saving. That’s three. The last one I’m going to tell you about is Tastecard. Now you probably know about Tastecard as a great way to get two for one at restaurants, 50% of meals or things like that. But there’s also an add-on called Tastecard Plus which gives you up to forty percent off at the cinema. It’s not all chains, just a couple of the big ones, but that forty percent off can be really really really useful. It’s particularly good I think for places like Picturehouse and Picturehouse Central which is one of the most expensive and also one of the the loveliest cinemas in London – you can get a ticket for eight or nine quid – which is a big big saving. Now the trick here is to get yourself free trial or one pound for 90 days, and straightaway you’re gonna be saving a decent amount of cash. If you do like it you can get a year’s one for £30. Now if you go to two meals you’ve already got that money back so that means that the savings the cinema are on top of that. So, there you go. I’ve prattled on on for a long time with people staring at me as they walk past. They’re my top four cash hacks to save money at the cinema. Enjoy

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